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Marine Electronics and Positioning System Integrator


To be the positioning and electronics team member on offshore projects or commercial fleets.



2006 – Present ETS – Houston

Senior Project Manager

Following the acquisition of Geonav by ETS in 2006, I continued to lead the development of new products and to provide system solutions to our clients on a custom basis. Typical projects included.

* Vessel Position Monitor

This system was developed for a North Sea Client to blend several positioning sensors and heading sensor to allow navigation close to platforms.

Sensor blending was designed to closely follow DP models.

* I-Compass

This product is an integration of GPS and Fiber Optic Gyrocompass, to boost GPS heading sensor performance such that it can be use for survey applications.

* VSP Positioning

This system has components on both the rig and the shooting boat connected by Ethernet Wireless. Both systems were adapted from the basic EZNav software.

* Voyage Data Recorders

Supported sales and installations of AMI Marine Voyage Data Recorders on various US navy and Commercial vessels.

1990 - 2006 GEONAV LTD Houston / Aberdeen

Managing Director

Geonav is a systems development and consultancy company specialising in software and systems design for the marine industry. During this period he developed a navigation toolkit to run under Microsoft Windows. He has used the toolkit to develop products for both Geonav and its clients. Among the products are :-

* A Positioning Devices Simulator.

This system was developed for testing the positioning functions of the Integrated Mine sweeping System. It has since been enhanced and supplied to other Geonav clients.

* The ELESCO SSCPU Integrated mine sweeping system.

This system, operating under Windows, combines positioning control, sweep generation, and sweep coverage, for magnetic ( electrode sweep ), acoustic and mechanical ( wire ) sweeps. Versions of the system are in service with both the Finnish and Swedish navies.

* The GEOPROS HTS Hydrostatic borehole logging system.

Although not a positioning system, it utilises many of the basic Navtools routines for the hydrostatic testing of possible burial sites for nuclear waste.

* The BargeMaster Semi-submersible Drilling Rig System.

To demonstrate the Navtools product to potential non-military customers, the BargerMaster package was developed. It has be distributed to potential customers in the US and Europe.

* The Chart Channel - Information System for Cruise Ships

The Chart Channel is an information system for cruise ships based on GPS and digital chart technology. Ship's position and other relevant information is presented to the passengers on the ship's internal TV network, and large screen displays in the public areas.

* SSC 01 – Serial Shot Controller

A microprocessor controller unit to aid precision distance based fixing from a Windows environment, and provide multiple controllable, relay outputs.

* KCO Seis Software

A complete shots / pops high-resolution seismic software package for Gulf of Mexico survey company KC Offshore.

* KCO Construction Software

A pipelay / construction software package for KC Offshore

* SP 2000 Fiber Optic Compass

A north seeking Fiber Optic Compass based on the LITEF LFK 95 sensor.

• EZNav Software

A new approach to offshore positioning software with the emphases on ease of

use. Versions for high resolution seismic and site clearance verification have been produced to date.

• SP1000

A microprocessor controlled navigation systems interface, combining the shot firing capabilities if the SSC01 with multi port serial I/O.

• SP 3000 Tug Telemetry System

A rugged display and telemetry system for anchor handling vessels

In addition to the above development work he have been heavily involved in Sales and Marketing for several of Geonav's clients, mainly in the penetration of overseas markets and production of brochure artwork.

Also certified by the Institute of Navigation to teach an Introductory Dynamic Positioning Course.


Managing Director

During this period he developed IBM PC based software for the seismic industry. Systems were sold in the USA and a special simulation version was developed for Hollming electronics. He was also a consultant to Fiskars Geoinstruments, on a project to supply and install all navigation and seismic equipment for two Russian seismic vessels. Another consultancy project was to Hollming Electronics, concerned with sale, marketing and the quality control of bought in systems integrated by Hollming on a series of Hydrographic ships.

1987 - 1988 SEATRONICS LTD Aberdeen

Group Chief Engineer

This had the same responsibilities as the Houston post but on a worldwide basis. New market areas covered during this period were South Korea, Indonesia and India. This post had engineering responsibility for bases in Aberdeen, Houston, Singapore, Perth, and Dubai.

1983 - 1987 SEATRONICS INC Houston

Vice President Engineering

This involved the complete support of Seatronic's GEOFIX product line of navigation systems in the United States and Far East. Support included sales, marketing, quotations, and software / hardware engineering. During this period major inroads were made in the Chinese market and in 3D binning systems sales in the US.

1981 - 1983 MARINAV INC Aberdeen

Base Manager

This involved setting up an Aberdeen base for a Canadian Survey company. The company operated both a pool of hire equipment and performed operational survey work.

1980 - 1981 SHELL EXPRO LTD Aberdeen

Systems Engineer

This work concerned the monitoring systems on all Shell's North Sea platforms. Some 2000 points were monitored on each production platform and all data shared between platforms and Aberdeen Control. His work concerned the planning, bidding control, and project supervision of several large contracts including automated well control, tanker mooring systems, and supply boat backloading crane support systems.

1974 - 1980 U.D.I. LTD Aberdeen

Survey Engineer, Senior Satellite Navigation Engineer, Satellite Navigation Manager, Survey Systems Manager.

U.D.I. are one of the North Sea's leading survey companies. During his time with then he helped introduce satellite navigation as a means of positioning offshore drilling rigs, and was engineer on the first rig move done using satellite systems. Later he developed software and hardware to use the Decca Pulse 8 system for oilrig positioning and seismic navigation. One of his major hardware projects was the design of a long baseline transponder for use with the then predominant AMF and AQUAFIX systems.



Technical apprenticeship in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with British Steel Corporation. This is a 5 year combined college / work course resulting in a BSc ( Electronic and Control ) Scottish equivalent ( US Certified ) and sound practical training.

Member IEEE.

Member Hydrographic Society.

Member Marine Technology Society


1978 Underwater Systems Design - Integrated Navigation for R.O.V. positioning.

1986 Scripps Institute, Fourth Symposium on Oceanographic Data Systems NS 1000 Navigation data processor.

1987 Asian Oil and Gas Journal - GPS in the Transition Years.

1988 Soviet-Finnish Geophysical Symposium Murmansk - Seismic Cable Positioning

1991 Maritime Defence Journal - F.I.M.S. an integrated approach to mine sweeping.

1994 Finnish Defence Review - Small, but Focused - a review of Finnish produced marine defence electronics products.


Nautical Institute DP Trainer

AMI VDR inspector


Navigation and position software 20 year experience writing code.

Marine interface system design gyro, GPS , AIS etc

GPS systems and equipment including geodetics

All aspects of running a small business or office

All MS Office programs, VB 1- 6, Dynamic C, Photoshop


UK born , US citizen, DOB 1948

Houston, TX,
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