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Marine Engineer with mechatronic and control system analysis capabilities


Seeking a job ashore, which can accommodate my engineering skills achieved through 4.5 years work experience on-board ship and software/ computational skills acquired through Mechanical Engineering Master of Science.


British Petroleum Shipping, Sunbury-on-Thames (UK) Oct/2005 – Jun /2008

Fourth Engineer(Marine Engineering Officer Class IV)

* Managed ship’s operation and undertook decision-making. (16641.0BHP Main Engine)

* Prepared ship for audits by port state institutes for the matters concerned with safety, security and the environmental protection.

* Officer-in-charge of marine diesel electric generators (1.98 MW Plant), marine fuel oil transfer/ purification plant, marine pumps, air compressors and fire fighting equipments.

* Ensured smooth enforcement of safe working practices as Safety Officer onboard.

* Troubleshot some of the chronic problems onboard, like discovered the cause of high smoke density at high load in port side Boiler.

Executive Ship Management PTE LTD, Mumbai, India Jan/2004 - Dec/2004

5th Engineer

* Managed important machinery operations like Cargo Oil Loading and Discharging.

* Achieved promotion just after 1st tenure onboard.


University at Buffalo, The State University of New York

Master of Science, Mechanical Engineering, December 2009

Current GPA : 3.834/4.0

Marine Engineering and Research Institute (formerly DMET) , Calcutta India

Bachelor of Marine Engineering, August 2003

1st Class Honors


Mercantile Marine Department, Government of INDIA.

Marine Engineer Officer Class IV certificate of competency.(For vessels with Unlimited Power) August 2005



* Languages: BASIC, C/C++(DOS platform), MATLAB/SIMULINK/QUARC/Real time Workshop/ Sim-Mechanics

* Programs: LabVIEW, Excel, MS Word, Power Point, Adobe photo shop, Adobe Illustrator, AMOS M&P (PMS system).

* FEM/Design: ANSYS, Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA, Solid Works


* TOEFL- IBT 2007 (Test of English as A Foreign Language) Score : 101 out of 120

* GRE 2007: Score :- VERBAL 660 out of 800 (Quantitative 800/800, Total Score 1460 out of 1600)


Ongoing MS Project- ARMALAB

* Appraise the use of Maple Sim in Computation of Transfer Functions for Nonlinear Systems. Engineer 6 DOF electric motion platform to implement identified computational algorithm with Maple Sim.

Master of Science –Projects

* Designed and animated Air Compressor and its cooling system using FEM/CAD.

* Programmed Optimizer in MATLAB to optimize Load for given mass of a beam, which had 8 geometric design variables.

* Implemented System Identification techniques to predict power generation from wind turbines.

* Developed a controller model for Quanser Inverted pendulum to maintain it in upright position.

* Compiled efficient algorithm in MATLAB for Comprehensive Treatment of Redundant Serial and Parallel Chain Manipulators.

Bachelor of Marine Engineering- 1999-2003

* Constructed a model on “Contra Rotating Propeller” in 3rd year.

* Presented technical paper and developed a working model on the Humid Air Motor (HAM) Technology, one of the latest techniques to reduce nitrogen oxides emission from exhaust of main diesel engine” in final year.

* Employed stepper motor along with computer interface circuit to control valve actuators.



* Expedited Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program2009, University at Buffalo as teaching assistant.

* Selected as presenter for “Understanding International Classroom Cultures: India”, November2009

* Accelerated operations at UB Information Technology public site computing as consultant.


* Technical Excellence Prize, presented by Orinoco Marine Consultancy (India) Pvt. Ltd, for showing exemplary technical skill, creative potential with consistently high academic record. August 2003.

* Certified by the Director of M.E.R.I. for showing technical proficiency in troubleshooting PID Water Flow Controller and Air Pressure Controller in Electronics/Control lab. March 2003.


* Leading member of College band. Received accolades for special ensemble performance in bands during the Inauguration Ceremony of the All India Kick- Boxing Championship, 2002.

* Won silver medal for “Edison Sadan”,M.E.R.I. in 800m race.

* Won safety slogan competition onboard M.T. British Falcon, 2007.

Buffalo, NY,
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