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Marine Engineer 2nd asst. engineer


to become a chief engnieer on FG fleet


No Company name Rank Type of vessel Tonnage Engine type BHP Sign On Sign Off

1 India Steamship 3rd Engineer Crude Tanker 11000 B&W SMC 13100 07.01.09 14.04.09

2 General Maritime pvt ltd 3rd Engineer Crude Tanker 98000 B&W SMC 14300 04.10.08 11.12.08

3 Pratibha Shippng Co. Ltd 3rd Engineer Product Tanker 41000 MAN B&W LMC 8280 06.12.07 06.05.08

4 Pratibha Shippng Co. Ltd 4th Engineer Product Tanker 41000 MAN B&W LMC 8280 10.03.07 21.10.07

5 Pratibha Shippng Co. Ltd 5th Engineer Crude Tanker 65800 B&W GA 15200 02.12.06 19.01.07

6 Pratibha Shippng Co. Ltd 5th Engineer Product Tanker 32000 MAN B&W GFCA 13100 23.07.05 24.02.06


Qualification Board Passing Year Grade

SSC Mumbai 1994 1st Class

HSC Mumbai 1996 2nd Class

Pre Sea Training Mazgon Dock Ltd. 2004 'A' Grade

Dip. Mech. eng. Mumbai 1998 2nd Class


Course Name Certificate No.

Medical First Aid (MFA) 426/2006

Proficiency in Survival Techniques (PST) B0445

Elementary First Aid (EFA) 1514/2004

Advance Fire Fighting (AFF) 2512

Oil Tanker Familiarization (OTFC) 2929/2004

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF) 10073

Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boat (PSCRB) 60179

Personal Safety & Social Responsibility (PSSR) A81987

Engine Room Simulator (ERS)-Operational Level 60047



Passport & Visa Details

Passport No. A6183670

Issued Place MUMBAI

Expired Date 8-Sep-2018


Seamen's Book Details

Issued Place Indian

Seamen's Book No MUM 111073

Expired Date 8-Sep-2012

Certificate Details

Type of Certificate MEO Class IV

Certificate No 95Z7198

Issued Place Indian

Issued Date 2-Feb-2007

Expired Date 19-Nov-2011

mumbai, maharashtra,
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