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Marine Engineer, Chief Engineer, Staff Officer


I am an active duty officer (Commander) in the Hellenic (Greek) Navy currently stationed in Norfolk, VA on a 3 year tour of duty at NATO Headquarters.I am also a US citizen.

I am eligible for retirement; upon submission of intent, retirement is processed in approximately 3 months.

I am interested in a new career in the US.

My initial career experience was in the naval engineering field and after approximately 15 years was elevated to the supervisory / executive level.

I pride myself on being able to work effectively both in the role of subordinate as well as in the role of supervisor/executive; having extensive experience in both.

I effectively operate in a regimented-hierarchical organization but also have the ability to "think out of the box" and adapt to new situations providing solutions to problems never before encountered.

I have experience on an international level, having worked and studied abroad extensively.


August 2010 - present

Norfolk, Virginia : Headquarters, NATO, Allied Command Transformation, Staff Officer; Transformation Network Branch; Nations Interaction Team; providing coordination of NATO HQ staff functions, allowing the HQ to identify and monitor the success of critical current and future transformation support provided for each of the NATO nations at the strategic level and focus efforts to better support these nations.

2008 – July 2010

Director of Branch C (Infrastructure) and Acting Director of Branch D (Hellenic Navy Training); Staff of Rear Admiral for Naval Training Command.

Responsible for fiscal matters, infrastructure (buildings, roadways, machinery, vehicles etc.), installation physical security, fire fighting, fuel and electrical consumption, weapons and ammunition storage and handling for Naval Training Command Base.

Also served (Jan.2010 to July 2010) as D Branch Director in charge of all training aspects for Hellenic Navy personnel (enlisted and junior officers) including course programming, scheduling, etc.

2005 – 2007

Hellenic Ministry of Defence

General Directorate for Defence Armaments and Investments

Offset Contracts Department, Offset Contracts Manager.

This post involved the formulation of new contracts, amendments of existing contracts and conducting of direct negotiations with foreign companies that pertained to offset benefits contracts.

2002 – 2005

Ship Repair Superintendent; Salamis Naval Base Technical Division.

Main duty was overseeing ship repair periods lasting several months. This consisted mainly of coordinating various repair operations involving different technical departments. Overlapping works which mutually affected each other sometimes needed to be modified in order to ensure adherence to a general time schedule.

During this time, 6 months were spent in Elefsis Shipyards as a member of a three man committee overseeing repair works on a naval floating dock being repaired in this private commercial enterprise. This consisted of estimating works required to be done in conjunction with a fixed naval budget and shipyard pricing as well as ensuring that these works were properly carried out.


Served on board various ship classes.

Held various positions in engineering department including Main Propulsion Assistant and Chief Engineer. Responsible for day to day operation, maintenance and repair of main propulsion and electrical generating plants including steam turbines, diesel engines and gas turbines.

Simultaneously carried out administrative duties involving: correspondence pertaining to equipment and engine operation, performance and maintenance as well as personnel evaluations, training and management. Number of engineering / electrical personnel under management varied from approximately 10 to 120, depending on ship class.



Harvard Business Publishing

Distance learning seminar; Developing as a Leader

Online courses and classroom case studies over a 6 month period designed to develop leadership skills.


Hellenic Supreme Joint War College, Thessaloniki, Greece

Total duration approximately 10 months.


Germanischer Lloyd Classification Society Academy, Hamburg, Germany

3 month course plus 3 month professional training as a surveyor working alongside GL surveyors in Kiel, Germany.


Russian Federation Higher Naval Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia

Course in direct correlation to ship being procured (Russian Hovercraft). (Total duration approximately 6 months)

• (the acquisition of the Russian hovercraft was the first ever purchase of Russian military hardware by a NATO member. Positioned as Chief Engineer of vessel which is the largest military hovercraft in the world).


Surface Warfare Officers School, Steam EOOW, Newport, R.I.

Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA

Courses in direct correlation to ship being procured (U.S. Destroyer). Total duration approximately 15 months.


Damage Control Assistant Course, Newport, R.I.

Total duration approximately 3 months.


Hellenic Naval Academy, Athens, Greece.

Commissioned as Ensign (Engineering) in 1990.

• Bachelors Degree, Marine Engineering.



• effective personnel management (both on an administrative as well as on a personal level)

• solid grasp of technical matters

• effective coordination of complex tasks

• language skills (native English speaker, very good German, Goethe Institute Mittelstufe diploma, rudimentary French)

• ability to work on an international level (i.e. successfully interact with foreign nationals due to excellent language skills as well as cultivated manners and behaviorisms).


US Citizen

Virginia Beach, VA,
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