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Marine 3rd Assistant Engineer


I am seeking an engineering job with a good company to begin my career.


Summer 10

Junior Cruise onboard the T.S. State of Maine, Engine Cadet.

I learned more detailed information on the operations and functions of equipment inside an engine room, and I gained some leadership skills teaching freshmen the basics I’ve learned about the engine room.

Summer 09

Cadet Shipping with ConocoPhilips Polar Tankers Inc., engine cadet.

I experienced what shipping as a career is really like, and learned to use some of the newest technology available in the engine rooms of the shipping industry.

Summer 08

Freshman Cruise with SUNY Maritime, engineering cadet.

I shadowed senior students in engineering and learned basic components of the ship’s engine room. I also experienced what engineering is like onboard a ship using steam propulsion.

Summer 08, 07, 06

Maine Oxy, Auburn, ME, general laborer.

As a general laborer, I am experienced with cylinder maintenance, welding, forklift driving, spray painting, sand blasting, and loading/offloading products onto/from service trucks. I worked on my own a lot of the time and learned some responsibility in getting all of my work done, even without someone watching directly over my shoulder.


Maine Maritime Academy, Castine, ME

B.S. Marine Engineering Technology (TAC and ABET accredited).

Courses: Diesel Power, Steam Generators, Steam Turbines, Gas Turbines, Electricity, Electronics, Thermodynamics, Machine Tools, Welding, Strengths of Materials, Materials Science, Statics and Dynamics, Automation and Control.


Licensed 3rd Assistant Engineer with a Gas Turbines endorsement, TWIC card, MMD, Basic/Advanced Shipboard Firefighting, Lifeboatman, Basic Safety, CSO/VSO training,and Anti-Piracy training.


Engineering calculations for subjects related to themodynamics, material strengths and science, electricity, electronics, and statics and dynamics. Welding, machining, and general engine room maintenance.


The vessel I Cadet Shipped with complimented me on my troubleshooting skills, my ability to work well with others, and my tendency to volunteer for jobs despite knowing I won't gain much or any benefit from it.

Wayne, ME,
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