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Marine Engineer


I am currently looking to move into green technology design and implementation aboard maritime vessels and to gain further experience in the maritime industry.


Work Experience

Engineer, L‘Ermitage Hotel, Beverly Hills CA


As the hotel engineer I was directly responsible for all mechanical systems found in the facility, including HVAC, boilers, chillers, plumbing, emergency generator, and the INCOM system, which controls the temperature and lighting in each room. Strong problem solving skills are necessary for the performance of this job. Verbal skills are a necessity at L’Ermitage due to the direct interaction with hotel guests and equipment vendors.

First Engineer, University of Hawaii, Oahu HI


Sailed aboard the Ka’imikai –O- Kanaloa as the first engineer, reporting directly to the Chief engineer and Captain. Responsible for the fuel oil transfer, main engine generator sets, propulsion systems and overall plant operation and maintenance. Assisted in the Detroit Diesel 12V149 piston replacement, head repair, and turbocharger swap out. Repaired SCR electrical cooling fan and assisted in other various repairs and maintenance aboard. Also was responsible for the maintenance and repair log onboard along with the parts inventory database and worked under the Safety and Quality guidelines found on this vessel.

Contracted Service Engineer, Los Angeles CA


Worked in the Port of Los Angeles subcontracted under MAN Diesel performing fuel pump inspections on the 5S60MC-C MAN Diesel Engine aboard the “United Banner“. Disassembled the engine heads and performed annual inspections. Also removed fuel pumps and inspected moving parts such as the cam followers and pins. Worked with two other contracted engineers along with the first officer aboard the vessel. Coordinated with ships crew on tools and parts necessary for job completion prior to boarding the vessel.

Contracted Service Engineer, Rolls Royce Commercial Marine, Signal Hill CA


Headed the design and construction of the air compressor system for the Rolls Royce service work shop, which was used for the operation of pneumatic tools and two fuel injector test stations. Worked abroad in Africa along side Finish correspondence performing repairs and recommended maintenance on Rolls Royce thrusters aboard the “Jack Ryan“, a Transocean drilling vessel. This job required the use of high powered pneumatic and hydraulic tools. Worked closely with the First officer aboard the vessel and contracted divers, maintaining good communication and setting deadlines to complete the job on time. Also studied Bergen Diesel Engines electrical and control systems abroad, at the Bergen Diesel Factory in Norway, .

Test Engineer (Internship), General Dynamics NASSCO,2798 Harbor Drive, San Diego CA, 92113

5/2008- 7/2008

Took on a lead role of multi agency team consisting of NASSCO, USCG and ABS performing the final tests and maintenance of deck equipment to ensure functioning within specified tolerances, prior to ships delivery to the US NAVY. This involved troubleshooting of motor circuitry utilizing millimeter and electrical clearance while working at NASSCO.

Systems Component Engineer (Internship), PGE Diablo Nuclear Power Plant, Avila Beach CA


Worked alongside the senior component engineer, performing nuclear reactor valve tests and calculations. Used the data recorded/organized in excel to correct valve packing clearances and valve actuator response. Gained experience with integrated actuator responses. Became fluent in the “PIMS” data entry program, which was used to log equipment maintenance and specs. and with Microsoft Word and Excel.



California Maritime Academy, Vallejo Ca

Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Marine Engineering Technology 2009



USCG 3rd Assistant Engineering license in Steam, Motor, and Gas Turbine Vessels of Unlimited Horsepower.


Rolls Royce Bergen Diesel factory “Diesel Electrical and Controls” Level 1

Obtained “Secret” government clearance to work for Nuclear Power facility

Fire Fighting courses basic and advanced

First Aid/CPR


Type 1 EPA 608 Refrigeration handling

I am sitting for my FE/EIT certification October 30th.


Computer Skills: Solidworks, Microsoft Office, Excel, PIMS Program

Mechanical sound and great at troubleshooting, deciphering schematics and tool usage. I have a fresh mind and I am eager to put it to use.


Los Angeles, CA,
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