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Marina Manager, Technical Manager, Marine & Cargo Surveyor, Marine Superintendent

Shoreside Operations

I am a graduate of Mechanical Engineering  from Adamson University in Manila but my experience and knowledge has more empathy with marine  related works.  I have about eight  (8) years of experience as Marine and Cargo Surveyor in four (4) different local Marine and Cargo Surveying Companies where I had experience in the repair and maintenance of various marine craft including marine surveys and cargo surveying/inspections of various solid and liquid cargoes.

I used to work to in Saudi Arabia assisting the two Consultancy Companies in the maintenance and repairs of seventy (70) plus marine craft including Port various Plants and other facilities such as cargo handling equipment, slipway, pier, electrical substations, etc.

For about nineteen (19) years I worked as Marina Manager in a local premier Yacht Club in Manila where I attended to the safety of mooring including hauling of some of the 200 (about) yachts in the slipway.  I coordinated with yacht Owners and boat Captains concerning various issues on the safe keeping or harbouring of their boats in the Marina. 

Then for almost two (2) years, I assisted the President and Chairman of  two local Shipping lines regarding the maintenance and repairs including drydocking of their tugboats and tankers.

Also, I got connected to a Company distributing Power generating units including marine and industrial diesel engines where I held the position as National Service Manager.


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