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Marine Engineer


To obtain a full time job that offers professional working environment which provide me to learn and grow while meeting the company's goals.


19th October 2000 – 31st December 2006

Company Name : Malaysia International Shipping Corp. (MISC)

Position Title : Marine Engineer

Position Level : Operation(4th Engineer)

Specialization : Engineering - Others

Industry : Shipping

Work Description :

Work as a duty engineer (foreign going) fully in charge of the engine room on watch keeping basis. Familiarized with the maintenance of the boilers, pumps, fresh water generator, oil purifier and other main and aux. machinery. Also involved in planned maintenance of main machinery and spare parts update or inventory. Knowledge in AMOS system for planned and unplanned maintenance records. Already work on several ships such as Chemical tankers and bulk carriers.

? MV Bunga Saga Satu (Panamax Bulk Carrier)

? MV Bunga Saga Sembilan (Panamax Bulk Carrier)

? MV Bunga Tujuh (Panamax Bulk Carrier)

? MV Bunga Enam (Panamax Bulk Carrier)

? MT Bunga Siantan (Chemical Tanker)

13th January 2007 – 26th October 2007

Company : Allied Marine Equipment and Services (AMES) /

Bayu Link Sdn Bhd.

Position Title : Marine Engineer (3RD ENGINEER)

Position Level : Operation

Specialization : Engineering (DP Operations)

Industry : Offshore/Oil and Gas

Work Description :

Worked as a duty engineer for DP (Dynamic positioning) operations during oil and gas pipe line survey and R.O.V (Remote Operating Vehicle). Worked on maintenance of the ship’s engine rooms per PMS system and according to the actual situation and requirements. Served on DP ships as below:

? DP SV Allied Shield (DP Class1)

? DP SV Allied Commander (DP Class 2)


Highest Level Academic Qualification

Level : Diploma

Field of Study : Marine Engineering

Grade : Pass

Institution Name : Malaysia Maritime Academy (A.L.A.M)

Location : Malacca,Malaysia.

Graduation Date: November 2002

Level : SPM

Grade : Pass

Institution Name : Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Polis Diraja Malaysia


Location : Kulim Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.

Graduation Date: December 1998

Level : PMR

Grade : Pass

Institution Name : Maktab Rendah Sains Mara Polis Diraja Malaysia


Location : Kulim,Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia.

Graduation Date: December 1996





1 19 July 2007 Travel Safely by Boat (OPITO)


19 - 21 July 2007

BOSIET (Cold Water) OPITO approved (Safety Induction, Sea Survival, HEUT with EBS, Basic Fire Fighting &Self Rescue.

3 9 May 2004

Accredited User of MISC Fleet (AMOS)


24 -26 Feb 2004

Shipboard Safety Officer Course, Pelorus Intelligence & Technology Academy

5 7 - 10 April 2003

Effective Teambuilding, Malaysian International Shipping Corporation Berhad.


16 – 23 Dec 2002

Certificate Of Efficiency In Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other than Fast Rescue Boats, Marine Department Of Malaysia.

7 25 - 27 Nov 2002

Advanced Fire Fighting Course, Maritime Academy Malaysia.


14 -18 Oct 2002

Watchkeeping Engineering 750KW or more Course, Maritime Academy Malaysia.

9 30 Sep - 2 Oct 2002

Medical First Aid Course, Maritime Academy Malaysia.

10 25 June –

18 Sep 2001

Ship Maintenance Course, Malaysia Shipyard And Engineering Sdn. Bhd.


25 - 26 May 2001

Basic Personal Survival Techniques At Sea Certificate, Maritime Academy Malaysia.


21- 22 May 2001

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities Certificate, Maritime Academy Malaysia.

13 14 - 18 May 2001

Tanker Familiarization Certificate, Maritime Academy Malaysia.


08 - 09 Nov 2000

Elementary First Aid At Sea Certificate, Maritime Academy Malaysia.


06 – 07 Nov 2000

Basic Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting At Sea Certificate, Maritime Academy Malaysia.





Planned maintenance, repairs and installations >5 Advanced

Operation and support >5 Advanced

MS Office 2007 >5 Advanced

MS Excel >5 Advanced

Arc Welding

Fittings and Fabrication






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