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maintenance supervisor

Shipboard Officer / Personnel / Crew


To obtain a position where I can maximize my multilayer of management skills, quality assurance, training expertise, customer service and successful track record in Aviation mechanics

Professional Summary:

Dedicated serviceman focused on applying over 16 years of wide range experience in aviation maintenance and modification. I also have profound knowledge of electrical, electronic, mechanical and associated system principles. I am proficient in MS Office, Word and Excel, familiar with military publications, drawings, diagrams and schematics. I also have solid understanding of quality control, production and supply procedures. I can troubleshoot entire aircraft system with outstanding ability to properly use of common hand tools and measuring devices such as gauges, torque wenches and scales, and diagnostic equipment. I am highly proficient in the use of aircraft historical forms and records, aircraft specific technical manuals and paper logbook procedures.



  • Team Leader
  • Critical thinking
  • Quick learner
  • Adept multi-tasker
  • Complex problem solving
  • Works well in diverse team environments
  • First Aid
  • Troubleshooting mechanical/electrical failures
  • Operate over-head hoist/cranes
  • Forklift operator
  • Environmental control servicing


Work History:

AH-64 Apache Maintenance Supervisor:  02/2010 to 11/2015

US ARMY – Fort Drum, NY - Fort Carson, CO


  • Supervised and repaired aircraft structures, functional components, rigging, surface controls by using hand tools, power tools, component test equipment and Aviation Ground Support Equipment
  • Interpreted maintenance manuals, service bulletins, technical data, engineering data and method of repairing damaged components
  • Inspected jet engine turbine blades to detect cracks, distortion, corrosion, breaks and to test engine operation, using testing equipment
  • Supervised jacking and towing of aircraft and checked functions of engines and airframe components 
  • Guided in solving complex problems by interpreting technical data
  • Modified aircraft structures, structural components and engines of complex to extreme difficulty
  • Checked hydraulic and fuel systems and determined cause of malfunctions 


AH-64 Apache Technical Inspector:  07/2008 to 02/2010

US ARMY – Hunter Army Airfield, GA – Fort Drum, NY


  • Perform aircraft, component and shop inspections to assure compliance with Army technical and related directives by examining on-going work for compliance with contractual provisions
  • Inspect, Correct and update aircraft related Historical Records and Documents insuring accuracy, completeness in accordance with current government standards
  •  Perform aircraft weighing to include electronic and manual documentation on a routine basis
  •  Ensure safety of flight standards are maintained during all aspects of maintenance operations
  •  Initiate and follow up on Quality Deficiency Reports; ensures compliance with SOF and MIM directives
  •  Apply comprehensive technical expertise to solve moderate to complex problems by interpreting technical documentation such as aircraft Technical Manuals, Maintenance Information and Action Messages and all technical guidance
  • Inspect all aircraft systems and subsystems including engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions and mechanical flight controls


Aviation Life Support Equipment Instructor: 11/2006 to 07/2008

US ARMY – Fort Rucker, AL


  • Supervised and instructed students to inspect, maintain, repair, test, and adjust aircrew life support and chemical defense equipment such as flight helmets, survival kits, night vision systems, eye and respiratory protective equipment, chemical biological protective equipment, gas masks, night-vision goggles, life rafts, personal flight gear, chemical suits, life preservers and encrypted radios
  •  Use, adjust, maintain and repair sewing machines
  •  Manufacture various types of fabric work and webbing assemblies used in survival equipment. Use various types of test equipment such as radio testers, and other types of testers to conduct reliability testing on aircrew life support and chemical defense equipment
  • Maintain inspection and accountability documentation on life support equipment issued to aircrews or on aircraft
  • Conduct and manage aircrew life support continuation and chemical defense equipment training classes
  • Instruct aircrews on equipment use, operation, and techniques such as evasion procedures, emergency egress, combat survival procedures, environmental hazards, and other survival actions
  • Instruct aircrew of chemical defense donning, doffing, and decontaminating procedures. Plan, direct, organize, and evaluate aircrew life support operational aspects such as equipment accountability, personnel reliability, mobility readiness, and other activities


AH-64 Crew Chief: 11/1999 to 11/2006

US ARMYHanau, GE – Fort Carson, CO


  • Expertly led scheduled and non-scheduled helicopter maintenance efforts, including removing and installing aircraft subsystem assemblies (i.e. engines, rotors, gearboxes, transmissions, mechanical flight controls and components)
  •  Serviced and lubricated aircraft subsystems, prepared aircraft for inspections and maintenance checks, performed and / or supported special inspections as necessary, and organized forms and records related to maintenance
  • Played a vital role in maximizing aircraft operations by performing limited maintenance checks and assisting in diagnosing and troubleshooting aircraft subsystems malfunctions using special tools and equipment, along with using and performing operator maintenance on tools, special tools, and aircraft ground support equipment
  •  Performed air crewmember duties, and provided critical technical guidance to subordinate personnel



-Non-Commission Officer Academy

  • Senior Leaders Course: 2013
  • Advance Leaders Course: 2006
  • Warrior Leaders Course: 2004

-Big Ben Community College

  • GED: 1998


  • CFC/HCFC Refrigerant Processing Certification, type II(high pressure and very high pressure appliances) 
  • Hazardous Material Waste Handling
  • Aviation Life Support Equipment
  • Aircraft Sing Load Inspector
  • Total Army Instructor
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