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Marine Pilot

Vessel Operations

Qualified Unlimited Class I Master Mariner with Extensive Experience In

  • Head of Marine Department ( Shell )
  • Marine Pilot, Mooring Master, Loading Master execute tanker berthing and loading master supervision within parameters of the marine MOPO without accidents/incident whilst minimising potential demurrage(Shell)
  • Maintain minimum of demurrage over which the logistic department has any control
  • Monitor cargo quantity and quality, reporting actual/potential issues to relevant parties and rectification measures
  • Assist Land logistic team when Rig moving over water as required
  • Monitor execution of Contractor SMS as applicable
  • Preparation of all Terminal loading documents for export Tankers ( B/L, etc.)
  • Inspect Company owned and contracted vessels and updating GMAS system for screening
  • Assist with annual in-house maintenance plan( SBM moorings)
  • Construction Survey for New Building and Classification
  • Ship Operations And Management
  • Shipboard Maintenance And Ship Repair
  • Acquisition Of Vessels / Transfer Of Class / Change Of Flag
  • Dry Docking And Major Repairs In Ship Yards
  • Commissioning and Trials of LNG New Buildings. Took over the Vessel and Completed All Formalities (Q-flex).
  • Commissioning and Trials of VLCC New Buildings. Took Over The Vessel And Completed All Formalities.
  • Loading /Discharging crude oil, crude oil washing in different stages
  • Loading /Discharging of LNG
  • Testing and operating ESD ( emergency shut down system )

Work For:

 1. Shell Gabon

 2. Shell Ship Mgmt.Ltd, (Nakilat),   

 3. Qatar Gas 

 4.  Mitsui OSK Lines / MOL Japan   ,

 5.  Agemar Italy

-  18  Years of Experience as Marine Officer On Board Ship - Class I Marine Master, Unlimited,

  • Since 01/2015 Shell Gabon- Head of Marine Logistic/ Pilot
  • Since 01/2014 Shell Gabon – Marine Pilot(Mooring/Loading Master)
  • From  10/2009 – 2014 SHELL Shipping & Maritime (STASCO)–  Sailing in rank of Master ,Chief Officer  on Q- Flex, LNG Messaimeer, LNG Al Karaana,  LNG Al Khattiya,  LNG  Lijmiliya ( Q Max). 
  • From 03/2008- 10/2009 – SHELL Shipping (STASCO)–  Chief officer for LNG New building( Al Karaana)  at DSM Shipyard, Okpo ,Korea and sailing on the ships LNG Adamawa ( Mooss type LNG) , LNG Granatina during her refit at Singapore in rank of Chief Officer 
  • From 01/2006-01/2008 – Supervision as Dry dock officer for MOL (Mitsui OSK Lines) preparation vessel for dry docking, crude oil washing, inerting, purging, aering, discharging at slop barges, cleaning cargo tanks from sludge and preparation for inspection, overhauling valves and boxing up the same, experience in stagger test for cargo tanks using ballast water, deballasting clean ballast, pitting the cargo tanks, regular maintenance of deck gear.   
  • 03/2003 – 01/2006  worked for Mitsui Osk Lines as Chief Officer on VLCC ,carriage of crude oil, loading/discharging ,crude oil washing, experience in loading at FSO Knock Nevis PG and Griffin Point FPSO Australia.
  • 01/2000 – 01/2003 worked for Agemar LTD. As Chief officer on Product carriers ,loading /discharging Diesel Oil, Gas Oil, Heated Fuel Oil  and OBO (Jet A1),carriage of Condensate from Ras Laffan to FE
  • Various ranks from 02/1993


  • Offshore crude oil export operations from Gamba terminal ( Gabon), approx.45 Tanker visits/annum
  • Supply of all logistics requirements to/from Gamba Terminal from Port Gentil by coastal shipping 25,000 tonnes (6m tonne-miles) per annum
  • Supply of all logistics requirements to/from Rabi Terminal from Port Gentil by inland barges and fast boats 40,000 tonnes (5m tonne-miles) per annum
  • 5 direct and 8 indirect Company reports, 4 Contractor positions
  • Management of Port Gentil and Mayonami logistics supply
    Direct Opex budget of approximately $20m per annum
  • Marine logistic and technical maritime support for drilling and projects
  • Contract executor for marine service contracts
  • Oil spill Response Tier I
  • Demurrage claims (1$m/annum)
  • Contract for provision/gasoil of Mooring launch ,Mayonami base, Beach landing Craft operations

Other skills/ knowledge

  • As part of Command Assessment panel experience in anchoring ,approaching ,berthing and unberthing Q-flex, Q- max LNG carriers
  • Safe and Efficient Operation of LNG Carriers, Crude Carriers, Product carriers.
  • Site team, Shell, Chief officer of Q-Flex LNG, 216.000 m3
  • Preparation for Dry docking and docking  various of VLCC for MOL
  • Taken Over 216.000 Cbm. LNG Carrier AL KARAANA, GT No.96 Type, From Daewoo Shipyard, DSME, Korea At October 2009. Posted in Shipyard for two months. Construction supervision, Includes, Sea Trial, Gas Trial, Delivery, First Loading and Tests.
  • Site team experience at Keppel Shipyard, Singapore.
  • VLCC of 316 600 Cbm.Keppel Shipyard Singapore, Posted in Shipyard for Four Months-Construction supervision... Concluded All Required Tests, Procedures, Sea Trial, and Delivery. First Loading and Discharging.
  • Site team experience at Sebawang Shipyard , Singapore posted in shipyard for one month for LNG Granatina
  • Long Experience in Work with Different Classification Societies, i.e. Lloyd’s Register, NKK, Germanische Lloyd, etc
  • Vetting experience as well  as SIRE inspection together with various Port state control inspection
  • Monitoring and operation of reliquefaction plant , high duty compressors , low duty compressors , heaters , LNG vaporizer , forcing vaporizers , cargo and stripping ( spray ) pumps, IGG plant , glycol plant , nitrogen plant, manifold connection ,cargo relief valves ,boil off / warm up heaters ,interbarrier and insulation spaces, cargo and ballast piping system.
  • Testing and operating LNG ESD( emergency shutdown system)
  • Maintenance of centrifugal and piston pumps various valves
  • Crude oil washing in different stages
  • Cargo custody , handling and documentation oil/gas
  • Preparation of cargo system for the carriage of cargo and refit requirements
  • Ballast custody and handling
  • Stability , safe draughts and trim
  • Preparation of safe and suitable loading/discharging plans using the loading computer  to ensure that at no time do cargo/ballast operations exceed safe stresses and that the vessel always sails complying with damage stability criteria
  • Nitrogen loading and using
  • Routine testing on all cargo systems, safety ,security and inner hull inspections while at sea
  • Cool down, gassing –up, inerting , aerating all ship including one tank operation for inspection and repairing.
  • Operations to the containment system with regards to the sloshing damage that may be caused by incorrect filled tanks
  • Maintenance of deck firefighting and life saving appliances
  • Deck and accommodation maintenance
  • Anti-pollution measures as environmental officer
  • Ship security officer
  • Medical officer
  • Navigational officer on management level


2016 -  AP ( Authorised Person for Maritime Safety)

2013 – Master Mariner Class I –unlimited

2008 -   University Of Marine, Rijeka, Croatia.

1993 - Certificate of Competency Deck Marine Officer Class II,

1991 - Graduation Certificate, Maritime College, Rijeka, Croatia

All Certificates Held to Comply with STCW Regulation LNG, Crude, Product carriers

  • Advanced oil endorsement
  • Advanced gas endorsement
  • Port facility security officer
  • Paperless ECDIS
  • Kongsberg bridge operator course, Korea
  • Advanced Fire fighting Course, Croatia
  • Harmworthy gas system and LNG Reliquefaction system
  • Kongsberg K-Chief 700 Operator Course for LNGC
  • International Ship Facility Security Certificate
  • ISO 14001,London UK
  • SIGTTO approved LNG Cargo operator course, Warsash UK
  • Advanced LNG operator course ,Split Croatia
  • Medical care ,unlimited
  • Defensive driving course
  • HSSE Apply
  • HSSE prepare

Further Information

  •  Act as primary on site oil spill advisor/on scene Commander for waterborne spills
  • Ensure that all marine activities are conducted in accordance with the requirements of the HSSE & SP Framework, with particular reference to the Transport Manual, Maritime Safety. Act as the Authorised Person in Maritime Safety (TA2 equivalent)
    Develop and implement marine policies, procedures and processes using specialised marine skills, developed through deep exposure to specific marine environments, to underpin the requirements of the HSSE & SP Framework, ensuring that marine activities are performed safely and effectively, whilst complying with regulated International, National, Group and Business Unit marine requirements

  • Perform to assigned HSE critical tasks listed in logistic HSE case
  • Maintain accurate utilisation data for all marine Logistics equipment in operation. Analyse and review performance trends and KPIs in conjunction with stakeholders to ensure continuous improvement.

  • Provide cost effective tanker planned and unplanned SBM maintenance operations to high standard
  • Assist with provision of wide variety of cost effective marine services to customer
  • Actively enhance safety and operational excellence of inland marine vessels and operations
  • Works with the crews to improve safety standards and practices by participating in reverse tool-box talks, risk    assessments, inspections, audits, and accident investigations; sets a personal example.
  • Administers the Permit to Work system.
  • Oversees safety inspections to identify potential unsafe conditions and ensure that safe operating practices and safety procedures are carried out; takes immediate corrective action to rectify unsafe conditions.
  • Oversees the inspection and repair of facility safety and emergency response equipment.
  • Well Experienced In Using Technical Programs as Wrap, Prop, Omni safe, Tomas, SAP, Fountain, GLMS and GMAS
  • Well IT Skill And Fully Competent In Using Microsoft Office Packages Such As Word, Excel, Front Page And Power Point.
  • Non Smoker and Non Drinker.  Confident, Having Good Communication Skills and Doing Well Within My Work Team, Having Safety and Quality as Prime Target
  • Active member  in Kendo Club Rijeka
  • I was a team leader to reduce and to improve BOG ( Boil off Gas) on Q max LNG vessels to come cold with tanks and ready to load and successfully we reduce taking of 1200m3 of LNG to 400m3 LNG per voyage.

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