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Marine Electrical Technician


Work in the field of Marine Electrican Technician


Various Positions with the DND at varying responsibilities.

Electrical Technician with various ships(1984-2006)

IMCS Tech with various ships(1990-2006)

IMCS Instructor for DND(2000-2002)

Electrical Instructor for DND(2006-present)


Intermediate leadership Course(Jan 2007)

QL6B(May 2005)

QL6A(May 1987)

QL5A(Jan 1986)


Intergrated Machinery Controls System Technician

Power System Electrician

PLC Maintenance and Troubleshooting

High Reliabilty Soldering


Operate and maintain electrical power generating equipment and distribution systems fitted on board HMCS Ships. These systems include all primary, secondary and auxillary electrical power generation and distribution equipment/systems.

• Maintenance functions also include the electrical portions, components and alarm, domestic, lifting appliances and other support systems.

HVAC maintenance.

• Employed in a training eastablishment at CFB halifax, teaching QL4 students Bearings and QL 5 Motor Wing, Senors and Safety.

• Provide the necessary on job training(OJT) for, and supervision of Marine Electrician personnel, to prepare them for successful completion of the Journeyman level qualification course(QL5).

Integrated Machinery Controls System Technician

• Maintain and Control all Ancillary and Auxillary system on board HMCS Ships

• Calibrate control systems and components.

• Perform maintenance routines daily.

• Replaced electrical propulsions systems and components.

• Repaired electrical propulsions systems and components.

• Installed computer programs.

• Configure software.

• Set-to-work computer systems.



• Technical inspections.

• Witness inspections/tests/trials.

• Execute set-to-work procedures on ship's electrical systems.

• Validate contract repair work standards.

• Technical administration.

• Produce technical drawings/sketches.

• Prepare Engineering changes.

• Technical supervision.

• Provide advice to superiors.

• Inspect completed repair or installation work.

• Maintain records

• Resource management.

• Execute departmental stores duties.

• Control usage of hazardous materials.

• Personnel administration.

• Review/edit correspondence and documents.

• Evalute inspections reports.

Eastern Passage, Nova Scotia,
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