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Marine Machinery Technician, Search and Rescue Crewman, Federal Law Enforcement Officer


Continue on in the field of the Maritime Industry. I have recieved vast amounts of training while I was in the U.S. Coast Guard. My two main fields of expertice are Maritime mechanics and Maritime Security. I want to establish a career in the Maritime industry as I had in the Coast Guard.



Machinery Technician/Boarding Officer

U.S. Coast Guard

Maintain full mechanical operation of all equipment onboard the ship. Conduct Search and Rescue missions. Respond to Oil Pollution spills. Conduct and supervise the boardings of vessels, Drug interdiction, Illegal immigration. Team Leader of first Anti-Terrorism Team of the Coast Guard (MSST), Sea Marshal.


2002 Advance Cat School

Advance Operations and Maintanence

Yorktown, VA

2002 Cat Engine School

Basic Operations and Maintanence

Elmhurst, Il

2002 AC & R School

AC & R Universal

Yorktown, VA

2002 Electro Hydraulic C School


Yorktown, VA

2001 Judgmental Pistol Course

JPC Administrator

Astoria, OR

2001 Special Operation Tactical Entry


Astoria, OR

2001 Boarding Officer School

MLE Boarding Officer/Certified Instructor

Yorktown, VA

2000 Boarding Team Member

Law Enforcement Boarding Team Member

Astoria, OR

1999 Pacific Area Damage Control Advance Training

#1 Investigator/ On Scene Leader/ Attack Team Leader/ Training Petty Officer

Alameda, CA

1999 LAMS (Leadership and management School)

LAMS Certificate

Alameda, CA

1999 Oil Spill Recover Systems VOSS/SORS

Oil Spill Recover operator/supervisor

Ft. Mommoth, NJ

1998 Basic Shipboard Firefighting

Basic Shipboard Firefighter

South Bend, WA

1998 Volvo Penta inboard/outboard engine school

Basic Volvo Penta Maintanence

Astoria/Seattle/Alameda, OR./WA./CA.

1998 Machinery Technician A School

Machinery Technician

Yorktown, VA

1997 Heavy Weather Rescue Swimming Training

Rescue Swimmer

Ilwaco, WA

1997 Oil Pollution First Responder

Oil Pollution First Responder

Ilwaco, WA

1997 Rescue Swimmer/Search and Rescue Crewman

Small Boat Rescue Crewman

Ilwaco, WA

1996 USCG Basic Training

Basic Seamanship/weapons handling

Cape May, NJ


Machinery Technician, AC&R Universal Liscense, MLE Boarding Office, JPC Administrator, Rescue Swimmer, Oil Pollution First Responder, First Aid/CPR, Oiler, Engineer of the Watch, Fuel Oil Water King, and much more that I have in my training record.


* I have 8 years of extensive training in Maritime Law Enforcement as well as further training in many other fields. I was put as Team Leader for the first of it's kind Anti-Terrorism/Homeland Security Team of the U.S. Coast Guard. I over saw the operations of a team of 36 personnel. Conducting 12 deployments in just 1 1/2 years. I acted on many times as the Weapons Petty Officer and help coordinate the security operations with other agencies and branches of the military. I have extensive training in weapons handling, Hand to Hand tactics, Use of Force, ID identification, Drug detection, Forced entry tactics, Special Operations training, and much more which I have in my Coast Guard training record. I was also assigned as one of only 4 Sea Marshals placed in charge of all Security Operations in the U.S. Virgin Islands involving Drug Interdiction, Illegal Immigrations, Homeland Security, Counter Terrorism Intel response and occasionally Search and Rescue.


* Meritorious Unit Commodation- Awarded 3 times

* Meritorious Team Coordination- Awarded 3 times

* Team Commodation-Awarded 2 times

* Good Conduct Award- Awarded 2 times

* Special Ops Ribbon

* Homeland Security 9/11 Ribbon

* National Defense Ribbon

* Sea Service Ribbon

* M16 Rifle Ribbon

* 9mm Pistol Ribbon

* Letter of Commodation

* Plankowner of USCGC Cowslip (WLB-277) (Decommissioned)

* Plankowner of USCGC Fir (WLB-213) (Commissioned)

* Plankowner of MSST (Commissioned)

* Honor Graduate at Law Enforcement Boarding Officer School

* Part of District 13 Golden Swivel award winners 4 times

* Received Clean sweep and Ready For Operations evaluation 4 times


Los Angeles, CA,
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