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Project Engineering / Project Management



Proven leader with over 30 years’ experience in Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) maintenance, repair, and logistics management; 14 years of program management support to include acquisition and sustainment.  Excelled at bringing vision to each assignment to lead diverse teams in achieving organizational goals and consistently exceeding senior managers’ and program managers’ expectations.  Resourceful problem solver with strong communication, analytical, and organizational skills.  Certified Logistician.  Currently hold an active Secret Security Clearance. Active member of the International Society of Logistics (SOLE). 


Major in Business Management, 65 credits, Anne Arundel Community College

Certificate in Business Management – Business Communications Concentration, Anne Arundel Community College

Certificate in Supply Chain Management, Anne Arundel Community College


International Society of Logistics (SOLE) Demonstrated Logistician (DL).

Defense Acquisition University                Life-Cycle Logistics Level I Certification.

U.S. Coast Guard                                  Machinery Technician “A” School

                                                            Leadership & Management Course

                                                            Fairbanks – Morse Model 3800 Series Diesel Engine

                                                            EMD Marine/Stationary Engine Operation/Maintenance

                                                            ALCO 251 Diesel Operation/Maintenance

Detroit Diesel Training Center                  Series 71 Series Overhaul

                                                            Detroit Diesel Failure Analysis

Volvo Penta Service School                    290/DP-E Drive

                                                            Diesel Theory & Operation

Vickers Hydraulics                                 Hydraulic System & Equipment Maintenance

NAVSEA                                               Reliability - Centered Maintenance Level I & II

Cummins Engine Company                     Cummins C8.3 Marine Series Engine:

                                                            Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Rebuild

                                                            Cummins B3.9 Marine Series Engine:

                                                            Maintenance, Troubleshooting, and Rebuild

U.S. Army LOGSA                                 PowerLOGJ



Maryland Medical Services System         Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)


CDI Marine – Band Lavis Division, Logistics Engineer/Logistician, Logistics Support for the USCG Response Boat Medium (RB-M) Project Residence Office (PRO), Asset Project Office (APO), Acquisition Directorate Response Boat – Medium Project (CG-9325) and Office of Boat Forces (CG-731) RB-M, Transportable Port Security Boat Gen IV (TPSB), Special Purpose Craft Law Enforcement Open (SPCLEO), Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV)  

Logistics Engineer, (Logistics Manager, Logistician, Equipment Specialist, Specification Writer), provide logistics support to the PRO and APO by identifying RB-M parts needed for seed stock, deep insurance spares, to include sparing levels for Inventory Control Points (ICP) and Sector Allowances. Developed Item Entry Proposals in Naval and Electronics Supply Support System (NESSS) for required maintenance parts and developing repair, overhaul, and buy specifications for RB-M maintenance parts and services. Work closely with the Contracting Officer, Contacting Specialist and Contracting Officers Technical representative providing market research, government estimates and Justification for Other Than Fair and Open Competition documents for 3600 items valued in excess of 3 million dollars. Managing Supply Inventory Change Records (SICR) for all RB-M provisioned parts, and coordinate with the Aviation Logistics Center (ALC) for the entry of SICR items into the Asset Logistics Management System (ALMIS).

Provided program acquisition and sustainment support to USCG CG-9325, CG-731, and the Surface Forces Logistics Center (SFLC) by developing Engineering Change Assessment and Disposition (ECAD) documents for small boat and ship Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) execution. Developed Time Compliance Technical Orders (TCTO) for various USCG small boat and ship systems encompassing all Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical (HM&E) systems. Developed Statement of Work (SOW), Independent Government Cost Estimates (IGCE), and Market Research Reports (MRR) for the USCG Asset Project Office assigned TCTO procurement packages. Developed raw Provisioning Technical Data (PTD) to include Provisioning Parts Lists (PPLs), and Engineering Data for Provisioning (EDFP) to obtain National Stock Numbers (NSNs), electronic stock records, and initial sparing lists. Provided subject matter expertise to the SFLC and APO for the development of the RB-M supply support strategy, and RB-M Diminishing Manufacturing Sources and Material Sources (DMSMS) program. Coordinated with the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division (NSWCCD) in developing Level of Repair Analysis (LORA) for various USCG vessels by providing HM&E technical expertise and subject matter expert support. Developed Repair Code Determination (RCD) for various USCG vessel HM&E parts to determine whether parts are candidates for repair contracts or are consumable. Conducted Physical Configuration Audits (PCA) of various USCG small boats and ships in support. Provided acceptance inspections, warranty management and warranty tracking in the Fleet Management Information System (FMIS) for CG-731. Developed the Bill of Materials (BM) for the USCG Special Purpose Craft Law Enforcement Open (SPC-LEO). Collected required RB-S, 49 BUSL, RB-M, SPC-LEO, and ACTUV equipment data required for entry into ICAPS. Conducted technical reviews in support of the design of the Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV). Technical reviews ensured compliance with program requirements for various HM&E systems.  Developed the Maintenance Requirements List (MRL), Maintenance Manual, and Maintenance Procedure Cards (MPC) for ACTUV.  Conducted ship check for Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) modifications on U.S. Navy LHD class ships.  Developed Technical Memorandum/s for USN 178 Coastal Patrol Boat propulsion running gear.  Developed Maintenance Requirement Cards (MPC) for various USN small boats.

CACI, Logistics Analyst, USCG Surface Forces Logistics Center, Engineering Support Service for Boats in the Small Boat Product line (SBPL)

Logistics Analyst III (Equipment Specialist / Item Manager / Specification Writer), provided support to the SBPL by developing repair, overhaul, and buy specifications for small boat parts and services. Maintained inventory to support maintenance activities both organizational and depot. Provided technical support for inventory items. Worked closely with the Contracting Officer, Contacting Specialist and Contracting Officers Technical Representative providing market research, government estimates Advanced Acquisition Plan, and Justification for Other Than Fair and Open Competition. Through close coordination and cooperation with the Response Boat Small (RBS) Asset Line Manager (ALM) located in Oakland California, developed a comprehensive Depot Level overhaul specification for the RBS trailers.  This specification will save the Coast Guard approximately $3500 per trailer by allowing an over haul vice replacement of over 550 trailers. Noted and reported to Coast Guard officials several RBS trailer parts inaccurately priced in Federal Logistics (FEDLOG) system. Reported to Coast Guard officials possible waste, fraud and abuse concerning of an overpriced RBS trailer part listed in FEDLOG.

USCGC Vigorous (WMEC-627), Main Propulsion Chief and (ETT) Engineering Training Team

Managed Main Propulsion Division in the maintenance, repair, and execution of engineering changes.  During (CART) Command Assessment of Readiness and for (TACT) Tailored Annual Cutter Training 2009 conducted meticulous material inspection and in-depth crew training resulting in an overall rating of 99% for the ship. Supervised repairs to both main diesel engines allowing the ship to pass full power trials. Served as an inspector for multiple line items during a two month dockside availability ensuring contractors complied with contract specifications. Conducted ship checks after dock side and dry docking. Supervised numerous hazard waste off-loads without incident. Served as a member of engineering qualification board. Trained engineering personnel in the functionality of CMPlus and maintained Main propulsion Divisions data in the same.

USCG Engineering Logistics Center, Standard Boats Branch

Logistics Manager, 49 BUSL Product Line Engineering Cell Lead. Conducted overseas Middle East deployment to develop a functional inventory management system and train 8 crew members resulting in an inventory accuracy of 98% upon mission completion.  Six patrol boats benefit with increased speed for causality response needs. Developed the 25’ Response Boat Small (RBS), MICA manual from inception to publication and managed over 453 parts within the ELC’s logistics management information system. Spearheaded the successful transformation from existing maintenance philosophy into Commandant-directed bi-level maintenance model. Assisted in the production of the 49 foot BUSL Level of Repair Analysis by providing technical maintenance requirements and casualty report data. Conducted maintenance review using Maintenance Steering Group 3 process and assisted in the development of organizational level maintenance requirements identifying over 276 tasks. Applied RCM methodology to the development of the 49 BUSL modernized maintenance program. As a member of the 49 BUSL maintenance procedure development team utilized RCM methodology to develop and meticulously review more than 140 maintenance procedure cards with quality that exceeded the expectations of the Logistics Transformation Project Integration Office.

Machinery Technician:

Responsible for the safe and efficient operation of the engineering plant on three vessels larger than 25 gross ton.  Maintained and operated complex hydraulic systems and propulsion systems, maintenance included both preventative and casualty repairs. Served as a Main Propulsion Division member and Chief onboard various ships greater than 25 gross tons for 10 years. Prepared annual operating maintenance budget as member of the Main Propulsion Division while assigned to the CGC BRAMBLE and as the Main Propulsion Chief onboard the CGC VALIANT and CGC VIGOROUS.

Logistics Management:

Researched and developed 25’ Response Boat Small (RBS), Management Information for Configuration and Allowances (MICA) Manual for newly acquired small boats for the United States Coast Guard. Implemented a small boat pilot program for adaptation of logistics management to mirror the United States Coast Guard Aviation Model.  Successfully managed Configuration Management Plan (CMP) for 28 assigned vessels whereby enhancing engineering changes that reduced costs up to $20K per vessel saving the U.S. Coast Guard approximately $560K in one year. Managed team of six assigned to the USCG 49’ BUSL vessels, completing maintenance procedure cards providing end users a maintenance plan for repairs and preventative maintenance. Conducted shipchecks on USCG WLB, WAGB, and WMEC for Engineering Change (ECP) development, TCTO development, and post dock side and dry docking.  Asst. COTR for the USCG VIGOROUS 2009 dockside availability overseeing $300K repairs contract. Developed an overhaul specification for small boat trailers saving the Coast Guard $3,500 per trailer.  Currently hold the Logistics Chair for the Anne Arundel County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).  Developed CERT Standard Operating Procedures, lesson plans, and exercises.


Senior Training Instructor aboard several USCG ships. Integrated Training Team (ITT) and 2009 Tailored Annual Cutter Training (TACT) successfully ran 99% average score for 109 drills as Team Leader with a crew where one-third of which had less than 8 months sear time and no prior TACT experience and where 76 participants successfully completed an intense series of drills ahead of schedule. Acted as Project Manager for the rebuild of two Ship Service Diesel Generators monitoring all aspects of the project from procurement to man-hours and scheduling finishing on time and under budget. Trained newly hired CACI specification writers in specification development and Coast Guard process. Orientated new hires in the Coast Guard culture and enterprise business practices of the Coast Guard as well as the .


Proficient in MS WORD, EXCEL, PROJECT, ACCESS, and POWERPOINT applications; formal training and daily use of CMPlus, MEARS, FEDLOG, ALMIS, CG PARTS, FLS, SFLC Activities, ICAPS, NESSS, POWERLOGJ, COMPASS7 and SYSPAR.


JOB EXPERIENCE:       2010 – Present          CDI Marine Band Lavis Division, Logistics


                                    2009 – 2010               CACI, Logistics Analyst

                                    2008 2009               USCGC VIGOROUS (WMEC-627), Main Propulsion Chief

                                    2003 2008               U.S. Coast Guard Engineering Logistics Ctr., Logistics

                                                                     Manager, Standard Boats Branch

                                    2000 2003               USCGC VALIANT (WMEC-621), Main Propulsion Chief

                                    1999 – 2000+             USCG Aids to Navigation Team Detroit Engineer Petty

                                                                     Officer (EPO)

                                       1998 – 1999            USCGC 72015 Cableboat, Detroit, MI, Engineer Petty Officer (EPO)

                                    1995 – 1998               USCGC BRAMBLE (WLB-392) Engineer of the Watch (EOW), Machinery Technician First Class

                                    1992 – 1995               USCGC MACKINAW (WAGB-83) Throttleman, Machinery Technician Second Class                

                                    1989 – 1992               USCG Station Marblehead, OH: Petty Officer of the Day, Boat Engineer, Machinery Technician Third Class

                                    1987 – 1989               USCG Station Gloucester, MA: Petty Officer of the Day, Boat Engineer, Fireman



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