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Marine Engineer-First engineer


I am an engineering graduate & working as 2nd engineer in a shipping company for 24 months till now. I have worked on oil tanker, Chemical tanker, LPG carrier, bulk carrier & OBO vessels. I am willing to take up for SHORE JOB or job requiring occasional sailing ( short visits to ship for audits / attending vessels for dry docks etc,.)

I sincerely feel that I can put in all the expertise I have into what I do for doing better than before.


Taken over new deliveries from yard usuki japan / dalian china.

-Management take overs from first owners, 4 dry docks in singapore, dubai, curacao.

-Installing new sms / reporting system (teledata / orca / amos business suite).

-Well acquainted with electronic reporting systems.

As second engineer trained ship staff on matters of safety in ship operations, marine pollution prevention and ensuring safe working practices.

-Experienced in modifying existing PMS & installing PMS on board on newly take over vessel

-Supervised the loading and discharge process for the transfer of various type of cargo in bulk, planned cargo operations by providing an efficient and responsive plant, resulting in significant savings of time & capital.

-Coordinated with senior managers from company for compliance with charter requirement.

-Led the implementation of ISM process. .

-Managed all fuel oil operations including fuel oil bunkering and internal transfer.

-Managed on board testing of fuel oil & lubricating oil..

-Led ship staff for various on board drills pertaining to safety ,security & pollution prevention.

-Spare inventory management.

-Dry docking experience of three vessels.

-New vessel deliveries.

-Management hand over of vessels.

-Management take over of vessels.

-Preparation of repair specification for major repair & dry docking.

-Calibration of various measuring equipments.




1)Course Name : ADV. Oil Tanker Safety Course CERTIF. No. : TASCO/B96/07 INST. Name : HIMT CHENNAI Issued on: : 01/11/2008

2)Course Name : ADV. Chemical Tanker Safety Course CERTIF. No. : CHEMCO/B51/19 INST. Name : HIMT CHENNAI Issued on : 18/10/2008

3)Course Name : ADV. LPG Tanker Safety Course CERTIF. No. : GASCO/B44/13 INST. Name : HIMT CHENNAI Issued on :14/11/2008

4)Course Name : (PSSR) – CERTIF. No. : 379 INST. Name : TOLANI

Issued on :08/02/2003

5)Course Name : Personal Survival Techniques CERTIF. No. : 0305 INST. Name : TOLANI

Issued on :

6)Course Name : (PSCRB) CERTIF. No. : PSCRB/B81/23 INST. Name : HIMT, chennai

Issued on :21/10/2005

7)Course Name : ADV. Fire Fighting CERTIF. No. : AFF/B84/09 INST. Name : HIMT, chennai

Issued on :15/10/2005

8)Course Name : Medical First Aid CERTIF. No. : MFA/B362/03 INST. Name : HIMT, chennai

Issued on :08/10/2005

9)Course Name : SSO-Ship security officer CERTIF. No. : SSO/B40/02 INST. Name : HIMT, chennai Issued on :05/01/2011

10) Course Name : Engine room simulator(M/O) CERTIF. No. : ERSM/B132/06 INST. Name : HIMT, chennai Issued on :29/02/2008

11) ) Course Name : Bridge and engine resource management CERTIF. No. : ERTM/193 INST. Name : Anglo Eastern Issued on :

12)Compentancy CERTIF. Issuance :

CERTIF. No. : 95X5690 Type Of CERTIF. : MEO Class II (Motor)

Issuing Authority : India Valid UpTo : 4/20/2014

13)CERTIF. No. : DCE/GT/CHE/243/10 Type Of CERTIF. : LPG

Issuing Authority : MMD CHENNAI

14)CERTIF. No. : DCE/CT/CHE/242/10 Type Of CERTIF. : Chemical

Issuing Authority : MMD CHENNAI

15)CERTIF. No. : DCE/OT/CHE/241/10 Type Of CERTIF. : Oil

Issuing Authority : MMD CHENNAI


Experience of working in a cross matrix environment with people of different nationalities.

-Good analytically and problem solving skills.

-Excellent quantitative and statistical aptitude.

-Good team player with effective people management skills.

Computer Knowledge:-

M. S. Office, Networking and Basic VB


chennai, tamilnadu,
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