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Marine Company Security Officer


I am a retired law enforcement officer seeking full time employment as a security specialist in the maritime industry.


Lead Investigator for Lifeline Investigations in Ft Collins Colorado from January 2006 to the present.,

? Responsible for conducting civil and criminal investigations, security assessments for individuals and businesses;

? Premises liability seminars and inspections;

? Overall management of the company;

Director of Security for Mercy Ships International in Garden Valley Texas from January 2003 to March of 2005

? Responsible for developing security plans and policies for a fleet of international hospital ships;

? Recruiting and training security teams to work under high stress conditions in destitute nations;

? Maintaining liaison with the U.S. Coast Guard and other law enforcement authorities;

? Assessing security conditions in foreign nations.

Personal Trainer at Gold’s Gym in Bozeman Montana from August 2000 through March of 2003

? Responsible for developing and overseeing personal fitness programs;

? Marketing and administering fitness services and supplies;

? Maintaining records and conducting statistical research.

Deputy Sheriff at Larimer County Sheriff’s Office in Ft Collins Colorado from May 1988 until January 1999.

? Forensic crime scene investigator;

? Supervising night shift;

? Investigating and reporting of criminal activities;

? Preparing legal reports;

? Testifying in court;

? Responding to emergencies;

? Assisting fire and paramedics;

Deputy Sheriff at Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Ft Lauderdale Florida from June 1986 until May of 1988.

? General patrol duties;

? Drug and robbery investigations;

Deputy United States Marshal in Denver Colorado from June 1983 until June 1986.

? Court Security;

? Fugitive investigations;

? Dignitary protection;


Associates in Ethics 2003

Montana Bible College

Bozeman Montana

U.S. Marshal Basic Training 1983

Federal Law Enforcement Academy

Glynco Georgia

Criminal Investigator School 1983

Federal Law Enforcement Academy

Glynco Georgia

Police Officer Basic Training

Colorado Law Enforcement Academy 1980

Golden Colorado


ISPS Certification 2003

Federal Law Enforcement Academy US Marshal 1984

Colorado Law Enforcement Academy 1980


Computer Office Applications

Teacher and Seminar preparation

First Aid and CPR

Self Defense Instructor

Personal Trainer


Retired law enforcement officer with over twenty years experience in the administration of security of persons and property.

Recognized for the ability to deal effectively with all types of people under stressful conditions and to use good judgement in assessing security situations and personnel. Special emphasis on liability assessment and proactive security planning and execution. Experienced in the recruiting and training of top quality security personnel and the development of security policies that ensure mission accomplishment and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Supervised the certification process of hospital ships under the International Ship and Port Security Code and conducted security assessments and training in African and Caribbean nations.

Experienced in intelligence gathering, report preparation, forecasting security trends and needs, general management and the use of informational systems to expedite security and maintain security services.

Enjoys monitoring world intelligence sources and applying that knowledge to local needs and concerns.

Miami, FL,
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