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Marine Estimator, Shiprepair Superintendent, ISO Manager


ship repair superintendent

marine estimator

project manager

voyage repair superintendent

Quality Controller/ISO Manager


Work Experience Summary of Mr. Mike (X.P.) Xu

After graduating from Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China in July 1986 with a bachelor degree

in cryogenic engineering, I joined China’s largest ocean shipping company—China Ocean

Shipping Company (COSCO). I started as a training technician in one of COSCO’s sub-companies -

- Guangzhou Ocean Ship-repair Company and had spent more than 12 years in ship-repair area.

In those 12 years, I grew from a novice to an experienced and knowledgeable ship-repair

engineer (or marine engineer or mechanical engineer). A chronology lists my work experience as



I worked in the Guangzhou Ocean Ship-repair Company as a training marine technician in the Machinery Department. From September 1986 to October 1987, I worked with different specialty technicians in various teams, such as Main engine group, Diesel engine group, Turbocharger group, Refrigerator system group, Hydraulic group, and Auxiliary group.

In this period, I was exposed to various practical problems and learned many hands on skills from various technician specialty, such as using hand saw cut small metal steel, using tap make thread, using chisel clean surface, and using various measure tools to measure parts dimension. I became familiarized with the operation of the Machinery Department. I also learned the very importance of teamwork.

As a result of my work, I obtained the youth pioneer award of COSCO Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd (our immediate upper lever company) in early 1987.


1987 -- 1989

In October 1987, I transferred to Zhong Xing Sea-Land Engineering Co. Ltd, a jointed venture enterprise by Hop Hing (Hong Kong) Marine Inc and Guangzhou Ocean Ship-repair Co. Ltd. In the same year, I became a marine supervisor and Assistant Engineer. I was responsible for the company’s ashore service, warehouse, and occasionally attended on board of vessel as supervisor. In the following two years, I carried out the company’s parts design, warehouse stocks, and internal communication with different departments of Guangzhou Ocean Ship-repair Co. Ltd.

Because of my excellent practice, I obtained the excellent youth award of COSCO Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd. in 1989.

I also had an in-house training opportunity and finished the course successfully in combustion engine theory constructed by COSCO Guangzhou Ocean Shipping Co. Ltd.



I became an attending supervisor and remains responsibility for the company’s ashore service and warehouse. I was also in charge in the whole process of project on the vessel I attended.

• I carried out on board quote, arranged labors, trades person, technicians, and engineers, arranged transportation from shipyard to anchor of vessel, arranged needed materials to carry out the job. For example, I contacted vessels’ agency and harbor authority that the vessel must be applied dead vessel for three days due to a major main engine problem had to be solved. The harbor authority then arranged tugboats to send the vessel on buoy for us to carry out the job.

• I was in charge in every detail of daily works, including planning, analysis, design and synthesis. I determined working implementation and job quotation. I negotiated with ship’s owner, sometimes Captain.

• I did project management, presented fire protect safety duties and communicated with Captain, Chief Engineer and Chief Officer of the vessel.

• I carried out sailing test after completing engine repair.

• I also was in charge of the technical services of working process if necessary, and determined what kinds of parts needed to be changed with ship’s owner.

• I made work bill and prepared invoice certificate.

• I was responsible to make sure the every detail was in place to carry out the job.

• I was promoted as a vice-manager in 1991 and was in charge in foreign ship engineering work.

In this year, I finished an in-housing training course—knowledge and new technology of ships repair by Guang Dong Science and Technology College.

In this period, a typical day of my job was like this: in every morning, I walked in the company, put on my uniform, picked up my cell phone, VHF, contacted agency and harbor authority to confirm vessels’ position, got order from agency, arranged transportation like boat or car to access on board. I brought the order sheet to see Captain or ship’s owner, closely looked on the job with ship’s crew, and then decided a quotation and time needed to carry out the job. If it was accepted, then I immediately arranged labors, workers, technicians, or engineers on board with materials needed. At the same time, I would present a safety protect for the job: find the close water tape and connect a hose to work site or arrange two foam extinguishers on site. If it concerned electric parts, I would leave a co2-powder extinguisher on site.

As the job was going on, I kept communicating with the owner or Captain, because if some exception happened, it needed to be approved by ship representatives. At the same time, I would print out the work bill and prepare the invoice certificate for Captain to sign once the job was done. Because our company’s major service was sailing boat, which was a voyage repair basis, time became a major factor to carry out the job. I usually worked from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm sometimes 10 or 11 pm, seven days a week when it was busy.

In this part of my life, my organization and communication skills had tremendously improved. I learned negotiation skills through out my practice that was: you only needed to know the opposite’s bottom line, and if you don’t know, find it out. I learned safety was the most important thing whatever you go. I also learned the job had to be done in a timely period.


I was promoted as a Ship-repair Engineer and Manager of Engineering Department. I was responsible for management of technical resource and development, such as finding out every detail workmanship and specification, assuming increased responsibility, including technicians re-training, development technology, appropriate application of new materials and new technique in work process. I was in charge of providing services to ship’s owner and clients. I was also in charge of the final determination of the working price, negotiating with the ship’s owners and clients. I made work bills and prepared invoices certificate for clients to sign.

In this time, our company developed an annual inspection project of a foreign ship. I contacted abroad agencies and ships’ owners, kept doing quotation and quotation for work bills, negotiated commissions. Finally, M/V “IRAN ENTEKHAB” was brought to our company.

As Motor Vessel “ IRAN ENTEKHAB ” carried out annual inspection under my supervisor, the major job of this vessel was whole cargo derrick system inspection and to meet the requirement of the L. Lords classification. I was in charge in every detail of the vessel repair, including: arrange the vessel towing into shipyard, arrange mooring and unmooring the vessel, executive work bill, communicate with owner’s representative, communicate with ship crews, arrange labor and materials, deal with L. Lords Surveyor,

Load test on every derrick and write all record to report to crew, write work bill and prepare invoice certificate for owner representative signing.

Because of the annual inspection project, I was able to learn some new skills. My knowledge about the social implication of engineering was brought to a higher level. I needed to apply for border security form. There were two militaries that were always on board. I learned how strict it was to follow L. Lords Surveyor. My professional practice standard was improved in meeting with the high requirement of the owners. I learned our industry service must have been fulfilling the social needs.

We had the responsibility to protect our environment in every movement, such as special boat for garbage disposal, barge for dirty blast tank water disposal. I also learned more safety issues, such as gas free inspection for the oil tank, co2 system bottle refill and tube clean, fire extinguishes to be recharged and renew certificate. Oxygen bottle for respirator system, lifeboat and raffles needed to be inspected regularly. Just because work with many ships’s owner from around the world, to meet vessel’s classification requirement, I have knowledge to carry out the job meeting requirement including major classification authority like as: ABS, Lloyds, and Bureau VERITAS, as well China Classification Society.

From 1993 to 1995, I completed my second bachelor degree of economics in International Finance and Trade of Nanjing University. This expanded knowledge helped me think broadly in international trade business and financial planning.



I was promoted as a manager, responsible for the whole foreign ship’s operation. I was responsible for management of technical resources and development, planed the implementation of engineering and also responsible for the client service and marketing development.

In our effort, Zhong Xing Sea-Land engineering Co. carried out vessel’s annual repair and inspection, completed exported engineering product to Hong Kong area. We started to produce some equipments according to ship-owners’ requirement, such as air cooler, steam condenser, ventilator’s fan assemble, and pump assembly. Because of the quality service in industry and buildup reputation to clients, Zhong Xing Sea-Land was able to provide fully services in marine repair industry including arranging and carrying out dry dock services. M.V. “MIAMI” was brought a fully annually inspection including dry dock services in that time.

In 1997, I took part in an international vessel selling process of M/V “ VIVA”. I became an agency between seller and buyer. I learned and possessed efficient communication skills between seller and buyer. I reviewed all documentations and negotiated with them to reach a quickly met deal. I was physically represented as ship’s owner to hand out the vessel to the buyer. In this case, I learned how to make an international deal, how to meet both financial needs and process it, which brought my professional practice knowledge through the financial aspect.


I was promoted to our head company as a mechanical engineer. In this moment, I was responsible for the whole factory equipment maintenance, including forklift, washing machine, boiler, power station, lathe, hydraulic equipment, air compressor, and cranes. I was responsible for the support team in the machinery department. I was in charge of troubleshooting and resolved difficult problems in ship’s maintenance and inspection.

I immigrated to Canada and ended the professional practice in China on May 1999.


I landed on May 20, 1999 in Canada.

I worked various kinds of jobs to support my family in our settlement into the new life in Canada, and upgrade my knowledge:

Obtain Certificate of:

Project Management BCIT 2007

Microsoft Project BCIT 2007

AutoCAD 2007 BCIT 2007

Quality Controller of ISO Manager

. I have recently worked as a Technologist in Marine Engineering Department of Robert Allan Ltd.


Willing relocation any where of the world

Language: English, Mandarin, Cantonese


Project Management

Microsoft Project

AutoCAD 2007 essential


• Skilled in Microsoft office Suite and AutoCAD (2007)

• Skilled at completing projects on time, within budget and to customers satisfaction

• Excellent analytical, problem solving and interpersonal skills

Six Sigma BB oriented

Quality Controller of ISO Manager


M.V. “MIAMI” GRT: 17022 CLASS: ABS Port of Registry: Panama

Duties: Project Manager

Project carried out vessel’s annual inspection and subsequent labor + material estimate works: Docking works including draw of tailshaft, remove the propeller, rudder check, rudder pintle clearance, seachest, strainers, sea valves, hull area gritblasting and painting, anchors, anchor cables. Deck works including Hatch Covers Jacks repair, chipping and painting of ships cranes, booms, masts, mast houses, and main deck. Engine Room works including pipe works, valve repair, and Turbo Chargers.

M.V. “SUNNY” GRT: 4671 CLASS: CCS Port of Registry: Panama

Duties: Project Manager

Project carried out the work of vessel’s renewal of welded construction plates including side plates, main deck plate and bulkhead plate, as well as hatch cover repair.

M.V. “VIVA” GRT: 33186 CLASS: Port of Registry:

Duties: Liaison Person between vessel’s seller and buyer

Project carried out that abroad owner could successfully sell the vessel for demolition in vessel’s anchorage.

Vancouver, BC,
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