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K9 Explosive Dog Handler, veterinary assistant and kennel official


I would love to work with a K9 and are eager and willing to accept any new challenges regarding training and working with these lovely animals.



I spent 2 years and 4 months in the South African Railway Police Service and joined the South African Police Service on 1 October 1987, when the Railway Police amalgamated with the South African Police.

While I was in the Railway Police, I was a member of the Police Band and became an Explosives Dog Handler during 1987 and maintained this position for 18 years.

Additionally I’ve been a Teamleader and Gender Based Violence Officer at Otash in Sudan for 6 months during 2007, (African Mission in Sudan), and successfully completed my Crises Management Course.

I also successfully completed the SARPCCO Generic Unpol Officers Course which included UN vehicle test and UN pistol proficiency.

During 2002 I performed special services at Ficksburg in Lesotho for 2 months and during this time I also received a Certificate of Appreciation by successfully confiscating 9 bags of dagga with a total weight of 1073,155 kg.

During 2001 I performed special services at Oschoek in Swaziland for 2 months, performed special services during 1997 at Beitbridge in Zimbabwe for 2 months and another special service during 1996 at Beitbridge in Zimbabwe again, for 2 months.

During 1995 I successfully completed the Special Weapons and Tactics Course.


I successfully completed my Explosive Dog Handler’s Course which consisted of identification, handling and detection of explosives and bombs during 1987 and again during 1999, where I passed the following subjects : Practical utilization of an Explosive dog, General care of Police dogs, Basic behaviour, Principles of the conditioning process and Special Force Order (G) 16D/1990.

I received certificates for both these courses.

I gained experience between 1987 and 2005 which included the following : Attending bomb threats, suspicious parcels, packages, luggage and vehicles, safeguarding of premises and areas to be visited by VIP’s and National and International


Ministers, searching of buildings and trains, vehicles, luggage and airplanes at airports, airport buildings and surroundings, as well as schools and shopping malls.


My first Explosive Dog Handler’s Course was successfully completed in 1987 and the second Explosive Dog Handler’s Course was successfully completed in 1999.

To continue learning new skills, I successfully completed the Veterinary assistant course in 2003 and the Veterinary Kennel Official course in 2008.

In 2005 I successfully completed the Basic Animal Behaviour course for dogs and in 2010 I successfully completed the Advanced Animal Behaviour course for dogs at the Ethology Consultancy. I have received sertificates in all the abovementioned courses.

During 2004 and 2006 I did practical training at theVeterinary Department at the South African Police Dog School in Roodeplaat, Pretoria, for a month each time to gain experience as a Veterinary Assistant.

From 2003 to June 2009 I performed duties as Kennel Official and Veterinary assistant at the South African Police Dog Unit in Maitland, Cape Town. My duties included the following : Management of donation dogs, Welfare of Police dogs, Administration with respect to Police dogs, Veterinary supplies and duties, Maintenance of Logistic resources and Medical treatment of Police dogs, and continued working as an Explosive Dog handler until 2005.


From 1987 to 1989 I was an Explosive Dog Handler at Oliver Tambo International airport in Johannesburg, 1989 to 1993 an Explosive Dog Handler at Cape Town International airport and from 1993 to 2005 an Explosive Dog Handler at the South African Police Dog Unit in Maitland, Cape Town and from 2003 to June 2009 Veterinary Assistant and Kennel Official at the South African Police Dog Unit in Maitland, Cape Town.



Explosive Dog Handler Detection Course in 1987 and 1999.

Veterinary assistant course in 2003

Veterinary kennel official in 2008

Basic animal behaviour in 2005

Advanced animal behaviour in 2008

Level 5 basic ambulance course in 1995

Special weapons and tactics in 1995

Ronco Triple canopy training in 2010

Stable official course in 2010

Teamleader and Gender Based Violence officer in 2007 (Sudan)

SARPCCO Generic Unpol Officers course in 2007




Name : Miss Petro Swart

Home address : Boston, Bellville


Cell Number : 0027 82 772 0431

Identity Number

Date of Birth

Marital Status : Single

Languages : Afrikaans (Speak, Read, Write)

English (Speak, Read, Write)

Driver’s License : Code 08

Nationality : South African


Technikon RSA National Diploma: Police Administration (1990-1997)

(Not Complete)



Community Policing I

Investigation of Crime I

Investigation of Crime II

Police Management II

Police Administration

Introduction to Administration

Of Justice

Human Rights

Bellville High School,

Bellville Matric (1982)


English SG

Home Econ HG

Biology SG


Geography SG



: 2003 - current


: South African Police Service

(Dog Unit, Maitland)

Summary of Responsibilities

: Kennel Official and Veterinary Asst.

1. Management of donation dogs

2. Welfare of police dogs

3. Administration with respect to police dogs

4. Veterinary supplies and duties

5. Maintenance of logistic resources

6. Medical treatment of police dogs

7. Explosives dog handler until September 2005


: 1985-September 2005


: South African Police Service

(Dog Unit, Maitland)

Summary of Responsibilities

: Explosives Dog Handler

1. Detection and identification of explosives

2. Crime prevention

3. Security services

4. Charge Office Services

5. Administrative Services

6. Complaints

7. Police Band

Special Services

1. May 2007- November 2007:

African Mission in Sudan

2. November1996- January 1997:

Beitbridge (Zimbabwe)

3. August 1997- October 1997 :

Beitbridge (Zimbabwe)

4. August 2001- October 2001 :

Oschoek (Swaziland)

5. July 2002- September 2002 :

Ficksburg (Lesotho)

Rank Promotions

: 1995 Inspector

1991 Sergeant

1985 Constable

Special Awards in SAPS

2007: African Union Mission in Sudan

1999: SAPS Police Medal for Service


1998: “Super Catch” of the Month

1998: Work Achievement for Excellence

as dog handler

1988: SAPS 75-year - Medal

Course detail

2010: Triple Canopy (Ronco) Course

1 Basic Guard Force Training &

ASP Baton Training.

2. Firearm Training – Handgun &


3. First Aid – First Responder

Training & CPR

2010: Advanced Animal Behaviour


1. Training methods, Puppy

Aptitude Test & Handling


2. Analysis of Problem Behaviour


3. BehaviourPractice Manage-


4. Breeding Kennels & Puppy


2009: Stable Official Course

1. Basic Equine Behaviour

2. Basic Equine Anatomy

3. Management of horses

4. Examination of horses

5. Equine First Aid

6. Basic drug treatments and


7, Spesific equine conditions

2008: Veterinary And Kennel Official


1. Basic Canine Behaviour

2. Management of Dogs

3. Canine Nutrition

4. Signs of Ill Health in the Dog

5. Basic Drug Treatments

6. Basic Canine Anatomy

7. Care and Grooming of Dogs

8. Examination of the Dog

9. First Aid

10. Specific Conditions Affecting Dogs

2007: In Mission Training Course

1. Child Rights and Child Protection

2. Gender Based Violence

3. Human Rights

4. Community Policing

5. Darfur Peace Arrangement

6. Basic Skills in Investigating Gender based Violence

2007: SARPCCO Generic Unpol

Officers Course

2004: Animal Behaviour Course

2003: Veterinary Assistant Course

1999: Explosives Dog Handler’s


1. Practical Utilization of an Explosives Dog

2. General Care of Police Dogs

3. Basic Dog Behaviour

4. Principles of the Conditioning Process

5. Special Force Order(G) 16D/1990

1995: Special Weapons and Tactical

Course (SWAT)

1994: Basic Ambulance Course

Level 5

1987: Explosive Dog Handlers Course

1987: Detection of bombs and


1987: Identification and Handling of


1985: Police College Training

Organisation 1983 - 1984: YWAM (Youth With A

Mission) : Namibië

1. Missionary work


Snr. Supt. J.P. Visser

(Commander) SAPS Dog Unit

Hennie De Wit Complex


Tel.: (021) 506 2000

Miss M. Kotze

(Friend) P.O.Box 591



Tel.: (082) 460 8106


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Cape Town, ZA,
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