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Marine Engineer


Seeking a challenging and responsible job as 3rd Engineer/2AE/Deck Engineer in DP 2-3/DSV/PIPE LAY/FPSO/Drill Ship/Rigs/SEISMIC ships.

Would like to associate with a progressive organization where my potential leadership skills can be utilized for efficiency enhancement in the operational performance and through contributing substantially towards the growth of the organization in realizing its multi dimensional vision


Work Experience:

1. Operate PMS including DP Power Management System

2. Organizing, Planning, Supervision, with hands on approach to Management of Operations in Shipping and Facilities

3. Curative and Preventive Maintenance of large and small Diesel Engines

4. Drafting and executing Planned Maintenance Systems for various machineries

5. Maintenance and operations of Main Engine, Generators, Boilers, Steam driven cargo oil and feed water pumps, Purifiers, Air Conditioning and Refrigerating units, Air Compressors, Pumps and pumping systems, Sewage treatment systems

6. Pneumatic and Hydraulic control systems, Hydraulic and steam deck machinery, Fire-fighting equipment and various other equipments associated with large plant control ships

7. Extensive hands on experience in Dry Docking of various vessels and ships both for specific machinery and comprehensive servicing


• 15+ years of total experience. Worked on DP 2 /DSV/CSV/PIPELAYERSships etc in various positions • Worked in DP 2 Vessels in Diesel Electric version with 11KV/6.6KV high voltage system with Azimuth Main Propulsion

• B.E. (4 years regular, Marine Engineering) from University of Allahabad, India

• Last engaged with SUBSEA7 Ltd, U.K., as 3rd Engineer

Employment History: DP VESSELS

Employment Cycle: 4 to 6 weeks on/off Rank Third Engineer


Name Type Details Company From To

Rockwater2/ DP 2 DSV / GRT 5991/BHP 11398/Engines 5X1700kW(Brons-Man ASL25/30/ SUBSEA7, U.K.

Rockwater1/ DP 2 DSV / GRT 5991/BHP 11398/Engines 5X1700kW(Brons-Man ASL25/30/ SUBSEA7, U.K.

From 18/10/2006 to 31/03/2009(worked on these 2vessels during this period)

MSV Enad DP2DSV /GRT 1881/BHP 7200/Engines 4xDaihatsu6DSM-28L 4xCAT3512/ HALUL OFFSHORE, QATAR, / From 11/06/2006 to 5/08/2006

CSO APACHE/DP 2 PIPELAYER/GRT 7532/BHP 18618/Engines 2xEMD645, 6xCAT D399, 3xCAT 3516 /TECHNIP OFFSHORE.UK, / From 01/10/2005 to 20/11/2005


CSO ALLIANCE/DP2DSV/ GRT 3700/BHP 9480/Engines 4x Bergen Diesel /TECHNIP OFFSHORE UK

CSO CONSTRUCTOR/DP2 CSV-Pipelay/ GRT 9640/BHP 13000/Engines 5xNohabF216V-Wartsila /Technip offshore, UK, /

From 03/01/1995 to 31/07/2005(worked on these three vessels during this period)


1.secondary school certificate 1st division

2.senior secondary school certificate first division

3.B.E. (4 years regular, Marine Engineering) from University of Allahabad, India first Division


Engineer’s License: STCW 95 III/I OOW Unlimited

Class / Grade Issuing Country Certificate No. Date Issued Expires Details of Limitations

MEO Class (IV) M India 95Z-2154 11/Jan/2002 31/Dec/2011 Unlimited power

MEO Class (IV) M Bahamas DFE1FDE 03/April/2007 01/Jan/2011 None


PSC-RB: Certificate in Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats

PSSR: Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

AFF: Advanced Fire Fighting RAFF/B33/08 Mumbai, India

EMFA: Elementary Medical First Aid AVR/MA/113 Mumbai, India 13

OTHER COURSES: Value added


ORCA Training for Safety, Health and Environment Management

Abrasive Wheels Course

Hydraulics and Pneumatic Workshop


1.TECHNICAL:I have skills and experience with repair and maintenance of diesel engines, range of power 1200 to 20500 kW, all allied offshore and onshore equipment plumbing, air conditioning, cranes, various pumps, hydraulic, pneumatic equipment and tools, water treatment, boilers, turbines, compressors and electrical appliances, Gas/Electric welding and machine shop operations. Additionally I have hands on experience in computer operations and computerised planned maintenance systems.Have also been involved in extensie hands on maintenance of some of the above vessels in Drydocks involving life extensions.

2. COMMUNICATION: Proficient in both written and verbal communication in English and Hindi

3. PEOPLE: Ability to interact with individuals in a cross-cultural environment

4.COMPUTER:Computer Proficiency:

AMOS, MP 5, TASK MASTER,MS Office, Windows VISTA/XP, MS Outlook, Internet etc


Dehradun, uttrakhand,
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