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Marine Inspector/ Foreign Freight Examiner


Marine Safety and Inspections



Since 2012, assigned as a Marine Inspector/ Foreign Freight Examiner/ Boarding Officer and recognized as subject matter expert on all vessel inspection issues. Experienced inspector & evaluator of marine craft ranging from, but not limited to foreign freight vessels to high capacity passenger vessels. Fluent in all types of marine engineering systems, life-saving systems, licensing, documentation, and vessel safety management systems. Conducted extensive safety/security inspections on U.S. and foreign flagged vessels; ensuring full compliance with all applicable international, U.S. laws, regulations and policies. Coordinated and oversaw numerous new construction projects, plan & review approvals, damage surveys/repairs, and initial certification exams on diverse fleet of U.S. flagged vessels. Excellent ability to quickly foster genuine rapport with all entities in the marine industry, including owners/ operators, contractors, builders, naval architects, agents and all levels of government agencies. Worked extensively with ABS, DNV, GL, and numerous other International Association of Classification Surveyor’s onboard numerous U.S. flagged and foreign flagged vessels. Served as “Assistant Supervisor” Port State Control/ Prevention department Tampa FL. Responsible for directing the unit overall inspection program, law enforcement activities, and environmental responses, while enforcing federal laws, regulations, and SOLAS treaties. Other duties included conducting audits of maritime industries drug and alcohol programs, investigating vessel casualties, and conducting enforcement actions against non-compliant operators.


Associates of Science in Health & Fitness – Coastline Community College, Newport Beach, CA, 2015

Associates of Science in Automotive Technology Engineering 2, Advanced Technology Institute, Virginia Beach, VA, 2003


Machinery Inspector (Diesel)

Hull Inspector

Boarding Officer

Barge Inspector

Radiation Detection Operator

Vibration Analyst

Uninspected Towing Vessel Examiner

Marine Enforcement Investigator

Port State Control Examiner

Foreign Freight Vessel Examiner

Foreign Passenger Vessel Examiner

Foreign Gas Carrier Examiner

Victim Advocate

Health Promotion Coordinator


Port State Control Examiner

Advanced Marine Firefighting

Radiation Detection Level 2 Operator

Passenger Vessel Control Verification

Advanced Foreign Passenger Vessels

Diesel/Steam Engineering Automation

Pressure and Temperature Gage Calibration

Caterpillar 6.25 Bore Diesel Engine

Caterpillar 3400 Series Diesel Engine (MK-26)

Shipyard Competent Person

Motor Turbine Unit (MTU) Engineering Level 1

Expert Alert 101 and Basic Vibration Theory

Expert Alert 201 and Advanced Vibration Theory

Advanced MTU 396 CM-2

Vibration Theory


Machinery Improvement Skills Enhancement

Recruiter in Charge

Advanced Recruiter Training

Health Promotion Coordinator

Victim Advocacy Training

Boarding Officer


20+ years of progressive experience in marine engineering, vessel inspections, federal regulation oversight, and safety programs. Extensive knowledge in safety training, management systems, and project management.

Wesley Chapel, FL,
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