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Marine Engineer


I am a hard working and clearly dedicated individual who has an ambition to succeed in any given environment. Although i have

extensive experience in the marine engineering industry. I love to learn,and am always up to a challenge whatever the situation. I

get along well with others. While also working efficiently on my own. I am seeking a position where i can develop and excel while

giving m best to an employer.


U.S. Navy, Marine Engineering ( Jun . 2005 - Present)

I am currently the work center supervisor of the Main Machinery Room on board USS Chief(MCM 14).i supervisor two other

personal As the leading technician i am reasonable for any trouble shooting that takes place. In addition to that i plan and

schedule maintenance,conduct maintenance, order parts and insure the plant is fully operational.

National Tool and Die, Welder ( Apr . 2003 - Aug . 2003)

I fabricated parts as per drafting. Using TIG,MIG and OAW welding process

Tower Automotive, Welder ( Jul . 2001 - Aug . 2002)

Welder on a Assembly line fabricating SUV frames for GMC.


Mine Warfare Training Center ingleside Texas Navel Enlisted Certification (2007 - 2008 )

Navel Enlisted Certification in Outboard Motor Overhaull

Center for Naval Engineering ingleside, Texas Navel Enlisted Certification (2007 - 2007 )

Navel Enlisted Certification in Shipboard Propulsion Fuels And oils And Jp-5 Systems And testing

Center for Service Support San Diego, CA Navel Enlisted Certification (2006 - 2006 )

Navel Enlisted Certification in Woodward Governor Maintenance

John Glenn High School Westland, Michigan High School Diploma (1997 - 2001 )

3.8 High School Diploma

William D. Ford Vocational School Westland welding certification (1998 - 2001 )

Welding certification



» I am a outstanding leader i have great people skill and can adapt to working with all types of people. Being in the navy i have

work with all sorts of people. From people who love to work to people who just need a little more motivation but i have never

failed any of them. I have years of experience working on marine diesel engines,Lube oil Purifiers,Medium Pressure Air

Compressor,Main Reduction Gears and attached system, a some experience with Controllable Pitch Propellers and attached

systems. I also just love being hands on just seeing how thing work. I do not Handel defeat well if not able to figure something out

right away its hard to get me to stop working on it. Am very good a researching fallers or faults in systems.

» Highly trained ship board fire fighter with four years of training. Two of witch i was in charge of a fire party. Standing all position

of the fire party. Familiar with all type of pipe patching and plugging and all classes of fires. Also part of the rescue and assist

team. I am more then capable of handling any type of casualty.

» welder with two years of vocational school and four years of job experience i am a outstanding welder. able to weld MIG (all

position),TIG(up to vertical),OAW(all position) and Stick wilding (all position). some experience with welding beveled plate.


San Diego, CA,
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