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Licenses Riverboat Captain, Wm. E. Long, 51 years old, and 6' 2" tall.


I had a stroke 11 years ago. I lease a barge line from Mon River Towing and I was the President and river Captain. Since that time, I want too boat and the Coast Guard is going to give my back my licenses in 2 or 3 weeks. I have been on 250 HP all the way up to 10,000 HP. I have ran the whole rivers encluing the lower Miss. and the upper Miss. I have ran all rivers except the Ark. River and the Coast to Coast.


Choice Cigarette, 03/13/06 until now, Family Dollar, 12/20/04 until 12/22/05, Uni-Mart, 08/24/04 until 12/08/04, Calender Club, 11/01 until 12/01, Long Line Inc., 07/1994 until 12/31/1995, Comet Carriers Inc., 01/93 until 06/94, Trip Pilot Valley Line Inc., 91' until 93', Trip Pilot Kanawha River Towing in 91', Pilot/Captain for American Electric Power, River Div., 85' until 91', Pilot/Captain for Ohio Barge Line Inc., 79' until 84', Pilot/ Captain for Allegheny Towing, 77' until 79', Pilot for Gilco Marine Tran., 77', Pitlo/Captain for Campbell Barge Line Inc., 74' until 76'


Grad. from Broughton Elementary in 66', Grad. from So. Park Jr., Sen. High in 72' Grad. fron Steel Valley Tech. in 72', and didn't grad. from International Correspondence School because I had a stroke.


Operators Licenses of Un-inspected Towing Vessel's upon the Western River's, First Class Pilot Licenses Steam and Motor Vessel upon the Ohio River mi. 0.0 to mi. 54.4, all gr. ton., and Master Licenses Steam and Motor Vessel upon the Western River's, all gr. ton.


Supervisor'S Training in National River Academy in 82', Standerd First Aid Multi-media Couse In American Red Cross in Pgh., PA, First Responder in American Heart Assoc. in Lakin, WV, Fire Fighting in Fire Fighting School of Helena, AK, Aand Marine Fire Fighting Symposium in Marshall Communaty and Tech. College in 2002/ navigation, radar, payroll, safty, logbooks, and communications.


I have ran boats from 230 hp TO 10,500 hp. I have run a singer screw, twin screw, triple screw, stern-wheel, direct reversible, as well as conventional. I had tow sizes up to 52 jumbo barges and had run the Monongahela, Allegheny, Ohio, Kanawha, Big Sandy, Licking, upper Miss., lower Miss., Illnois, and the Des Plaines River in it's entirety. I have also run the Green, Cumberland, and the Tennessee River to mile 100.

Pgh., PA,
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