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Marine engineer or maintenace engineer


I would like to get job as an engineer on shore, I will learn a lot of knowledge about marine engineering, work as a team and always improve my skill and ability.


my last experience my position on board as a 3rd engineer, my responsibility are maintain all machinery such as generators, compressors, all electrical equipments,electrical distributions board, boiler etc are in good order and can work properly. Beside that i have to calculated all fuel and oil consumptions on board, make plan maintenance reported for all those machinery. Maintenance all safety end emergency equipments such as fire fighting equipments, emergency generators and emergency fire pumps are in good order if any emergency situations or drill carried out on board.


I graduated from MERCHANT MARINE HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTE in Jakarta (indonesia) in 2007, I got my diploma degree and third level marine engineer certificate from there, after two years i continued my study to get my second level marine engineer and now I have received my second level marine engineer certificate.


Diploma four ( marine engineer major)

Third level marine engineer certificate

second level marine engineer certificate


English language both spoken and writing

Maintenance all diesels engine,electrical equipments,


bogor, indonesia,
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