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Manager of Organization\Draffting\Ass.Engineer\Brand-Manager\Finance


Working undewater,to sale the euipment for diving, for yahts & boat, draffting, design, to work in advertisement.


04.2011 – 08.2011 The Diving-Centres of Turkey: Bodrum / ?lanya / ????r towns.

The technical services of the wood-boats underwater with equipments in cold water in dry-suit in Marina-port. The prices m?rketing of the technician materials. Working on the boat with special electric technical equipments in the Marina-port: finishing woods, painting woods, cleaning, pitching, with special technology helping in the construction of the bots platform for diving, some motor-service.

Alanya/Kemer: Post in the ?entres: The Boat STAFF.

The leader/guide underwater. Diving-manager in the Boat: control diving equipment, cleaning and technician service of equipment. The work underwater how is leader-instructor. Helping to foto-video professional operation underwater and sales. To Sale service, equipment, dive-course, to study course for beginning divers in Russian language by Int.system C.M.A.S., underwater practice. Assistant Instructor underwater till 40 m to the wreck. Insurance on the bot. Rescue some times. The Statistics beginning divers by the attendance, to translate from English to Russian, drawing a new clients bases of diving centre.

In addition: The boatswain of the Yachts: has practice 3 years (Turkey, summer season).

The Assistant instruction: 2 years (Turkey, summer season).

The Advertisement manager of Dive-Centre: 1 year.

09.2010 – GENERALLI GROUP OF COMPANYES in Russia, Moscow.

Post in the company: Financial adviser. Financial planning of money resources in life insurance, health. Consultations of protection of money resources and concerning accumulation.

09.2007 – 03.2010 The representation of Engineering Company CEFLA FINISHING GROUP in Russia, Moscow. Post in the company: Administrator & Coordinator.

Accounts department, technical department, administrative; Conducting the primary financial documentation under internal and international contracts, the External economic documentation, the Staff department, the Assistant of director in planning business meetings, to reception of visitors; the Assistant-coordinator in work of a technical department together with the engineer on assembly and dismantling works of the equipment on factories-manufacturers of furniture, on adjusting in Russia and in the CIS countries, the near abroad; the Manager on work with clients in processing the information for preparation of a material in a department of sales; work with claims; primary accounts department; registration round., affairs., visas for partners, booking of tickets, booking the hotels, insurance, a transfer; The control for the projects; gathering of necessary documents in logistics on deliveries of the equipment from Italy; statistics of sales and realizations of a department of spare parts to the equipment; the financial reporting; the Manager on advertising in preparation of the printed, souvenir promotional material, development of breadboard models. Passage of Seminars and training on marketing the market in Russia, price policy, to change of technical features of the equipment of factories-manufacturers of Italy. Statistics of sales of spare parts to the equipment. Certification equipment, the equipment on glass, plastic, and also complete sets to them. Participation in the international exhibitions with the purpose of sales of the equipment by presentations. The commodity researcher of a warehouse.

12.2006 – 09.2007 ?rade House STOKMANN, Russia, Moscow.

Position in the company: Sale adviser.

Sales of glass-products, kitchen stock, details for decoration (Retail trade) Consultation of assortment of department to the buyer, terms of deliveries to order the goods, the information on the manufacturer, scopes, presentation of the goods, check of a complete set. Working with cash, credit cards. Working with claims, the control of safety, the organization of seasonal actions, the control of work of the fixed halls (price lists, calculation, rotation, tracking of presence of the goods, etc.); the sanction of questions at issue with buyers; conducting the accounting documentation; the control of carrying out of monetary collections and the account of the goods. The warehouse

08.2001 – 09.2005 Business Woman.

Post: Director of the product shop.

Retail trading-purchasing activity with use of motor transport. Development of structure of management. Search of suppliers, monitoring of the market of suppliers, the conclusion of contracts with suppliers, purchases, registration of accompanying sanctions for realization of trading activity, the organization of a workplace, a set and management of working group, training of the personnel, the calculation of the goods. Sales. Pricing. The technical and economic analysis of parameters of activity. Business-planning. Development of the form of the administrative reporting. Application of innovative, strategic management in trading activity. Accounts department (the monthly reporting).

04.1994 – 04.1998 The representation TABANI GROUP OF COMPANIES in Russia, Moscow.

Post in the company: Sale manager textile department. The beginning of career in the company: The Administrator and next to: The assistant of the General director. Office-work on the 3-cores of a department: mechanical engineering, textiles, metallurgy. The commercial agent: drawing up of client base. Realization and sales of textile production to dealers, deliveries. The conclusion of agreements, contracts. Conducting projects by coordination of deliveries of production. Work on maintenance of plans of sales, Logistics.

09.1992 - 04.1994 The Firm ?ARINA PARUSNIKOVA & C?.

Post in the company: ?anager of advertisement and Accountant in the shop.

Media-planning, marketing communications. An estimation and a choice of the counterpart. Sales of television time in transfer " The Business woman ". Development of realization of projects. The control of execution of terms and qualities of works under the project. The organization and carrying out of show-programs: concert programs, competitions, presentations. Preparation and release of the program " the Business Woman ", assisting the director-director of the program. The bookkeeper of currency shops "Le Monti for Marina ". A management of division of cash departments. Bank.

06.1992 – 09.1992 The representation Company between Russia and Austria FARMACON/ Russia, Moscow. Post of the company: Secretary in medical department.Office-work. The assistant to the General director. Statistics of sales of a drugstore. Marketing.

07.1991 - 06.1992 The Farmacy ? 198. Russia, Moscow.

Post in the company: Pharmaceuticals.

Professional skills:

Computre: Knowledge of office technics, telephone exchanges, copy and multiplaying technics Windows, Excel, Power Point, Internet, 1 C, Outlook, Move, Corel Draw, Auto Card and others.

Promotion (sales) and the presentation of services of the company, the consumer goods, management of the organization, realization and sales of a product of the company through a dealer network, formation and development of client base in regions, purchases, marketing actions, the conclusion of contracts, conducting projects and the control over execution of treaty obligations, barter, the organization and the control of shipments to counterparts, statistics.

Work with: mass-media, TV, show businesses, the restaurants, design-studios, international exhibitions.

In addition: Was engaged in different kinds of sports (within 25 years): track and field athletics, sport dances, bodybuilding, dzudo, the sight shooting (the disassembly), synchronous swimming. Took part in large sports competitions, participated in the organization on the Red Square.



?.?.?.S – Sport Academy (CPDR),Russia, Moscow

?.?.?.S – Sport Federation (TSSF),Turkey, Alanya

The Financian Univesity.Russia, Moscow

Moscow Farmacyticals college.Russia, Moscow

Trader of Finance(FOREX). Technical analisist., LARGE TRADING LTD.

2010 — The course Product-Manager of the medical equipment.

1993 — The Course Economist-Accounting,Intrn.payment. ?????????????.??????? (?????), Y



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