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Marine Engineer, Operational Superintendent etc.


To work in an organization where I can enhance my skills, grow myself within the company and deliver back for the betterment of the organization by working in a challenging and task oriented environment.


Deck Officer, Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Pakistan. March 2003 – November 2005

Deck Officer, Pakistan Adoulis Shipping & Marine Cargo LLC February 2002 – January 2003


Master’s Degree in Marine and Offshore Engineering (Distinction)

John Moores University, Liverpool, United Kingdom (September 2007 – January 2009)

Certificate of Competency (MCA OOW unlimited), South Tyne-side College UK

Higher National Diploma (Nautical Science), South Tyne-side College

Bachelor of Science in Maritime Studies


• Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSC & RB)

• Advance Training In Fire Fighting

• GMDSS General Operator’s Certificate (UK)

• Navigation, Radar and ARPA Simulation (Operational)

• Advance Medical First Aid

• Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

• Oil Tanker Familiarization

• Efficient Deck Hand (EDH)

• Proficiency in Personnel Survival Technique



? Ship Board Assistance Safety Officer;

As an assistance shipboard safety officer have been responsible for daily work planning meetings, weekly / monthly work planning, risk assessments for future tasks, supervision of the ship’s crew, task management, accident investigation and report evaluations.

? Dry Dock Experience;

Assisted in dry docks and surveys

? As an officer of the watch has been performed following tasks efficiently;

• Ballasting and de-ballasting operations.

• Able to operate radar, ARPA and other navigational systems such as DGPS, AIS, Echo Sounder etc, effectively.

• Derrick and Crane operations including twin crane operation.

• Tanks inspection (stiffeners, beams, knees, girders, sounding pipes, framing etc.)

• Carried out and inspected drills and training exercises.

• Loading and unloading deck cargo at various ports.

• Vessel stability calculations (ballast, loading and full loaded conditions)

• Assisted superintendent during their surveys as well as port state control and other organizational surveyors such as Lloyds.

• Familiarized with moorings techniques, equipment and operation.

• Familiarized with Oil Spill Response equipment and Crisis Management techniques e.g. SOPEP

? Good knowledge of Offshore structures, Marine vessels and marine legislations, naval architect (ship structure) etc.



During service, my duties/responsibilities have been:

• Bridge Watch Keeping

• Cargo handling (loading and unloading) and ship stability

• Crew Management

• Deck Equipment Maintenance

• Checking and maintenance of Life saving and Fire Fighting Appliances (LSA & FFA) including Life boats , rescue boats , life rafts and high expansion foam system for fire fighting for engine room and pump room, portable fire extinguishers (foam , CO2, water & powder types)

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