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Manager Ship repairs / Sr.Engineer Ship repairs


• A Challenging role with a growth oriented organization-offering opportunity for advancement and professional development with a differentiating approach.


• Overview from Jan 2007 till date -Currently working with a reputed organization in Dubai as “Manager Ship Repairs” job involves planning dry docking of ship, all dry docking jobs in dry docks Dubai world and Al Jadaf business bay i.e. steel renewal, shafting, pumps overhaul, motors overhaul, piping, modification of structures and pipe line, under water hull blasting and painting as per clients and Class requirements, managing work shop where prefabrication of jobs like pipes, structures pressure testing, fitting, repairing of hydraulic systems. Estimating material requirements and making indenting of material, following up with material procurement department, Planning manpower and timely completion of refit, liaise with class and client, making quotations for enquires, invoicing, issuing work order/ control copies to production department, liaise with production department, reporting to GM ( Operation)

• April 2004 – December 2006 - Worked as Manager Project for Indian Naval war Ship Viraat (Air craft carrier) at naval dockyard Mumbai and Cochin shipyard Ltd for major refit of this vessel in two phases.

• Job Profile: Complete Coordination with repairing yards, civil repair agencies and contractor and sub-contractors, Cost estimation and negotiation of Fabrication work of structural part and under water hull plate, repair / renewal of Deck and bulkhead, overhauling of machineries, Erection and Installation of Auxiliary machinery, docking and undocking of vessel, under water hull blasting and painting, repair and load testing of lifting appliances, overhauling of Capstan and windlass, out fitting works with hull repair agencies and Cochin shipyard Ltd. at Kochi and Mumbai.

• Developed a self-directed team along with Naval Dockyard Staff of Mumbai for preparation of the Major refit (MR) work package pertaining to structure to be undertaken in two parts. The first part comprised of exposed structural (steel work) hull work to be undertaken at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai. The second part was for outsourcing under-water hull related work to Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Kochi.

• Coordinated two phase of refit and overall steel renewal took place was approx.4000 tonnes.

• Prepared detailed scope of work to undertake the refurbishment of various living spaces, compartments and other out fitting jobs on board vessel and subsequently and successfully completed.

• Coordinated in complete overhauling of deck edge lift and its associated systems in means of hydraulic, control and instrumentation part through M/s Rexroth and M/s Alstom Pvt Ltd.

• Coordinated all activities in arranging docking and undocking of vessel at Cochin shipyard Ltd at Cochin and complete under water routine and checks done.

• Coordinated with Larson Toubro pvt Ltd (L&T) in major modification done onboard Vessel in installation of Barak missile fitment.

• Overall Administration and Technical Management of Hull Department.

• May 1995 -March 2004 – Worked at Fleet maintenance unit (In-Charge) at Mumbai, fleet technical supporting unit (In-Charge) Vizag, Directorate of Naval designing group New Delhi.

• Job Profile: Worked as looking after fabrication shop, out fitting shop, machine shop, and Air condition shop. Where 150 skilled and unskilled workers worked under me, was responsible to lead a team of works consisting of welders, sheet metal, out fitting, in the shop floor & various ships where jobs are to be done in situ and planning and allocating manpower on priorities.

• Renewal of shell plating, strengthen members system pipelines.

• Surface preparation & underwater painting procedures.

• Welding sequence and procedures for structural renewals including TIG/MIG welding.

• Proficiency in welding, structural designs, structural repairs, renewals of shell plates stiffeners.

• Pressure testing system pipelines, compartments sea tubes and tanks to NES specifications.

• Responsible for renewals of pipelines of various ships systems, by making temples and Jigs.

• Reading hydrostatics, structural and systems drawing developing of section from sheer drawing or table of offsets on mould loft.

• Stability calculation launching procedures, calculation and theoretical factors regarding shipbuilding.

• Designing, manufacture and renewal of structures of steel.

• Designing, manufacture and renewal of pipeline by making jigs/templates.

• Designing, manufacture and renewal of engine spares by machining, milling, boring, overhauling of pumps etc.

• Completion of all jobs in time with quality assurance.

• Following all safety procedures, for safety of workers and job.

• Following all company policies and preventing company for any losses.

• Renewal of 1500 tonnes of steel by major refit of naval vessel, water &oil barges and floating pontoons.

• January 1992-April 1995- Worked with naval dockyard Mumbai and Flotila maintenance unit Mumbai for carrying out refit of Indian naval vessels.

• Job Profile-

• Responsible for thorough checks of Under Water structure inspection and hull condition, Ultra sonic gauging of hull, if found less and deep pitted than recommending for renewal, removal and fitment of sea chest valves and their gratings, checking condition of sacrificial anodes subsequently recommending for renewal, finally responsible for under water ballasting and painting of ships in dry docks at Naval Dockyard, Mazgaon dock Ltd. At Mumbai and Cochin Shipyard at Cochin.

• Conduct of various tests and trials of ship prior and post refits, new induction ships such as lifting appliances, mooring accessories, RAS equipment, CITADEL, life saving equipments, ventilation, domestic systems

• Evaluation materials, tools, equipments, new materials and technologies on board ships and submarines and recommending necessary improvements to enhance their effectiveness

• Responsible for implementation of Hull policies of Naval Headquarters and providing feedback on hull materials, systems and equipment

• Analyzing of hull records and predicting trends to facilitate preventive measures

• Reviewing and recommending amendments to hull maintenance / preventive maintenance schedules

• Evaluation materials, tools, equipments, new materials and technologies on board ships and submarines and recommending necessary improvements to enhance their effectiveness

• APT, Friction Test, citadel test and all other routine inspection of hull maintenance of Ship’s based at Mumbai, Cochin and Goa.



• Post Graduate Course in Business Management from Sinhgad Business School under regular stream for 6 months at Pune (Maharastra) 2006.

• Bachelor of Arts from Andhra University in Apr 2005.


• B.Tech equivalent degree in mechanical and naval architecture from Indian Navy.

• 04 Years Diploma in Mechanical and Naval Architecture from Naval Shipwright School, Visakhapatnam


i) Diploma in Ship safety & Fire fighting from Bangalore.

ii) 04 weeks course of Fire fighting and damage control from Indian naval base Shivaji,Lonavla,Pune.

iii) 06 month course in business management and computer application


• Self-reliance and the ability to adapt to new working conditions and cultural environments

• Excellent manager who motives staff by instilling confidence and dedication.

• Adept in handling sensitive service issues with discretion and professionalism.

• Thrive under pressure, relying on a strong sense of organisation and enjoyment of hard work.

• Communicate clearly and persuasively, effective in contract management.

• Resourceful & innovative, proven talent to adapt quickly to challenges


The applicant is a Naval architecture with 21 yrs. Of experience in new ship building, Ship repairs and Major conversion of barge & survey vessel in accommodation with shipyards in India and Gulf, presently working as Manager ship repair with one of the reputed company in Dubai of United Arab of Emirates,where we do undertake complete ship repairs in afloat and under water blasting and painting in Dry docks Dubai world and Al-Jadaf business bay.

Visakhapatnam, India,
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