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I would like to be involved in new ships building project in China or Korea for the next 3-4 years. I can arrange on request a supervising team which can include naval architect, electrical engineer, paint inspector.


New ship building project in “Bulyard” Varna Bulgaria bulk carrier 21200dwt February 2009- November 2009 superintendent, supervisor, employer “NAVIBULGAR”-Bulgaria

New ship building project in Xiamen China; car carriers 4900; container 2900teu 04.01.2007-02.12.2008 superintendent, employer Zodiac Maritime Agencies-UK

“Zim Xiamen” container 29000kw chief engineer 22.03.06- 24.10.06 Zodiac Maritime UK

“Contship Indigo” container 29900kw chief engineer 27.05.05- 24.10.05 Zodiac Maritime UK

“Nedlloyd Xiamen” container 29900kw chief engineer 17.08.2004-25.01.2005 Zodiac Maritime UK

“APL Ivory” container 26600kw chief engineer 04.01.2004-29.04.2004 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“TMM Chihuahua” container 41000kw chief engineer23.02.2003-23.09.2003 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“Zim Panama” container 41079 kw chief engineer 08.03.2002-25.09.2002 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

February 2001-december 2001 new ship building project in HHI Korea- container vessels 6500teu Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“ Hyundai Baron” container 49323kw chief engineer 25.08.2000-23.02.2001 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

December 1997- July 2000 ship repair manager “Chakarov” Ltd

“Erasmus” bulk carrier 9559kw chief engineer 06.08.1997-20.10.1997 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“Cape Hawk” bulk carrier 14244kw chief engineer 25.10.1996-06.06.1997 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“ Blue Sky” bulk carrier 9798 kw chief engineer 06.08.1996-12.09.1996 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK

“Cape Kestrel bulk carrier 14244kw chief engineer 10.08.1995-23.03.1996 Zodiac Maritime Agencies UK


Education: Naval Academy – Bulgaria, 1976 – 1981

Civil Specialty: Operations and Maintenance of Ship Power plants

Qualification: Mechanical Engineer – Master Degree, Aug 1981


Competency: Ship’s Engineer Officer First Degree, unlimited power since 1990 (Bulgarian Maritime Training Center –

Fire prevention and fire fighting / Advanced fire fighting

Personal survival Techniques / Proficiency in Survival Craft

Elementary first aid / Proficiency in medical first aid

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities




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