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Marine Engineer Apprentice


I would like to apply as a apprentice marine engineer to complete my BS course since i am finish in my 3 years theoritical study in the school.

I want also to developed my knoledge, skills that i have learned in the school. To become a responsible and good Officer someday, which is needed in the maritime industry in transporting of cargoes or passengers to reach the destination safely and on time....


I am 4 years of Being a working student in Saint joseph Institute of Technology.

Assign in the following areas:

Physics laboratory for 5 months,

Nurcing office for 3 months,

Computer laboratory for 12 months,

Internet laboratory for 5 month,

Marine,Mechanical,Electrical,Electronics & Automotive Laboratory for 2 years.


Marine Engineering graduate.

Electronics Technician


Electronics Technician1,

Champion in Tools Identificatin

Excemplary Attendance


Welding mechanics,

Automotive Under chassis Mechanics,

Lathe machine operator,

Building wiring technician,

Electronics Technician.

Computer Tecnician,

Computer operator ( Microsoft Office, Fireworks,Flash, and some animation...)


I was a champion in tools identification accross all cadets in our school that is held in our sailors day competition...

Butuan City, Agusan del Norte,
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