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Marine Chief Engineer

Superintendent / Foreman

Marine Chief Engineer

Education: 2 years diploma degree (HND)

Experience: 25+ years

Grade of licence:  Class I (C/E)

Contact information see below.

Date & place of birth: 31.08.1953, RIJEKA   Marital status:







Croatian Marine Engineer with more then 20 years experience at sea and last four years shore experience. Whilst working on shore (MMCE), responsible for marine maintenance of FSO and Ras Issa oil terminal facilities. Sea experience is related to Crude oil and product tankers, VLCCs (HP steam boilers, 62 bar, and motor), Aframax, Suezmax, FSOs … Last 15 years as Chief Engineer (see below sea experience).

As a Marine engineer (Chief Engineer) I was handling steam and diesel plants in the range of small to the very large and powerful one, in all professional ranks. High pressure boilers, Foster Wheeler, Kokums and Babcock types, up to 120 t/h steam production and 62 bar pressure. Dual fuel combustion option I experienced on Babcock boilers.

Aux boilers of various manufacturers like , Mitsubishi, rated up to 16 bar and 30 t/h steam production.

Steam turbines General Electric and Stal Laval up to 35 MW as a part of ships propulsion and smaller units as power generating units, were part of my daily duties, in all ranks, on board of large Crude Carriers. Here considering operation, controls and maintenance.

English, fluent and computer literate. Aside of English language I can fluently use Romanian language, I understand Russian very well, my Italian is good, my German is poor.

Work experience

Marine Chief Engineer in all degrees.

Marine Maintenance Chief Engineer, Yemen oil terminal, April 2011 to present date, looking after SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM, OCIMF and pollution prevention regulation compliances, ship vettings . The position report to Marine operation Manager.

Sea going Chief Engineer, please see below listed all previous tanker experience:

Vessels name


DWT / HP Vessel type Company name rank Peroid  from / to
Stena Concordia Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk 3 AE Apr.88 / Jan.89
SS Stena …         1 AE
SS Stena …       1 AE
SS Stena Concept Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk 1 AE Jan.96 / May. 96
SS Stena Continent Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk 1 AE Jun.96 / Oct.96
SS Stena Convoy Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk C / E Oct.96 / Mar. 97
SS Stena Companion Bhm 40000 HP ULCC Stena Bulk C / E Jul.07 / Mar. 98
MT Genmar Ajax Lib 14160 Afromax Genmar C / E May.98 / Sep.98
SS Stena Convoy Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk C / E Sep.98 / Feb.99
SS Stena Congress Lib 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk C / E May. 99 / Nov. 99
SS Stena Congress Brmd 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk C / E Feb.00 / May.00
SS Stena Concept Brmd 40000 HP VLCC Stena Bulk C / E May.00 / Oct.00
Polar Independence M I 40000 HP VLCC Polar Tankers C / E Dec.00 / Jun.01

***All above are steam tankers

m/t Thornbury Brmd 14100 HP Afromax Lundquist C/E Jan. 02 / May 02
SS Citra Ayu Bhm 40000 HP FSO Equinox C/E Jun.02 / Aug.02
m/t Madura Jaya Sing 15000 HP FSO Equinox C/E Feb.03./May.03.
m/t Cape Baker MI 25330 HP Suezmax Columbia C/E Oct.03/Feb.04
m/t Alfa Germania Brmd 14100 kW Aframax Lundqvist C/E May 04/Sep 04
m/t Mare Salernum Ilal 14100 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 23.01.05 / 24.04.05
m/t Scorpius Ital 9414 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 06.06.06 / 16.10.05.
m/t Front Horizon MI 16600 kW Suezmax Front Line C/E 04.11.05. / 20.02.06.
m/t  Ovrseas Sakura Bhm 31000kW VLCC OWS C/E 28.03.06. / 01.08.06
m/t Stena Paris Brmd 2x7860 Product carr Stena Bulk C/E 12.09.06. / 19.01.07
m/t Scorpius Ital 9414 kW Aframax F'lli d'Amico C/E 25.05.07 / 22.09.07
SS Ocean Pensador Vant 20700kW VLCC Oceaneering C/E 03.11.07/31.12.07
M/t Rainier Spirit Bhm 13100 kW Product TK C/E 25.06.08 – 21.10.08
m/t Pioneer Spirit Lib 13000 kw Product TK C/E 13.11.08 – 14.02.09
m/t Mare Italicum Ital 14300 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 24 06 09 – 25 10 09
m/t Mare Adriacum Ital 14300 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 23 11 09 – 03 04 10
m/t Scorpius Ital 9414 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 15 06 10 – 22 08 10
m/t scorpius Ital 9414 kW Aframax D'Amico C/E 24 11 10 – 13 03 11
SEPOC Ras Issa Ye 33000kW FSO terminal Safer MMCE April 2011 - present


Marine Engineer, HND degree, Merchant Marine University, Rijeka, Croatia.


Unlimited Marine Chief Engineer, Class 1, with valid endorsements as per STCW. See below.

STCW  Certificates Licence No Issued date Expired Place issued

Advanced fire-fighting

400139297 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Basic training

400139298 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Advanced oil tanker operation

400172446 08.05.2013 31.12.2016 Rijeka

Medical first aid certificate

400139295 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats operation

400139294 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Tanker familiarization certificate

400139300 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Dangerous cargo handling

400139279 07.07.2011 07.07.2016 Rijeka

Ships Security Officer

400139299 07.07.2011 unlimited Rijeka

Advanced LNG tanker operation

234483 04.07.2007 14.05.2012 Panama


Grade of licence


Place & date issued

Expired date


Class I (C/E)

400245347 Rijeka, 14.11.2014. 14.11.2019
Liberia Chief engineer 834072 19.11.08. 25.05.13


Proficiency in marine terminal and ships maintenance and operation, vetting and inspection.

Posses initiative and make quick decisions, while deal with unexpected situation under pressure and diverse cultural environments.

Proven leadership skills in ship and terminal operation and maintenance.

Dear  Sirs,

      allow me please to submit to you my CV as possible applicant for above mentioned position.

My name is and I am 62. Married. My present occupation is Marine Engineer, serving as MMCE (Marine Maintenance Chief Engineer) on SEPOC crude oil export facilities in Yemen.

I am graduated from as Marine Engineer with two years diploma degree. Aside of English language I can fluently use Romanian language, I understand Russian very well, my Italian is good.

From supervision and technical viewpoint, I feel confident enough to handle any type of jobs related to Marine Engineering, particularly related to VLCCs, Crude and Products Carriers, Diesel and Steam plants or other crude oil handling facilities

My Chief Engineer license and Certificates requested by Marine Industry are up to date and in accordance with STCW convention.

I have a little experience with gas turbines. Only experience is related to the Solar Cetaurus 40  but I can remember exactly rated power, I think around 2.5 MW. I have very good experience with operating and maintaining Shinko cargo handling pumps up to 6000 m/h. Also, various size of reciprocating pumps use for cargo handling, are part of my professional experience.

My experience in piping constructions, maintenance and design is related mostly to cargo handling systems of very large crude carriers and FSO facilities.

My computer skills are considered good.

My diesel experience is related to various manufacturers and various types of motor machineries. Like: Sulzer (Wartsila), MAN, B&W, Fiat, Pilstick, … Four strokes and two strokes engines. For power production (generators) I served on Yanmar, Daihatsu,  Caterpilars, …

As part of daily activities, planed maintenance, troubleshooting and operation, I can easy handle various types of fresh water generators (two and single stage), RO distillation plants, MGPS units, cathodic protection systems, oily water monitoring and processing plants, sewage plants. Also, different types of pumps used in Marine industry, purifiers, separators, air compressors, refridge compressors, HVAC systems, various hydraulics, cranes, …

Planed maintenance and spare parts control and requisitioning I have operated PMPs like AMOS, Danaos, Oracle, MPN, and some other but can’t remember the name anymore.

As a part of daily management I used JHA (Job Hazard Analyses) and various applications related to permits for different kind of work and operations.

Class related maintenance and procedures were part of routine work in Chief Engineer career. Job preparation and planning also.

As part of electric driven Cargo pumps I have good experience with frequency variators pump control system.

Bunkers monitoring and planning is part of routine duties in Chief Engineer rank, as well as spare parts and stores control, distribution and requisitioning.

In my present position I am directly involved in training of Engine room personnel in national programs. In addition to technical knowledge and experience, I have great organizational skills and have always developed a teamwork environment with my multinational Crew.

Regarding vibration monitoring process (Odyssey) in my present position I am not directly involved in process, but analyses and related maintenance is part of my job.

From safety aspects, I have long experience on maintaining various safety equipment and life saving appliances, fire fighting fixed and wheeled equipment, fire pumps…

And one more thing, I consider myself well educated and experienced in automation, controls and electrical part of Marine engineering.

Best regards, Bogdan.

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