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Marine engineer with 26 yrs of; Marine / Offshore / Construction PMT / HSE international & domestic experience.

Experienced in PMT / offshore / marine related engineering disciplines, business services, planning, scheduling, construction and cost control.

Focus on continued progression with aspiration through future Senior PMT / Project Manager / level.


4/1/2008 – present ConocoPhillips

Project Services Manager; YERP Houston TX

Project services, cost control, scheduling, staffing and supervision

? Currently successfully applying my experience and skill set to my position as the Yanbu Export Refinery Project EPC- 2 Project Services Manager

6/ 1/2006 - 4/ 1/2008 ConocoPhillips

Deputy Site Manager / HSE Lead; Qatar GAS ; COP / Exxon Mobil; DSME Shipyard Okpo Geoje island

Seconded to the Qatar Gas / COP JV as Deputy Site Manager with the primarily responsibility & priority focused on HSE coordination / control.


? Created process and procedure amendment including the redesign of the by DSME used exciting "common" scaffolding safety system of works.

? Created & implemented safe guards and safe guard processes with ABS/ Lloyd review / approval for the DSME newly designed LNG tank scaffolding system and system of works.

? Created a functional HSE stop work system implementation fully recognized by contractor & subcontractors

? Created, designed, coordination, implementation and training of HSE incident tracking / trending system for use at DSME and by DSME appointed QG subcontractors.

1/12005- 6 /1 2006 ConocoPhillips

Superintendent; Floating System Business & Development ; Houston TX

Team member of the COP FSD development / support group, with the responsibility of:

? Review of potential marine new constructions procedures and potential project(s)

? Development / review of site management procedures

? Development of technical cost saving projects / improvements

? Development & review of FSD personnel training matrix


? Created a significant improvement of marine new construction review procedures

? Created a significant improvement of marine new construction site management procedures

? Successfully implemented new team skill set / concept of training, such as coating inspection and knowledge certification and MSO project works.

6/ 1/2006 - 4/ 1/2008 ConocoPhillips

Construction / Site Manger; FSD; COP /VZ BU; US / South Korea /VZ

Responsible for the design & construction of FSO Nabarima (1.3MB) The FSO was

designed for very shallow water and with a water treatment facility top side.

The FSO was constructed at the Samsung Heavy Industries, Ship Yard in Geoje South


Responsible for the site team expat & local staffing (team of 50 team members), local

service provider / agent agreement / service contract and the execution of the same.

Responsible for the construction, contract deliveries and interface strategy for top side and

site specific mooring equipment.

Assisted with senior site management QA /HSE issues and actively supported the top side

construction on site in Thailand.

Following delivery from SHI, my responsibilities shifted with focus on arrangements for lay

up and re docking of the vessel prior to sail away to it's final destination, Gulf of Paria


Other responsibilities; Developing installation and start up plan. Including the off take

arrangements make up & initial start up of the vessel up on arrival to VZ.


? Successfully completed the design / construction on time / schedule

? No changes to the original contract cost (No change orders to original design concept)

? Successfully initiated and negotiated contract lay up terms and services. Achieved + $2 M cost saving for the project.

? Negotiated and executed crew (operation personal) lay up services contract for local personal handling the vessel during the lay up period. Achieved +1M cost savings.

? Successfully lead the development and delivery of make up / start up plan, take off arrangements.

? Successfully arrange / provide for towing contractor critical selection criteria and the path forward for contractor selection evaluation.

11/ 1/2001 - 6/ 1/2002 ConocoPhillips

Project Engineering Marine Superintendent; Marine / Sea Horse Shuttling; COP; Houston TX, SHI Geoje South Korea.

Main role; Marine Superintendent in the COP project development / design efforts of GOMAX, GOLIGHT shuttle tankers for GOM.(Gulf of Mexico)

Project Goal: To partial, fabricate shuttle tanker modules (self-contained component of a vessel / hull system) to bee integrated in a main US fabrication of Jones act (US Flag) built shuttle tanker at potential US shipyard locations. The time / cost savings & quality of work achieved with such system would be an industry benchmark if approved.


? With team very successfully completed the design and approval process

? Project efforts of design and concept was found meet (beyond expectation) the anticipated and calculated by ref benchmark financial goals and commitments.

12/ 1/2000 - 10/31/2001 Sabine Transportation / Shipping Company

Marine Superintendent; Cedar Rapids, Iowa / Houston TX / Port Arthur TX

Holding the position as the Marine Superintendent for Sabine Transportation Company, my

responsibilities included (but not limited to):

? The technical aspects / issues of the entire fleet operation

? The overall maintenance / and mandatory semi annual dry dockings & surveys

? All class related issues, matters & inspections (ABS)

? All USCG (United States Coast Guard) related issues & inspections

? Communication / direct reports from Masters & Chief Engineers / Senior Management Sabine Transportation.

? Crises and environmental response, link to senior management.

The Sabine Transportations fleet consisted of seven US flag MTBE (Tankers) & bulk

carriers. Entire fleet age, more then thirty (3o) years (individual vessels)


? Achieved 100 % IIF, (Incident & injury free operation)

? Managed to successfully maintain safe operation of the fleet with minimum budget

available This achievement was possible by my initiative to utilize a "riding technical crew concept”.

The team was under my direct supervision that continuously assisted vessels crew with ongoing

critical repairs and technical improvements to minimize any off hire / docking time / diversion of

schedules. Critical repairs, steelwork, cargo containment / equipment and others that requires class

(ABS )/USCG approval, successfully achieved by utilizing “port to port networking” with the

appropriate approval levels at USCG / ABS and others.

6/ 1/1995 - 8/ 1/1996 Odfjell Tankers. Chemical Parcel Tanker Owners & Operators.

Sea going senior marine engineer / Special Project

Assigned to Odfjells’s world wide fleet, with focus on special “issues”, repairs, training and intermediate surveys. Shipboard management technical lead for onboard processes improvement, focusing on HSE / cost /schedule issues.


? Achieved significant cost savings and environmental improvements, by making appropriate changes to systems of work / processes / procedures.

? Successfully mentor of newly graduated marine engineers in there career development and path forward with ref to skill set in the shipboard management practice / standards.

6/ 1/1995 - 8/ 1/1996 Stolt Nielsen Tankers

Chemical Parcel Tanker Owners & Operators.

Sea going Chief Engineer.

Assigned as Chief Engineer onboard “Stolt Kingfisher” & “Stolt Puffin” in the by Stolt Nielsen own and operated shuttle tanker fleet operating mainly within the North Sea region.

My responsibilities as Chief Engineer was, but not limited to;

The operation and maintenance of the entire vessels (Ship) mechanical systems, such as the main propulsion system, auxiliary electrical power generation’s machinery . The vessels electrical distribution / supply, alarm, control and monitoring system. The vessels cargo containment, handling and alarm & monitoring system. Navigation and communication system. Sewage handling / fresh water production operating and distributing system.

Budget and cost estimates for operating / maintenance and docking surveys.


? Hold my position as Chief Engineer successfully during the entire assignments . I resign from Stolt Nielsen with recommendations when the time of new opportunities arise.

5/1/1994 – 5/1/1995 US Navy Sea Lift Com / Saunders Engine; Mobil AL


My position as Superintendent with Saunders Engine Blue Water department included the responsibilities for the ongoing work under the contract between Sunders Engine / USSLC (a.k.a. Grey Fleet) for the undergoing service and repairs on fleet with location in Mobil Alabama. The ongoing works included, but was not limited to;

? Improvement of the quality and frequency of the scheduled fleets main & auxiliary power

plant maintenance.

? Special project / repairs, upgrades and technical cost saving improvement.

? Strict adherence with ref to the ongoing contact and to the US Navy repair & policy procedure.


? Successfully completed all required criteria as per instruction / policy & procedure from the US Navy Sea Lift Command

? Achieved all special project on time and within budget / contract cost.

? Completed all work with Zero incidents (0 LTI)

6/1/1992 -4/1/1994 Chris-Marine; USA / Australia

Superintendent; Marine contractor MAN /BW technical rep;

Employed by Chris Marine Management Sweden as the main (HQ) office worldwide Superintendent, with focus and the responsibility to attempt to reestablish and improve the Chris Marines worldwide service organizations existing but in dormant stage workshop facilities and business on location in Sidney Australia. Other responsibilities included actively participate to further develop special in situe repair / machining / grinding methods for large bore marine diesel engines (+15000 HP), and to any other application in where the companies special machining and surface treatment grinding equipment could be applied / utilized. Create appropriate procedures for any new application / repair process. Assist the organization on site and worldwide where and so needed.


? Successfully downsized & reorganized the Australian workshop / business unit.

Established financial self-support and created profitable in country agent revenues.

? Assisted / participated in creative and profitable new technical development of repair

methods and processes

? Successfully created several new applications processes and opportunities in where the company’s equipment been utilized successfully with extensive profitable margins.

6/1/1991 – 5/1/1992 Erik Thun; Sweden / Holland

Site manager / Superintendent

Employed by the Swedish Ship owner, Erik Thun AB as Site Manager.

My Site Manager responsibilities included, but not limited to; The execution of two (2) new building contracts on location at the Ferro Smith Ship Yard, Foxhold Holland. The vessels under construction was two each “special purpose” self-offloading bulk carriers. The vessels was designed and build to assist with sea bottom gas line installing coverage (North Sea Area)


? Successfully completed the two (2) ships / vessel new construction / building contract as per specification, within schedule and as per contract terms of payments.

? Completed all required test, trials and special requirements as per class /authorities / owners / charters request

? The construction(s) was completed without any LTI's

5/ 1/1990 - 6/ 1/1991 Scanmanagement; Vietnam, An Dong / Hai Phong

Marine Superintendent

Employed as Superintendent to the by the Swedish Government Bai Bang pulp & paper mill in Viet Nam. The construction of the pulp & paper mill started in 1974, but it was eight years of problems, delays and changes in conditions before the paper mill was ready. It did not reach full capacity until 1996. The investment also became much more expensive than planned; the estimated cost of 770 MSEK ended up at almost four times that (2.8 BSEK) as Sweden contributed to extensive operational support for the mill. I was assigned to a special river transport project to take coal, diesel and timber to the mill and paper away from the mill to the port of export (Hai Phong) as well as long-term forest support for timber supply, reforestation, etc that also was required.

My responsibility included supervision of new construction and the refitting / reconstruction of existing barge & push tug fleet that originated by local Vietnamese ship building facilities. The fleet was in desperate need of modern technology and a functional system of works that would allow my Vietnamese counter part to successfully operate and maintain the fleet.

The fleet consisted of ten “barge trains” of ten thousand tons each, one push tug and six barges.

An extensive and a very tight schedule located over three shipyard facilities started May 1990 and was successfully completed May 1991.


? All scheduled work completed within schedule and budget.

? Significant and major improvements implemented with ref to maintenance and operational procedures.

? Significant technical improvements and cost savings.

1/ 1/1987 - 5/ 1/1990 Erik Thun AB Sweden

Sea going Chief Engineer, chemical cargo parcel carriers.

E Employed as seagoing Chief Engineer by the Swedish ship owner Erik Thun AB. Assigned to several smaller Chemical Parcel Carrier operating in the Mediterranean / Baltic / North Sea area.

My responsibilities included the technical and operative responsibility for the vessels.


? Completed my assignment as per agreement and with recommendations from Ship Owner Management.

6/ 1/1985 - 2/ 1/1987 JO Tankers / Johnson Line

Deck Engineer

My employment with JO Tankers / Johnson Line Stockholm Sweden as sea going deck engineer consisted of the responsibility and accountability for the onboard installed Framo hydraulic cargo handling system, its controls and electrical system. Moreover, also in charge of new concepts / technical improvements for one vessel.


? Completed my assignment as per agreement and with recommendations from Ship Owner Management.

4/ 1/1983 - 5/ 1/1985 Al Sabha Mariterm Service, Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Senior Marine Engineer

Employed as 1st Engineer onboard MS/ Saqer Yanbu, a bulk carrier carrying cement to Saudi Arabia for ongoing development / construction. The vessel was operaining in the Red Sean / Black Sea & the Mediterranean Sea Area.

My responsibility included the day to day work as per instruction by the Chief Engineer.


? Completed my assignment / work onboard as per agreement and with recommendations from the ship owners management.

6/ 1/1981 - 2/ 1/1983 Skanska/CG Jensen; Libya & Tanzania

Mechanical Engineer

My employment with Skanska / CG Jensen (Scandinavian Construction Company) started out in Tripoli Libya. I was assigned to a by Skanska new built (turn key project) hotel for the Libyan Government. I completed my time in Libya during the turn over and continued my work with the same company in Tanzania.

My responsibilities in Libya was;

Service and follow up on mechanical problems during the hotel turn over period (Libya)

Assistant Manager of the company’s equipment and property on location Dakawa Tanzania. The companies activities bee dormant and was left with a significant amount of construction equipment and material on site in Tanzania. My responsibilities was to maintain the fleet of equipment until future construction opportunities arises. My employment ended with the company with recommendation from the management.


6/30/1981 Merchant Marine Academy Malmoe Sweden

Marine Engineer (Bachelor degree)


International Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health (IDipOSH)


? TapRoot Leadership course, Lake Charles Louisiana

? Failsafe, latent causes experience, Houston Texas

? Capital Project Management, Houston Texas

? DNV, Internal Auditor, ISO 9001. QMS auditing in accordance to guidance provided in ISO 19011.

? Lloyd’s Academy London, FPSO training course

? International Paint, coating surveyor training and certification

? American Bureau of Shipping, LNG carriers. Survey / inspection. Certification / training

? Primavera Planning & Scheduling (Primavera Enterprise) P3e / P3c/c Version 3.5


Marine / Offshore / Construction PMT / HSE international & domestic experience.

Experienced in PMT / offshore / marine related engineering disciplines, business services, planning, scheduling, construction and cost control.


? Awarded US patent No. 7,234,407 Active Anti-Fouling system & processes for Marine vessels.

? Awarded US patent No. 7,451,717B1 systems and processes for covering openings of marine vessels hulls

Full Membership, Society of Navel Architect & Marine Engineers

Katy, TX,
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