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Lady Guard,


I would like to do as a security guard /as a lady guard is to served and protect my client as well as to look forward for their safety and to protect their lives and properties.if im lucky to have a job in a cruise i will perform my job to the best that i could give.


i am working in SECURITY and SAFETY CORPPORATION of the PHILIPPINES.since april 01 1997 to present, i work there as a lady guard and assigned at the international airport, im rendering my duty in some foriegn airlines,i do baggage checking, passenger frisking,aircraft guard, baggage claim stabs retriever, controlled in weinghing skale for passenger baggages.and sometimes i was assigned in ABBOTT LABORATORIES as a telephone operator, as well a a guard too.


i graduated my elementary in mount carmel college

as well as my high school level and my college.i got only a 2nd due to poverty.


i am a certified aviation security,same as a lady guard,


aviation security


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