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Marine engineer


Work as a marine engineer onboard ships doing maintenance and repairs, watchkeeping duties, ...


TRANSPORT DESGAGNÉS (Ship : oil tanker) – Quebec (Qc) : marine engineer (4th eng.), December 2006

• Transport Desgagnés, 21 du Marché-Champlain, Québec (Qc), G1K 8Z8. Tel. (418) 692-1000.

RCI (Ship : passengers) – Miami (FL) : marine engineer (4th & 3rd eng.), from March 2004 to October 2006

• RCI, P.O. Box 019645 (USA), Miami, FL 33101-9645. Tel. (954) 517-6703.

CANADA STEAMSHIP LINE (Ship : bulk carrier) – Montreal (Qc) : marine engineer (4th eng.), from August 2005 to September 2005

• CSL, 759, Square Victoria, Montreal (Qc), H2Y 2K3. Tel. (514) 982-3800.

TRANSPORT DESGAGNÉS (Ship : bulk carrier) – Quebec (Qc) : marine engineer (4th eng.), from June 2003 to October 2003

• Transport Desgagnés, 21rue du Marché-Champlain, Quebec (Qc), G1K 8Z8. Tel. (418) 692-1000.

Experience as a marine engineering cadet : chemical tanker, bulk carrier, Ro-Ro, oil tanker.


College diploma (1998-2003)

Marine engineering


Cégep de Rimouski – Rimouski



? Marine emergency course MED (level I, II and III) – Saint-Romuald (Quebec), June 2001.

? Medical rescue at sea course (Ambulance Saint-Jean advanced) - Rimouski (Quebec), February 2003.

? Crowd management course onboard passengers ships – Miami (Florida), November 2004

? Developing the leaders course (management course) – Miami (Florida), November 2005

? Engine room management training – STAR Center, Miami (Florida), May 2006


Experience with gas turbines, steam turbines, azipods, diesel-electrical propulsion, biodiesel testings, ISO 14001 (volontary environmental regulations), strong computer skills


? «Employee of the month» award onboard the Voyager of the Seas

? Grant received for the contest « Chapeau les filles » given by the Quebec’s marine teachers union

? Onde (high honorific award IMQ) received for implication in the social and advertisement field

? Grants given by the marine college graduates association

? Grant given by the Rotary Club

Quebec, Quebec,
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