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Marine Manager/Instructor


The prime objective of my career is to achieve self satisfaction through quality work of high professional order and dedicated employee of your esteemed organization.


I) 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE :-Repairs & Maintenance of Marine Radio Communication Equipment (VLF/MF/HF/VHF/UHF TRANSRECEIVER) including Ship borne & Ground based Antenna’s, Navigational Radar, Navigational Aids, Direction finders,Intecomm system,EW Equipment, Echo sounder, Telephone/Telecomm exchange, Electronic Teleprinter, Sound Reproduction & P A systems, CCTV, Audio Visual projection system ,FM, VFT& Microwave link, EPBAX ,NBCD Controls Equipment, Procurement of component and Repairs & Supervision of Multilayer PCB workshop, Test eqpt i.e. Signal Analyzer,oscilloscope,Frequency counter, Bridge Magger,AVO meter, Tong tester,RMS voltmeter etc.

II) 15+ YEARS EXPERIENCE: - Installation and acceptance trials of Electrical/Electronic equipments of various projects in the Navy and co-ordination with repair agencies.

III) 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE:- Leading a installation/maintenance team in electronics and electrical equipment .

IV) 10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE:- Conduct of safety awareness programs / drills regularly. Maintenance of records and periodic inspection of minor and major fire fighting and security appliances.

V) 10+ YEARS EXPERIENCE:- Instructional duty in electronics subjects at Premier electrical Training Institute INS Valsura, Jamnagar of India Navy.

VI) 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE: - Reporting of daily progress/feed back to Head of the project to ensure timely completion of the assigned project in record time. Planning/Designing of maintenance schedule, ships refit, Progress monitoring and organizing various events

VII) 20+ YEARS EXPERIENCE: - Administration skills in Human resource management, Materials management, Manpower training, Event management, Liasing with major Public/Private organizations (i.e. M/s BEL, HAL, ECIL, IMD, Chicago Pneumatics, L&T etc.). and Team leadership in different fields.


B.A Hons.(Geography)

M.A (political Science)


Diploma in Security Officer’s Training Course from Mumbai.

Elementary Fire Fighting, First Aid & Crash Course from Civil Defence College,Mumbai.

Diploma in Retail management from Maharashtra Knowledge Council Pune.

ISO 9000 Internal Auditor Training Course from INS Valsura.


Electrical Mechanic Radio 24 weeks Equivalent to Craft Instructor/Radio Technician(NCOCODE 3340.10/7243.60)

Leading Electrical Mechanic Radio 24 weeks Equivalent to Radio Technician (Radio Manufacturing)(NCO CODE 7243.70)

Petty officer Electrical Radio 20 weeks Equivalent to Radio craftsman installation&Maintenance(NCO CODE 7243.75/7243.80)

Chief Electrician Radio 06 weeks Equivalent to Foreman Electrician Foreman Radio Mechanic (NCO CODE B-851.10& 854.40)

NBCD & Damage control including fire fighting course 01 week From Naval NBCD school INS Shivaji, Lonavala

PO Leadership course 04 weeks From INS Agrani, Coimbatore.

Advanced Leadership and Management course 04 weeks From INS Agrani, Coimbatore.

Method Course(Teaching&Training Technology) 04 weeks From INS Agrani, Coimbatore.


Mumbai, Maharastra,
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