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Marine Engineer


Marine Engineer



SASCO- Sakhalin Marine Company, Sakhalin Island, Far-East of Russia.

“SASCO” is a large marine company on Far-East of Russia. Position: Mechanic on merchant ships. Engine room keep watch.

1993-1994 “Sakhalin Marine Shipping Company” Ferry “Sakhalin-7” Position: Motorman. Engine room watch. Preparing engines for voyages, maintaining auxiliary equipment.

1993-1994 4th Engineer m/v “Ekhabi” “Sakhalin Shipping Company” Main engine “MAN” 3500BHP. General cargo carrier. Engine room duty; maintain boilers, deck hydraulic winches, water pumps. Cargo hold hatches, deck cranes.

1994-1995 4th Engineer m/v “Nogliki” Main engine “MAN” 3600?H General cargo carrier. Engine room duty.

1995-1996 4th Engineer m/v “Kemerovo”. DW 23024T, Two main engines

1997- 2000 3rd Engineer Seagoing vessels. Main Engine: 3600hp, hydraulic cranes, winches. Maintenance and observe operation / keep watch in engine room. Duties: organizing motormen for daily repairs, servicing of main engine and auxiliary equipment, boilers, winches and hydraulic systems. Performed mechanical works on vessels in India, Singapore, Japan, North America. Bunkering operations, monitoring consumption of fuel, ke?? engine room log.

Planning repairs needed to be done on equipment, ensure all necessary spare parts available in stock for scheduled repairs.


“PARKER DRILLING COMPANY”, Rig 262 Odoptu, Oil and Gas Project / Exxon Neftegas Ltd (ENL), Sakhalin Island, Russia

Parker and Drilling Company operates in 54 countries, drilling segment consists of 28 rigs in key international oil and gas markets. Parker is also a leading provider of offshore drilling and work over services. The company has 17 barge rigs in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, Mexico and the Caspian Sea.

Preventive Maintenance Supervisor


1990-1993 Third Class Diploma in Ship Mechanic, Marine College, Sakhalin Island, Kholmsk city, Russia

Area of study:

Marine Diesel Engines, Auxiliary Equipment, Automated systems, Hydraulic systems for CPP, cargo holds, cranes, hull and its components, Structural Drawings, refrigerating systems, A/C Systems.

2000-2006 Marine Engineer Diploma, Admiral G.I.

Nevelskoy State Maritime University in Far East, Vladivostoc city

Area of study:

Planning and scheduling of loading/unloading operations in sea ports. Coordination of cargo handling in sea ports, management human resources for logistics operations.

Dec 2009 Preventative Maintenance Course, Parker Drilling Company Sakhalin Island, Russia

1998-2000 ESL Course, International Study, Malaspina University Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada


Third class marine engineer Certificate of Competency Category A OOW


Basic Safety training and instruction including: personal survival techniques; fire prevention and fire fighting; elementary first aid; personal safety and social responsibilities (Section A-VI/I; tables A-VI/1-1; A-VI/1-2; A-VI/1-3; A-VI/1-4)

Valid until 15-10-2015

Advanced Fire Fighting (Section A-VI/3; table A-VI/3) Valid until 21-10-2015

Proficiency in Survival Crafts and Rescue Boats other than fast rescue boats (Section A-VI/2; table A-VI/2-1) Valid until: 19-10-2015

Medical First Aid and Medical Care (Section A-VI/4; tables A-VI/4, A-VI/4-2) Valid until 19-10-2015



Computer, IVARA.


Excellent English, willing to travel or relocate. Ready to start on short notice.

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin,
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