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Marine Engineer


I hav "Sacond Class Engineer Category A" now. And for the near future i would like work Second Engineer, may be in your company.


1. 08.1999 - 04.2000 4th eng. M/T "Jakov Sverdlov"

2. 09.2000 - 04.2001 4th eng. M/T "Jakov Sverdlov"

3. 11.2001 - 06.2002 4th eng. M/T "Jakov Sverdlov"

4. 01.2003 - 07.2003 4th eng. M/T "Stolt Nanami"

5. 03.2004 - 07.2004 3rd eng. M/T "Stolt Avance"

6. 08.2004 - 12.2004 3rd eng. M/T "Stolt Guardian"

7. 03.2005 - 09.2005 3rd eng. M/T "Stolt Hawk"

8. 01.2006 - 06.2006 3rd eng. M/T "Stolt Condor"


High School. Graduated from Far Eastern State Marine Academy in 1999. Speciality "Ship's power plants operation and automatic".


1.Sacond Class Engineer Category A

2.Liberian Endorsement

3.Liberian Special Qualification for M/T and Chem./T.

4.Personnal SurvivalTechnique.

5.Fire Prevention & Firefighting.

6.Elementary First Aid.


8.Survival Craft/Rescue Boats.

9.Advanced Firefighting.

10.Medical First Aid.

11.Chem. Tanker Familiarization.

12.Oil Tanker Familiarization.

13.Specialized Training Chemical Tnkr.

14.Specialized Training Oil Tnkr.

15.U.S. Visa.

16.Liberian Seamen's Book.

17.Russian Seamen's Book.

18.Turist Seamen's Book.


Annual Physical Examination.

Annual Drug & Alcohol Test.

Yellow Fever Vaccination.


Vladivostok, Primorskiy kray,
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