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Marine Electronics


To achieve organizational excellence with drive, initiative and commitment and come up in life as talented professional in an organization providing excellent growth opportunities, professional satisfaction and a challenging work environment.


Organization Post Held/Designation Period

NIOT Diploma trainee 05.10.2005 to 04.10.2006

NIOT Skilled Technician 05.10.2006 to 03.04.2007

NIOT Project Technician 04.04.2007 to 31.08.2007

Results Marine Executive-service 01.09.2007 to till to date


Diplamo in Electrical and Electronics Engineering


S.S.L.C., Oct 2001.

Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, April 2005.


1) Data Acquisition and control system Wiring & Testing

2) Preparation of Electrical diagrams using AutoCAD

3) Fibre optic splicing and patch chord design

4) Soldering PCB components of Circuit Boards

5) Testing and calibration of Ambient pressure, Oil pressure, RTD and Inductive pickup sensors.

6) Connecting and Testing of Opto Telecom Optical transmitter and receiver Modules

7) Integration and testing of under water side scan SONAR system

8) Mounting and commissioning of Under Water Camera, Lights and pan & Tilt.

9) Readings of Electronic transducer (Pinger) mounted on underwater system along with cables was taken to identify the position of the under water system.

10) Testing of under water sensors by using pressure chamber facility

11) Interfacing and Testing of Altimeter& Motion Sensor

12) Mounting and Commissioning of under water Thrusters

13) Interfacing and Testing of under water Pressure Transducers


- Attended Various scientific cruises in the following experiences.

-Participated as a member in the Soil tester Sea trials in ORV Sagar Kanya on October 2006 at CIOB. (Central Indian Ocean Basin)

- Participated as a member in the Crawler Sea trials in ORV Sagar Kanya on March 2006 at Angria Bank near GOA.

- Participated as a member in the Crawler Sea trials in ORV Sagar Kanya on July 2006 at Ennore near CHENNAI.

- Involved in the operation of Winch, Hasp and other equipments in ORV Sagar Kanya

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,
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