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I wish to obtain a suitable engineering related position in the shipbuilding or related industry commensurate with my current level of education, experience and expertise.


2004 - Present


Position: Ship outfitting manager & commissioning coordinator

Department: Ship & commissioning coordinators

Sector: Production


>Coordinate & monitoring the outfitting of the section-units (pipes, cable trays, foundations, etc.)

> Coordinate the production activities of foremen/workers teams, QC’s and subcontractors

>Responsible for finishing in time and accurate of the mechanical works for launching

the vessel (pre-alignment of the shaft lines, stern tube’s machining, mounting of the fore and aft stern tube bushes, propeller shafts, propeller blades, rudder stocks, rudder blades, steering gears, bowthrusters, sternthrusters etc.)

> Responsible for coordinating the pre-commissioning and commissioning of the installations including bilge/ballast/fi-fi, fuel oil, luboil, hydraulics, air compressed, cooling water systems, separation systems (bilge/water separators, LO separators, FO separators, sludge separators), freshwater makers, sewage treatment installation, antiheeling system etc.

> Responsible for planning, monitoring and coordinating of all activities in engine room, bowthruster room, pump room, engine control room and other machinery spaces: outfitting, painting, insulation, galva-plates covering, technical and tightness presentations of the pipe systems etc.

> Responsible for the execution and handing over of the propulsion shaft line alignment

> Supervisor of the engine room activities, equipments & systems during the performance tests (sea trials)

>Responsible for the knowledge and application of the Quality Standards and Inspections Plans agreed with owner and classification society

>Implement safety procedures to achieve Health and Safety guidelines are followed

>Coordinate and administer weekly production meetings together with Project Manager

>Build the commissioning schedule together with Project Manager

>Manage and ensure that all equipments are delivered in time and accurate

>Connection link from production point of view in between shipyard and Owner, shipyard and subcontractors, shipyard and classification societies

>Identify the “bottle-necks” of the project and take together with Project Manager the adequate measures

>Responsible for closing in time all owner and classification society remarks

> Commissioned together with the foreign technicians of the following equipments:

MAN (main & auxilliary engines), MAK(main engines), Wartsila (propulsion systems: shaftlines , retractablethrusters, bowthrusters, sternthrusters), Flender (gearboxes), Reintjes (gearboxes), Aalborg (thermal oil system), Caterpillar (diesel generators), Alfa-Laval (fuel oil, luboil, sludge separators & fresh water maker), Westfalia (fuel oil, luboil & bilge-water separators) , SEC (moring & anchoring winches), Brussele (moring & anchoring winches) , Unitor (CO2&hi-fog sistems), MacGregor (folding hydraulic hatchcovers), Minimax (Co2,watermist systems), Damcos (hydraulic remote control valves), Besi (hydraulic remote control valves), Framo (antiheeling system), Eefting (fuel supply unit), Mar-in Control (fuel supply unit), Brussele (steering gears), Rolls-Royce (steering gears), Hatenboer (fresh water module), Sondex (fresh water maker), Hamworthy (sewage treatment plant), Ocean Clean(bilge water separator), Sauer & Sohn (air compressors), Deno (air compressors), Global Davit (hydraulic crane)and many more.

Coordinating, supervising & commissioning were done for the following vessels:

>01.2004-07.2004 - ER outfitting coordinator & machinery supervisor on mv Fairpartner(LRS Class), YN 994, for Jumbo Shipping Netherlands

>07.2004-09.2004 - outfitting coordinator on 2 nonpropullsed barges for CFT France (BV Class)

>09.2004-01.2006 - outfitting coordinator & machinery supervisor on 6 CF800TEU (GL Class), YN 1040,10 41,1042,1065,1071,1073 for Becker&Kars Germany

>05.2005-08.2005 - machinery supervisor & commissioning engineer on a pipe-lay barge (LRS Class),YN 1064, for Saipem (member of ENI Group) Italy

>01.2006-08.2006 - outfitting coordinator, machinery supervisor & commissioning engineer on a self propullsed bunker barge (BV Class) for Agerian Commercial Fleet

>08.2006-01.2007 - outfitting coordinator & mechanical supervisor on 2 chemichal tankers (GL Class), YN 1109,1110 for Ferrostaal Germany

>01.2007-08.2008 - outfitting coordinator, machinery supervisor & commissioning engineer on mv Fairplayer & mv Jumbo Jubilee (LRS Class),YN 1120,1121 for Jumbo Shipping Netherlands

>08.2008-09.2009 - outfitting coordinator, machinery supervisor & commissioning engineer on 3 CF800TEU(GL Class),YN 1116,1147,1148 for HS-Schiffhart Germany

>09.2009-05.2010 - outfitting coordinator, machinery supervisor & commissioning engineer on 2 CF800TEU(GL Class),YN 1149,1150 for Meyering Germany


METCHIM GALATZ (ROMANIA) - subcontractor for romanian shipyards

Position:QA/QC engineer

Sector: Production

> Responsible for quality assurance of all products made in Metchim’s workshops (anchors, leaders, stairs, ramps for safety boats, containner supports, manholes etc.).

> Responsible for quality control of all products maded in Metchim’s workshops.

> Responsible for the implementation of the quality standards.



From 1998 to 2003- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering,degree/diploma Mechanical Engineer ,specialized in thermic machines& equipments, throughness in internal combustion engines.

Gratuated of Kaizen Basics courses in 2006 and 2008.



Good knowledge in shipbuilding, preparing and commissioning of almoast all type of naval system,machinery and equipment. Knowledges in PC operating (Microsoft Office, Autocad –advanced, SolidWorks-medium, Cosmos-medium).

English -advanced

Ability to technically and commercially interpret contracts or class rule and international standard requirement.Strongh theoretical and good practical background. Good analytical and planning skills. Attention to details and documentation. Team spirit, capacity of taking decisions, capacity of coordination, interpersonal communications skills, creativity.


Galati, Galati,
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