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LNG Cargo Engineer/Marine Chief Engineer/Shoreside support


Seeking a position in the field of Marine Engineering with a progressive organization which will fully utilize acquired education, expertise and experience. Desire incentive opportunities that reward contributions with personal growth and advancement.



Maritime Instructor (Part Time-October 2008-Present)

Taught various US Coast Guard approved engineering courses including Dangerous Liquids (PIC) and Marine Propulsion for Deck Officers


Control Room Operator (July-October, 2009)

Part of a commissioning team for the Mina Al-Ahmadi Gasport in Kuwait. This project involved an LNG import regas facility utilizing an Excelerate Energy EBRV (LNG regas vessel) as well as conventional LNG berthing facilities for an LNG vessel to replenish the EBRV as necessary. The project employed a ship to ship LNG transfer facility utilizing transfer piping on the pier (first time done). Brought the project from dead status to full operations, unloading 11 LNG vessels and supplying up to 500 million cubic feet of natural gas per day to the Kuwaiti pipeline grid. Shut down the project in late October at the end of the April to October gas season. Expect a restart of the facility in April 2010.

QATARGAS (Doha, Qatar and Okpo, South Korea)

Cryogenic Specialist (May 2007-June 2008)

Working on the Plan Review Team assessing the Q-Flex and Q-Max designs for compliance with design specifications, especially the cryogenic portions. Working with our site teams at DSME, SHI, and HHI shipyards to iron out the inevitable design and operations problems that come up. Attended factory acceptance tests for various equipment. Attended gas trials as necessary to validate the suitability of equipment and procedures for our new fleet of LNG vessels. Act as a resource for LNG vessel operations and procedures with which I have first hand experience. Decided to leave the project in view of decreasing plan review workload and anticipated downsizing of our team.

BRASS LNG (Houston, Texas)

Marine Operations Engineer/Marine Topsides Specialist/LNG Shipping Advisor (May 2006-March 1, 2007): Worked with Brass LNG as a resource for all things marine related for their Nigerian project. Assisted with finalizing marine FEED designs. Worked with the Marine Team, the Shipping Team, and the Offshore Gas Train Team. Served basically as the go to person for all matters relating to ship/shore interfaces and compatibility/operability issues. Corrected flaws in the Brass LNG berth system that could have adversely affected ship/shore operations and berth availability. Made suggestions for improving the berth layouts that will hopefully result in significant improvements to LNG vessel turn around times. Gave presentations on the unique aspects of LNG shipping operations to key Brass and Bechtel personnel who were unfamiliar with the berth and shipping aspects of the project. Left the project when Nigerian civil unrest put the project on hold.

ONBOARD ENTERPRISES (Self Employed) - Virginia Beach, Virginia

LNG Shipping Consultant / Instructor (2002-2006): Serve as subject matter expert and consultant for major international organizations such as BHP Billiton LNG International, CH-IV, Gas Technology Institute and Freeport McMoRan. Provide consultation in all facets of the industry covering LNG shipboard operations and systems issues, vessel procurement, staffing, market development, shipping/transportation/storage operations, national and international safety protocols and regulatory compliance issues, and policy/procedure development. Directly involved with various US West Coast and Gulf of Mexico off-shore LNG receiving terminal projects as consultant to Project Managers not directly familiar with LNG. Provide a secondary function as company spokesperson and correspondent with the general public on environmental issues, project sensitivity and public safety. Recently involved with LNG shipboard familiarization training for various shoreside personnel including the USCG, terminal operators, LNG start-up companies, and domestic/foreign regulatory agencies. Developed and presented modularized courses covering all disciplines associated with LNG.


Senior Instructor (1989-2006): Lead Instructor for the Tankship Liquefied Gases Course, a course required by the USCG for any officer sailing on a U.S.-flagged LNG vessel. Responsible for updating course materials, study guides and audio-visual training enhancements on a continual basis to reflect technological changes and ensure inclusion of current international standards, industry equipment and practices. Solicit, secure and coordinate a schedule of guest instructors. Also participate in the evaluation, debugging, acceptance and real time implementation of the LNG cargo handling simulator. Directly responsible for instructing and qualifying hundreds of officers over the past 16+ years.


Cargo (Gas) Engineer (1978-2001): Served as a maritime employee of ETC which ran a fleet of eight LNG vessels servicing the Indonesia to Japan trade zone. Handled the same shipboard operations management functions as listed below, serving rotational duties on two vessels of the fleet during 23-year tenure. Gained proven expertise in all facets of the handling, stowage, transfer and utilization of LNG pertaining to ocean-going transportation. Responsible to the Chief Engineer for cargo system maintenance including the inert gas generator and ballast system. Conducted pre-arrival tests of cargo systems, noted all deficiencies and conducted relevant repairs. Assisted Chief Mate during cargo transfer operations. Operated equipment for the loading or discharging of cargo or ballast. Responded to alarms which occurred as a result of equipment malfunctions during cargo transfer. Worked alongside the Chief Mate on gas freeing, inerting and other cargo system operations. Successfully employed with the organization until the sale of its fleet to an overseas entity in 2001. Highlights:

• Directly responsible for the "final polishing" of 12 LNG Cargo Engineer Observers involving onboard operational training. This specialized onboard "Person In Charge" (PIC) training was a portion of the prerequisite for sailing as a Cargo Engineer on ETC vessels. Oversaw and provided a comprehensive and documented training regimen to ensure maximum effectiveness of these new PICs.


Assistant Engineer (1969-1978)

Assisted in managing all facets and departments of engineering operations onboard freighters, tankers, OBOs, container ships, barge carriers, LASH vessels and various WWII vintage vessels for the Vietnam war effort.



Completed 100+ Credit Hours Toward Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering


2-Year Certificate Program in Maritime Engineering (Graduated First In Class)

Note: Received USCG Marine Engineer License

Additional Courses & Certificates:

• Tankship Safety, Dangerous Liquids Person In Charge (PIC), Nov 2000

• Ship's Management, Dec 1993

• Diesel Engineering, Jun 1991

• IGS/COW, Sep 1985

• Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Training for Cargo Engineer Certification, Sep 1978

• LNG Fundamentals Course, Sep 1975


• STCW 95 Required Modular Training, Mar 2003

• Elementary First Aid, Nov 2000; Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Oct 2000;

Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Oct 2000;

Personal Survival Techniques, Nov 2000

• PRONAV Burner Management System Upgrade Operation & Troubleshooting, Apr 1999

• "Advanced Instructor Training and IMO Exercise Requirements", State of Maryland (ITC), Mar 1999

• "Methods of Quality Instruction" Course, State of Maryland (ITC), Aug 1998

• Moore SLDC-352 Controller Configuration and Applications School, Feb 1995

• Simmonds Precision Custody Transfer Measurement Systems Course, 1979

• J.C. Carter Cryogenic Pumps Course, 1979


• U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Chief Engineer (Steam, diesel and gas turbines), Unlimited Horsepower, (Expires 2015)

• U.S. Coast Guard Licensed Cargo (Gas) Engineer, Liquefied Gases PIC Endorsement, (Inactive)

• U.S. Coast Guard Certified Instructor in Liquefied Gases and Steam Engineering

• First Grade Operating Engineer, State of Maryland, (Now expired)

• EPA Certification in Universal Refrigerant Transition and Recovery, Sep 1994

• American Heart Association, CPR Heart Saver (Inactive)



Offering a formidable background based on extensive formal training and over 30 years experience in the shipping industry including 23 years in LNG transportation demonstrating superior leadership initiative, technical expertise, operations engineering creativity & consistent performance success.

• Internationally recognized subject matter expert in the Liquefied Natural Gas field since the early years of overseas transportation in the late 1970's. Instrumental in the emergence of new markets and methods with a focus on safety and minimized environmental impact.

• Engineered and developed several system refinements to improve predictability, reliability, safety and efficiency in the handling, stowage and utilization of LNG in shipboard environments. Also consulted to off-shore rig organizations relevant to LNG systems.

• Over 15 years experience in the training of ship and shore based personnel in all facets of LNG operations. Developed state-of-the-art curricula for classroom, lab and field exploitation, personally certifying hundreds of officers and personnel in USCG, terminal operation, and national/international regulatory guidelines.

• Over 30 years sailing experience on the full range of ship platforms including 23 years as Gas Engineer on LNG vessels. Seasoned crew leader, mentor and quality assurance watchdog.

Highly developed communications, interpersonal relations, organizational and project management skills. Demonstrated ability to handle multi-task levels of responsibility effectively. Poised, articulate and demonstrative executive team member and company spokesperson/liaison.

Virginia Beach, VA,
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