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Vessel Operations

 Languages: Dutch, Afrikaans & Spanish in progress

Professional Summary
Dependable,Quality minded Observer/Shift Leader
Bringing first and foremost vast experience and always having a willingness for added responsibilities to get project done.
Enthusiastic team player,always looking outside the box for complex problem solving skills. Has strong work ethics

Experience with computers                                              *Methodical trouble shooting
Fast Learner                                                                     *Mechanical aptitude (guns)
Good communications skills (verbal & written)                 *Good rapport with clients
Project management skills due to project bidding            *Excellent organizer
Knowledgeable w/hand-power tools                                 *Leadership experience
Strong initiative for sense of accomplishment                                                              

Education                              Tulsa Memorial High School
                                                                             Tulsa Junior College
                                                                            Spartan School of Aeronautics (NDT)
                                                                            The Underwater Centre (ROV)

Employment                         Nautech Services

                                           6 Vine Street

       Year     Client     Area      Vessel     Position Type of work

05/2014 PGS-Nautech Congo Ramform Vanguard Observer Swage cable repair 
02/2014 PGS-Nautech Gulf of Mexico Pacific Explorer Observer PGS-acquisition
08/2013 CGG-Nautech Gulf of Mexico Geo-Caribbean Observer Sercel/seal
07/2012 CGG-Nautech Gulf of Mexico Sirius         Observer Sercel/sealChannel Islands    JE2  4WB
                                                                           Off/On 2007 to present

                                                                             Reflect Geophysical
                                                                             8 Temask Blvd. # 17-01
                                                                             Suntec Tower 3 Singapore

      Year Company     Area      Vessel     Position Type of work
01/ 2012 Reflect Geo   Transit China Aries S/L Observer Acquisition/inventory
2011-2012 Reflect Geo   Iran Scorpio S/L Observer Sercel/seal


2007-2011 various assignments as observer with different location and clients          

Additional Information     

Well rounded individual with exceptional knowledge of seismic industry.

Self study of P-Cable system 
Research of 24 hour cable-repair/maintenance in open waters. 
(a) no longer having to wait till day-light for repairs.
(b) ability to do maintenance in 2m swells

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