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Marine Chief Engineer


Technical Superintendent or marine class worldwide surveyor


Name of vessel/ Flag/ Type /Rank/ HP/ Eng. Type/ Period of service

1. Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (Singapore) PTE LTD

M/t WINCANTON /Singapore/ LPG carrier/ C/E/ 4750/ B&W 7S35MC 08.01.11- until end of may 2011

M/t Golden Miller/Bahamas/ LPG& Chemical /3eng/7900/Sulzer 6RTA52U / 20.05.10-15.05.10

M/v Ocean Prosper/Singapore/Container Ship/ C/E/ 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62U / 03.11 .09-31.03.10

M/v Ocean Prosper/Singapore/Container Ship/ C/E/ 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62U / 28.01 .09-12.08.09

M/v Ocean Prosper/Singapore/Container Ship/ C/E/ 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62U / 03.09 .08-08.10.08

M/v Ocean Prosper/Singapore/Container Ship/ C/E/ 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62U / 05.02 .08-12.07.08

2. Kristen Marine S.A.

M/v Ocean Trader/Cyprus/Bulker Ship/ C/E/ 13190/B&W Man 7L55GFCA / 05.03 .07-18.10.07

M/v Adventurer/Cyprus/Bulker Ship/ C/E/ 10275/B&W Man 6L50MCE / 05.04 .06-02.12.06

M/v Tasman Resolution/Marshal isle/Cont Ship/ I Eng / 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62 / 01.04 .05-30.09.05

M/v Tasman Independence/Marshal isl/Cont Ship/ I Eng / 18300/Sulzer 6RTA62/ 19.06 .04-26.12.04

3. FESCO Far Eastern Shipping Company

M/v Posyet /Cyprus/Reefer/I Eng/7752/ B&W Man 5L50MC / 26. 06.03 -27.01.04

M/v Mekhanik Kalyuzhyy/Cyprus/Cont Ship/ I Eng / 10100/Sulzer 5RTA58 / 19.06 .02-22.01.03

M/v Mekhanik Kalyuzhyy/Cyprus/Cont Ship/II Eng / 10100/Sulzer 5RTA58 / 17.04 .01-14.11.01

M/v Mekhanik Kalyuzhyy/Cyprus/Cont Ship/II Eng / 10100/Sulzer 5RTA58 / 26.01 .00-16.09.00

M/v Mekhanik Kalyuzhyy/Cyprus/Cont Ship/III Eng / 10100/Sulzer 5RTA58 /06.11 .98-22.06.99

M/v Pioneer Primoriay/Russia/Cont Ship/III Eng / 7300/Sulzer 6RD68 / 30.08 .97-31.05.98


Education & Training


1992-1997 Far Eastern State Marine Academy named by admiral G.I Nevelskoiy

- Speciality: Operation of Marine Power Installations– Vladivostok, Russian Federation


Training and Courses

Date issued /Place issued/ No. Course

05.10.2010 /Vladovostok/ 060457 / Basic Safety Training Course

05.10.2010/ Vladovostok/041790/PREVENTION OF Marine Polution

12.10.2010/ Vladovostok/031308/ Medical First Aid

14.10.2010/ Vladivostok/029817/ Proficiency in Survival Craft, Rescue Boats



- Capability to listen, learn and change

- Pro-active, solve problems before they become a crisis

- Able to deal with unplanned contingencies to keep their impact to a minimum

- Cost aware, good commercial understanding

- Strong planner and hard worker

- Positive thinking and self motivated

- Use the effective communication, teamwork and simplicity as keys to success

- Self confidence


I’m 36 with sea experience since 1997, included 6 years as Chief Engineer.

Time of six years work as a Chief Engineer has given me a good lot of experiences. To achieve high performance standards with good understanding of shipping industry needs, my present sea career, and experience is essential elements. Combined with high technical university education as a background, these contribute to a solid framework for my present work.

The fourteen years at sea was a time of very intensive learning and widening my professional knowledge, but not technical only, I memorized how to deal with people and became more focusing and familiar to third parties requirements, safety and commercial aspects of marine industry. Year by year accumulated experience, which on the beginning was just pure engineering wisdom, after time became much wider interest and extended to the management level. I did not realize this at once; it took years of sailing, dealing with technical matters like repairs, main overhauls of various kinds of machinery, dry docking and emergency situation. Through the foreign companies I have worked for, is an additional aspect of my evolution and gaining knowledge. I have worked with different management systems and faced their advantages and weaknesses. My willing and eagerness to continue work and develop professional career in challenging shipping industry is the main reason of my interest of your Company.

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