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To advance and excel in my personal and professional life, to grow with the Organization, I am looking for a long-term career oriented position where I can perform all task to the best of my abilities, with complete sincerity, dedication, synchronized with hard work and coupled with honesty and interest. I would like to use my past experience as a foundation towards accepting higher responsibilities and challenges in managing the operations of the organization and the department.


Working in Maersk Sealand in MLOG (Logistic Department) as Senior officer from 21stJune 2004 till date.

? Job Profile

? Create an environment oriented to trust, open communication, creative thinking, and cohesive team effort.

? Provide the team with a vision of the project objectives, Motivate and inspire team members.

? Lead by setting a good example (role model) - behaviour consistent with words. Assure that the team members have the necessary education and training to effectively participate on the team, Provide necessary business information

? Facilitate problem solving and collaboration, Intervene when necessary to aid the group in resolving issues.

? Familiarize the team with the customer needs, specifications, design targets, the development process, design standards, techniques and tools to support task performance

? Ensure deliverables are prepared to satisfy the project requirements, cost and schedule

? Work with functional managers and the team sponsor to obtain necessary resources to support the team's requirements

? Coordinate the review, presentation and release of design layouts, drawings, analysis and other documentation

? Coordinates meetings with the product committee, project manager and functional management to discuss project impediments, needed resources or issues/delays in completing the task, Keep the project manager and product committee informed of task accomplishment, issues and status

? Provide status reporting of team activities against the program plan or schedule

? Serve as a focal point to communicate and resolve interface and integration issues with other teams

? Provide guidance to the team based on management direction

? Logistic management, Customer Services, Data Quality management. Vendor management, Delivering high-quality service to the client, Product Delivery, for Client Like Nike, Staples, Tesco, Adidas City-furniture, Target, Wal-Mart, Etc.

? Ensure all shipping documents are properly signed and returned to appropriate area. Continue to update and follow up on all pick up schedules.

? Maintaining record Performance appraisals, promotions, transfers and vacation schedules.

? Maintaining the details of cargo till it reaches its appropriate


? Handling Projects, Handling Client Queries.

? Check customer's specifications to ensure full compliance.

? Preparing /Maintaining PO (Purchase order) of Consignee, Vendor records, Dock receipt.

? Have knowledge of Bill of Loading, House Sea Way Bill, House Bill of Loading, Container Stuffing, Shipping Advice, FCR (Forwarder Cargo Receipt).

? Preparing /Maintaining the Performance report of the Origin's. Updating the Consignee with Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Shipment details

? Ensure that we consistently demonstrate value to the Key Client Group and drive pricing towards being value and performance based.

? Intra and inter departmental co-ordination.

? Focusing on overall group benefits rather than Area

? Ensure the daily updates of the shipment to the consignee through Advance shipment notice, E-mail. Ensuring the Electronic Data Interchange sent to the receptive consignee.


? Providing solutions to problems, within guidelines.

? Co-ordinate with other departments to ensure highest level of data accuracy.

? Ensure no fines or penalties are imposed.

? Identify customer needs and ensure customers satisfactions.

? Ensure diligent and courteous dealing with customers.

? Generate goodwill in the market place.

? Prevent claims.

? Handled independent section of transshipment bill of lading (attachments)


Received excellent award In Maersk Sealand


Working in Penta Enterprises as Import/Export Executive from September 2000 till 21stJune 2004.

? Job Profile

? Preparing sale Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Performa Invoice, Order list. Invoice.

? Solving client queries through mails & telephone.

? Maintaining the Daily / Weekly / Monthly / Annually Sales, Purchase, Invoicing records, Telephonic Bills, Shipping Bills, etc.

? Maintaining cash entry, Voucher, Daily expense for the Income tax returns.

? Monitor daily/weekly/monthly orders to be shipped and ship schedules

? Maintaining inventory, merchandising the stock.

? Appling for F.I.R.C through Bank, Compiling Export Document for the Bank submission, L.C (Latter of Credit), Certificate of Origin, Demand Draft, GR, EPR copy.

? Tracing Import/Export source, Maintaining wholesaler, Distributor, Manufacturers & Traders records.

? Maintaining the customer records. Handling Client Queries. Handling Bank Correspondence.

? Ensuring the proper transfer of data through Networks.

? Maintaining the Excise Records, Appling for C.T bonds.


Date : May 2000 University : Mumbai University Subject : with Chemistry Percentage : 63.00%

Date : July 1999- 2001 University :NIIT Subject:Network-centred Computering Percentage : 59.00%

Date : Appeared University : IIMAT Subject : Logistics & supply chain management


Achievements : I have won more then 5 Certificates in College

Received excellent award In Maersk Sealand


Logistic management, Customer Services, Data Quality management. Vendor management, Delivering high-quality service to the client, Product Delivery

Web Technology Html, JavaScript

Languages : C++, VC++, VB, Vjava

Operating-System : DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, UNIX

Database : Access, SQL, Sybase.

Tools :MS Offices (Words, Excel, PowerPoint, Excel database)


Have create excel marco's

Mumbai, Maharashtra,
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