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Marine Motorman


I would like to get a career as a Motorman since I am qualified and most of my experience was built at sea.In furthering my career as a Motorman I can pursue in becoming a Chief Engineer.I will make it a long term career.


The year of 1994 I started work at a oven building factory where I was a instrument panel fitter and fan maker,it lasted for 1 year when the company went bankrupt.1996 I joined the South African Navy where I was a junior watchkeeper onboard a mine hunting vessel for +-10years,work done was to ensure the well running of the main engines and all auxilary equipment aswell as the fire fighting equipment,and general maintenance.2005 I worked a month contract for HSE onboard the Pride Angola a Drilling Ship in Angola as a Motorman also doing watchkeeping and general maintenance.End of 2005 I worked at Caltex refinery which is now Chevron for S.A.Five where I was a Fitter in the maintenance section.


In 1994 I left school in standard 8 to start working,the subjects I had was all technical,mathematics,physical science,technical drawings,electrical work.


I have Fire Fighting,First aid at sea,Offshore survival and my Motorman Grade 2 certificate.



Cape Town, Western Province,
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