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Marine Chief Engineer & Industrial Consultant


Be with a multinational group, technical management, coordinator for big projects.


Experience and Responsibilities Held (Marine and Industrial Sectors):

Supervised maintenance staff (Electrical & Mechanical) in shipping sector by determining workloads and schedules, developed, interpreted and implemented policies and procedures, designing and implementation of the Planned Maintenance Schedules (PMS) and evaluated staff and made hiring, providing personnel service reports to head office and promotion recommendations. Maintained a healthy working environment for staff in machinery spaces during normal and extream working conditions as head of technical department to ensure a continious required output.

Ensured that staff were trained in complex maintenance activities and were following standard operating procedures. Other responsibilities included, monitoring and participating in operations in assigned sections including inspecting projects, developing and implementing modifications and improvements,recommending specifications and scheduling for contracts, negotiating prices and inspecting contractors work to ensure that safe work practices and standard operating procedures are followed during international ship board repairs and also for heavy dry dock repairs. Interacted professionally with the public, vendors and working staff, maintained effective working relationships and worked in cooperation with the management team to effectively meet departmental objectives, adhering to company policies.

Maintaining international mandatory standards and requirements for ship machinery and documentation abroad as head of engineering department.

Provided input into the development of the operating budget for the assigned area of responsibility, ordered indent materials and supplies (Stores & Spares), work in the monitoring and tracking of expenditures and consumption for this section with complete management, record keeping and economical approach.

Responded to emergencies as required, coordinated activities with other responders, directed the work of staff and utilization of resources to effect repair and ensure the safety and availability of the system during such occurances. Experience of coordinating with international organizations during inspection and certification of safety equipment and machinery.

Conducting and supervising regular international surveys by Lloyds for equipment ,machinery and safety items, responsibility of maintaining all the equipment accordingly and updated. Conducting technical audits, and providing machinery operational health reports as departmental head.

As Power Plant Manager & Engineer Consultant:

Three years complete operational management of the power plant, in an economical and professional way, was starting from designing and installation stage to commissioning of power plant, selection of appropriate staff for operation and maintenance services. Promoting energy saving techniques for the running plants.

Technical coordination with international machinery makers and their representatives during selection, installation, designing, commissioning and operation of machinery.Providing design, schematic layouts,preparing boq’s, and providing professional services to the client as a consultant.

Responsibilities included, modifying time lines and work schedules according to progress and project changes, directing and controlling the development and execution of specific projects, reducing

company expenditures and losses by implementing proactive maintenance procedures, successfully completing all projects on time and under budget.

Activity in designing, developing, and implementing programs, policies and procedures to ensure all facilities and grounds were maintained in an operationally effective, clean and safe manner in accordance with various governing entities. Inspecting work in progress to ensure that work conforms to contract specifications and adheres to established work schedules. Prepration and implementation of the PMS (Planned Maintenance Schedule)program including training of staff for the same.

Experience in Type of Machinery:

Industrial Captive Power Generation Machinery (Natural Gas & Diesel) with Auxillaries

Industrial Production machinery

Industrial Utility machinery

Complete ship machinery (Main propulsion & auxillaries)


Degree from marine academy



5. Secondry school (Pre Engineering) 1973

6. HSC (Pre Engineering) 1975

7. Graduation as Engineer Cadet (Pakistan Marine Academy ) 1978

8. Marine Engineer Apprenticeship (Karachi Port Trust) 1982

9. Second Class Engineer Certificate of Competency 1986

10. First Class Engineer Certificate of Competency (525 Pak) 1991

11. Done various mandatory professional courses/certificates 1986-1990


Worked as an instructor for marine collage, Technical designing of projects, coordination of work and communication among the different nationalaties in the projects, technical labour handling and coordination between management and working labour.


Main Propulsion Ship Machinery (HFO Operated) Engines:

Sulzer 6 RD 76 9,600 BHP (Conventional)

Mitsubishi 6 UEC 65/135 C 8,100 BHP ( Centralised Control)

Sulzer 6 RND 68 M 12,000 BHP ( UMS Class)

(B&W) 6L67 GFC 11,400 BHP (UMS Class)

(B&W) 6L67 GFC 11,200 BHP (UMS Class)

(B&W) 6K74EF 12,500 BHP (UMS Class)

Mitsui (B&W) 7K74 EF 14,600 BHP (Conventional)

Power Generation Machinery (Generators):

Ship Diesel Generators:

Sulzer Jacuterbina 450 Kva

Ruston Paxman 375 Kva

Dihatsu 8 PSHTb 725 Kva

Ruston Paxman 6AP2Z 625 Kva

Industrial Diesel Generators

Catterpillar 3512 1100 Kva

Perkins 500 Kva

Cummins 500 Kva

Catterpillar 3406 500 Kva

Mitsubishi Diesel 1600 Kva

Industrial Natural Gas Generators

GE Jenbacher 620 3000 Kva

GE Jenbacher 320 GS N.L 1100 Kva

Catterpillar 3516 B 1100 Kva

Waukesha 24 GLD 500 Kva

Dorman 900 Kva

Miscellanious Machinery:

Oily water seprators

Fresh water generators

Heavy Oil and Diesel separators

Centrifugal pumps

Gear Pumps

Oil and water heaters

Oil and water heat exchangers (plate and tublar type)

Air compressors (resiprocating & screw type)

Pneumatic and hydraulic control valves, and fittings


Refregirated air dryers

Compresed Air recievers and fittings

Fire & Safety equipment

Incenerators & controls

Water chillers, pipeline & fittings

Filters & filtration systems

Pipeline and fittings

Hydraulic equipment & controls

Sewage treatment plants,

Oil & Nat gas fired boilers

Waste heat economisers

Air conditioning Plants

Refregiration plants

Electro hydraulic cranes Water chillers plants

RO & Softning water plants Emergency backup generators

Lahore, punjab,
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