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* Interested to join in a shore base job like superintendent engineer/technical manager in shipping company.

* Interested to work in FPSO vessels as an engineer.

* Interested in any other govt/non govt. technical managerial job related to marine engineering, survey, inspection etc.


* I have been working at sea for last 14 years in various position and with 5 several companies.

* I have been working as chief engineer for last 4 years and have successfully completed 5 contracts in oil/chemical/dry cargo ships.

* The role of chief engineer shortly, he is the head of engineering dept. for the management and responsible to co-ordinate with head office, in-charge of all mechanical, electrical and electronics equipments on board for the management, operation, maintenance and service.


* Obtained BMsc in Engineering(Bachelor of maritime science)in 1996 from National University,Bangladesh.

* Completed COC Class-II and I on 2003 from Singapore maritime academy.


* Bachelor of maritime science (Engineering)

* Certificate of competency class-I (Singapore)


* Practical experience on various mechanical, electrical and electronics system and plants.

* Skilled in computer.


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