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Marine Chief Engineer


Intend to build a career in a globally competitive environment & result oriented company that seeks an ambitious and career conscious person where acquired technical knowledge and education will be utilized towards the twin benefits of job satisfaction and a steady – paced professional growth and advancement.


? Sailing as Chief Engineer with TCI Seaways from August 2014 till date.

? Worked with Chidambaram Shipcare Pvt. Ltd. As Deputy General Manager from 05.December.2012 till 30 June 2014.

? Marine Faculty and Trainer with Chidambaram Institute of Technology from 05.December.2012 till 30 June 2014.

? Worked as Technical Superintendent with Seaport Shipping Pvt. Ltd from 01. June. 2012 to 30 Nov 2012

? Sailed as Chief Engineer with TCI Seaways from 2007 to 2012

? Part time faculty in Chennai School of Ship Management teaching Marine Subjects from 2011.

? Assistant General Manager (Technical) for TCI Seaways; Chennai. From 01 January 2007 to 31 July 2007.

? Experience on different kinds of vessels including Crude, Product, Gas, Chemical tankers & Container ships from 1997 to 2012.


? Professional : Masters in Business Administration (Shipping), Institute of Business Management & Studies; India. August 2012.

? Marine : Department Of Transport Chief Engineer Class – I (Motor- Unlimited Power), April 2006, United Kingdom

: Higher National Diploma in Marine Engineering; June1995 – June 1997,

Glasgow College Nautical Studies, UK.

? Academic : Secondary School Certificate (CBSE), 1994 KV IIT, Chennai. India. April 1994.

? Others : Diploma in Interior Architecture and Design; CADD June 2010. Chennai. India. May 2005.


Certificate / License / Course Nat No. Date Place Validity

Masters in Business Administration (Shipping) IN IBM EM 03014 16/08/12 Pune Unlimited

Certificate of Competency Class I (Unlimited) BR C0C0039200 13/06/06 UK 30/03/16

Certificate of Competency Class I (Unlimited) IN DGS/UK/W0352 27/07/07 Chennai 30/03/16

Dangerous Cargo Endorsement (OIL) BR C0C0039200 13/06/06 UK 30/03/16

Continuous Discharge Certificate IN MUM 79849 16/03/00 Mumbai 15/03/15

HND in Marine & Mechanical Engineering BR SVQ956252563 /06/97 Glasgow , UK Unlimited

SVQ Level 3 (Vocational Qualification) BR SVQ956252563 17/01/02 Glasgow , UK Unlimited

Advanced Fire Fighting BR B01077 10/04/97 Glasgow, UK

Advanced Fire Fighting (Up gradation) IN RAFF/B62/07 06/04/02 Chennai

Proficiency in Survival Craft & RB IN 850 07/09/01 Chennai

Tanker Safety – Petroleum BR 027 21/12/01 Glasgow, UK

Tanker Safety – Gas IN GASCO/B27/02 02/12/05 Chennai

Pers. Safety Social Responsibilities IN PSSR/0465/98 07/11/98 Chennai

Medical First Aid Refresher & Up gradation IN CMC/RMFA/2014/702 28/07/14 Chennai 27/07/19

Ship Security Officer IN CMC/SSO/2014/197 23/07/14 Chennai Unlimited

INDos. Number IN 99EL5234 05/02/03 Mumbai

Yellow Fever IN 1812 10/07/06 Chennai 19/07/16

Internal Auditor Training ISO 9001 - 2008 IN IRSIS/12/032/556 25/07/12 Chennai

ISM Auditor Training ISM Code 2010 IN IRS/TRG/ISM/0009 03/09/12 Chennai


Modular Company Courses

Marpol Compliance IN SIMS/MUM/MARPOL/15209/1543 21/09/09 Mumbai

Integrated Management System IN SIMS/MUM/IMS/2509/089 14/09/09 Mumbai

Dynamics of PSC & Oil Major Inspections IN SIMS/MUM/PSC/OM/26109/2246 22/09/09 Mumbai

Energy Conservation IN SIMS/MUM/ECC/39909/2181 14/09/09 Mumbai

Ship Safety Officer IN SIMS/MUM/SOC(B)/230909/05 23/09/09 Mumbai

Woodward Governor IN WWG/MUM/07/0059 26/09/07 Mumbai

Shipboard Safety Officer IN SSOC/MUM/07/0149 27/09/07 Mumbai

Risk Management & Accident Investigation IN RMII/MUM/07/0148 29/09/07 Mumbai

Framo Familiarization IN F/2004/02/042 17/02/04 Mumbai

Marine Pollution Prevention OPA90 IN TC00-1/MI/00496 16/10/04 Mumbai

Marine Engineers Reorientation IN MERP/03/11/065 22/11/03 Mumbai

* BR – British IN - India


• Significant professional experience in lower and middle management.

• Setting achievable objectives and managing all projects.

• Analyzing business data and drawing logical conclusions.

• Comprehensive knowledge of technical and management procedures and processes.

• Effective management, organizational, budgeting and planning skills.

• Ability to work under pressure on variety of projects simultaneously

• Leadership’s ability and team building skills.

• Ability to function independently in a multi-task environment, as well as part of a team.

• Ability to show flexibility in response to change and adapt to and accommodate new methods and procedures.

• Understanding of how to develop and implement business strategies.

• Problem solving and conflict management skills.

• Teaching Experience.

• Good Computer software skills – Microsoft Office, Planned maintenance (Planmain), email etc.


An educated, informed and competent Marine Engineer who has a long track record of challenging projects and assignments in various marine related divisions. Is an organized, process driven, and has the ability to develop efficient operations related procedures. In his long career he has had extensive exposure to technical operations and management on Tankers & container vessels. Is a good team player having ability to lead cross functional teams and integrate their efforts to maximize operational efficiency. Has a strong track record of accomplishing technically demanding projects and assignments within defined cost and time parameters. Has fine tuned analytical and problem solving as well as superior technical and communications skills. As a proven leader he is able to quickly establish clear expectations from junior staff, and he does this by demonstrating high standards of work practices and having a safety conscious attitude. He always encourages colleagues to work cross functionally, and not stop at the boundaries of their job description.

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