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Marine Service Manager - Automation / Electrical / Instrumentation


I am seeking a position as Service or Projects manager within the marine automation industry.


COMPANY:Total Automation Middle East LLC

DATE:February 2002 ~ Present

POSITION HELD: Service & Projects Manager (02/02 ~ Present)


Currently employed by Total Automation Middle East LLC which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Total Automation Group, and employs a total of 750 service engineers internationally. Our main areas of business are the Marine and Offshore Oil & Gas industries, where we are engaged in the sales, service and design of instrumentation and electrical control systems.


• Liaising with customers regarding service and sales

• Coordinating a team of 38 Engineers and Technicians, including work assignments, leave applications and overtime

• Liaising with equipment manufacturers for specifications and pricing

• Quotations and tenders to customers and Invoicing

• Arranging visa’s, air tickets, accommodation for engineers traveling offshore / overseas

• Design and engineering of new projects and control systems

• CAD drawings and project documentation

• On-site inspections, supervision and liaising with clients

• Monitoring stock and maintaining correct stock levels


• Boiler control Systems

• Main engine pneumatic control systems

• Attending FPSO’s / FSU’s for commissioning work on 28/28 rotation basis

• Cold loop checking and hot loop checking on FPSO / FSU projects

• Commissioning of FPSO / FSU instrumentation and electrical systems (FPSO “Mystras” / FPSO “Xicomba” / FPSO “Knock Adoon” / FSU “Soorena” / FSO “Knock Nevis”)

• Inert gas system controls

• Design and modifications to E.S.D. systems on LNG/LPG ships.

• Oil mist detectors

• Oil discharge monitoring and control systems

• Foxboro Transonics tank gauging systems

• Arctic Heating tank gauging systems

• Endress & Hauser Radar tank gauging systems

• SAAB SF control units

• MMC / Hermetic portable tank gauges

• Whessoe tank gauging systems

• Pressure gauges and transmitters

• Level transmitters and indicators

• Flow transmitters and indicators

• Gas Analysers and Portable Gas Detectors

• Talkback systems

• Signal conditioners and converters

• Commissioning of various instrumentation systems

• Gas detection systems

• Fire detection systems

• Temperature Monitoring Systems

• Infra-Red Thermographic Surveys

• Salinometers

• Test Equipment calibration.

• Various Laboratory calibrations

Recent accomplishments

•FPSO “Knock Adoon”

Design, assembly, installation and commissioning of an Emergency Shutdown System for FPSO “Knock Adoon” using dual redundant Siemens S7-400FH PLC. My responsibilities included the design of the Cause and effect matrix and I/O list, Equipment specification in accordance with IEC61508 (SIL3), Project documentation and CAD Drawings, Assembly of Control Panels and ESD system cabinets, Connection of field devices, Liaising with owner and DNV class surveyor for system approval and attendance in South Africa and Nigeria for final commissioning and ‘first oil’

•LNG “Ghasha” / LNG “Ish” / LNG “Al Khaznah” / LNG “Shahamah”

Design, programming, installation and commissioning of a PLC based system which monitors the status of the vessels Anti-Surge system and provides an alarm if any of the discharge valves causes an Emergency Shutdown.

•FSU “Soorena”

Design, programming, installation and commissioning of a 36 point gas detection system using a Siemens S7-300F PLC System.

•LNG “Golar Frost”

Design and modification of the 98% level alarm system to allow activation of the ESD system once a level of 98.3% has been reached.

•Serck Services

Design, programming, installation and commissioning of a PLC based control system for the copper tube cut-off machine.

•FSO “Knock Nevis”

Design, assembly, installation and commissioning of a Gas detection system consisting of 68 gas sensors and 3 addressable control panels interlinked via Mitsubishi PLC. Design, installation and commissioning of the fire alarm system.

COMPANY: Suprachem Pretoria

POSITION HELD: Instrumentation Supervisor

DATE: May 2001 ~ January 2002

REASON FOR LEAVING: Offered an opportunity to further my career in Dubai


Responsible for the installation & maintenance of new and existing instruments and the training of apprentices.


Moore APACS (DCS/PLC) and Intellution FIX (SCADA), Differential pressure transmitters, Orifice plates, Magnetic Flow Meters, Pressure switches, Level Switches, Temperature Switches, Thermocouples type K and S, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Control valves and positioners, Stack emissions monitoring systems, Proximity switches, Two-Way Radios, Computers and Printers

COMPANY: INCO Holdings (Pty) Ltd. (Botswana)

POSITION HELD: Technical Manager

DATE: May 1999 ~ April 2001

REASON FOR LEAVING: End of fixed term contract


Installation and Maintenance of on-board computers, Programmable time delay locks, Programmable safes, Guard monitoring systems, Fire alarms and Automatic fire extinguishing systems, CCTV systems, Time lapse recorders, Access Control Systems

Responsible for leave applications, overtime payments, travel and night-out allowances, time-off, stand-by rosters and allowance payments and disciplinary hearings for a team of fourteen technicians

Other responsibilities included stock taking, stock control and ordering of new stock, preparation of tenders, ensuring that records are kept for all work done for the purposes of invoicing and future reference, invoicing and account queries, controlling all direct costs associated with the division (including travel, accommodation, overtime wages, loss or damage of tools and equipment, damage to client property and stock loss), training of end-users and own staff in the operation of above systems and after sales support, marketing product range to new and existing clients, arrangement of pamphlets, newsletters and newspaper advertisements.

COMPANY: Saldanha Steel

POSITION HELD:Instrumentation Specialist

DATE: November 1998 ~ April 1999

REASON FOR LEAVING: End of fixed term contract


Employed on a six-month contract to assist with the hot loop checking and start-up of the Corex C2000 plant, Raw materials plant, Sludge granulation plant and Iron and Slag granulation plants.


ABB - AC450 (DCS/PLC), Servomex gas analysers, Drager personal CO monitors, CO gas analysers, Ultrasonic level measurement, Differential transmitters, Magnetic transducers, Radar level measurement, Level switches, Magflow, Orifice plates, Rotameters, Pressure switches, Regulators, Pressure gauges, Thermocouples type K,J,S,T,U, and B, Resistance Temperature Detectors, Infra red, Butterfly, Camflex, Plug and seat, Ball valves, Gate valves, Solenoid Valves, Fisher valves, Prost Valves and Bettis actuators, various positioners, Stack monitoring, Co gas alarms, Proximity switches

COMPANY: ISCOR Pretoria Works

POSITION HELD: Instrument Mechanician

DATE: January 1994 ~ October 1998

REASON FOR LEAVING: Retrenched after company closure


Responsible for the installation, maintenance and calibration of instruments and control systems on the Corex C1000 plant, Desulphurising Plant, Pig iron plant, Coke ovens, Raw materials plant and By-products plant.


Honeywell TDC 2000/3000 DCS, Fix Intellution (DOS based), Control Valves, Servomex gas analysers, Drager personal CO monitors & CO Gas analysers, Berthold radioactive level measurement, Ultrasonic level gauges, Differential Pressure transmitters, Level switches, Sascom beltweighers and weighfeeders, ABB-ASEA hopper weighing system and Massamatic weigh bridges, Pressure Switches, Thermocouples type K,J,S,T,U and B, RTD pt100’s, Minolta optical Pyrometers, Digi-Temp temperature monitoring system, Magnetic flowmeters, orifice plates, radioactive flow meters, Tachometers, proximity switches, commend intercom system, radioactive density measurement, Control valves and positioners, Multiplexers for temperature measurement, Calibration equipment, two-way radio’s and base stations and CCTV surveillance systems.





Nationality: Dutch / South Africa Dual Nationality & Passports

Home Language: English

Country of residence: United Arab Emirates

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