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Marine Engineer


I am a marine engineer with 5yrs of experience. I have been sailing on oil tankers since 2003. I am looking for a shore job.


I have been working with Tanker Pacific Pte Ltd since june 2002. My present rank is 3rd Assistant Engineer.


*In charge of the engine room as Duty engineer

*Reporting to 1A/E and chief engineer


•Watch keeping


•Inventory viz spares & stores

•Managing maintenance teams

•Fuel oil Bunkering(loading fuel on the ship)

Watch keeping

•Taking regular rounds of the engine room and machinery spaces

•Keeping a check on running machinery and its parameters

•Making sure that all personnel are working as per safety rules and regulations


•Responsible for the maintenance of pumps, purifiers, and compressors and associated pipe lines and valves

Maintaining inventory

•Maintaining &updating records of machinery spares and stores with the help of the company specific software DANAOS.

•Store keeping viz ensuring that stores are maintained & arranged as per DANAOS

Managing maintenance teams

•Supervised and worked with multinational crew in the maintenance of machinery.

Fuel oil Bunkering

•Ensuring that safety equipment, and oil spill equipment is in place.

•Checking fuel oil quantities onboard the vessel and on the bunker barge/terminal.

•Managing the bunkering team.


1-Officer Of The Watch, Engineering(class IV),2005,Maritime &Coast Guard Agency, UK.

2-Pre-Sea Marine Engineering,2003,INDIA

3-Bachelors degree in Production Engineering,2001,INDIA

4-Diploma in production engineering,1997,INDIA

5-high school,1993,INDIA


Aug 2007 Engine Equipment Maintenance Workshop Aug 2007 ‘Framo’ Hydraulic Cargo Pumping System

Jul 2007 ‘NABCO’ M/E Manoeuvring & Control Course

Jul 2007 Advanced Hydraulic Workshop

Feb 2006 Marine Environment Protection Course

Sep 2004 Proficiency in Survival Craft& Rescue boats

Sep 2004 Advanced Fire fighting

Sep 2004 Medical First Aid



Currently working as 3rd Assistant Engineer (3 A/E) in the merchant navy. I have been working with a multinational crew and have been sailing on Oil tankers since June 2003. I am responsible for watch keeping, maintenance, and safety of personnel and machinery in the engine room of the vessel.

Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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