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Manager security Operations / team leader / close protection specialist


To invest 30 years of unique experience in a management and leadership role within the corporate security environment with responsibilities related to developing corporate strategy and formulating procedures on standards, policy and training.


• Managed a cargo airline and aviation operation in Central Africa and took responsibility of 5 weekly flights carrying 8 tons of cargo, each with an average value of $500,000. Streamlined flight management procedures, cargo handling, security arrangements, tightened financial control and developed improved import procedures in conjunction with government departments.

• Established, developed, owned and managed a 30 bed capacity high end guest lodge on the shores of Lake Malawi for 3 years. Co-managed a 4 star rated game lodge and acted as a safari guide catering to an international client base. As an owner and director of operations, established a recreational aviation business for 6 years operating in South Africa, the Caribbean (Turks and Caicos) and Canada. Instructed and guided 10 students through their respective flight training.

• 10 years of service with the South African Defense Force as a professional airborne career soldier functioning primarily within a command, combat, leadership and training role.

• Conducted a total of 26 intensive parachute training and advanced free-fall courses as the primary instructor. Over 300 men passed through my command during these phases. Additionally, I supervised over 30 physically intensive and challenging pre-entry selection courses of 2 weeks in duration. A single course would have over 150 participants.

• Conducted 9 external combat missions in a leadership role for groups of 100 men in company strength. Honorable discharge granted after serving with distinction.

• Led groups and teams of intelligence officers for a period of 8 years with the National Intelligence Service (NIS) and the post-apartheid South African Secret Service (SASS).


• As a Secret Service manager and trainer, conducted 3 basic entry level courses for groups of 15 candidates over a period of 5 years. Each course was 6 months in duration.

• As a senior project manager, controlled 4 covert intelligence gathering projects consisting of 3 operatives per project in 4 different Southern African states. Each project operated with an average budget of $650,000 per annum. Honorable discharge with distinction.


High school graduate

Officer training: South African Army College

Intelligence Sciences: National Intelligence Academy



Management / leadership


Close protection

Armed escort

Weapons proficiency


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