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Jr. Engineer, Deck Engineer, QMED


Seeking a challenging career position with a progressive organization that will allow my QMED endorsement skills to be used for orginazational and personal growth.


Interocean American Shipping; 12/10/99 thru 12/20/08(QMED) Performed routine maintenance in engine room and necessary area of the ships.

Vessels: S.S. Gopher State; Job- Wiper

S.S. Petersburg ;Job;- Oiler maintenance utility

S.S.Pacific Collector; Job-QMED/Electrician

Responsibilities; Wiper; engine room cleaning, chipping, painting, and assist qmed’s and engineers as needed.

OMU ; watch standing duty with the 3rd Engineer, repair valves ,welding ,any routine maintenance required for the vessel

QMED/Electrician ; day working performing preventive maintenance, plumbing, welding, valve rebuild, electrical repairs and daily preventive maintenance

American Steam Ship (V)St. Claire 9/15/08 thru. 11/15/08

QMED; assist pulling engine packs with the engineer and preventive maintenance and service equipment. Responsible for ballasting the ship when loading and discharging cargo.

Seabulk Tankers Inc 5/22/07 thru. 9/6/07

Seabulk Powers

2nd pump man; maintenance and repairs, ballasting vessel, and assisting engineers, chief pump man and chief mate as needed.

Philadelphia Tankers Inc. 6/2806 thru.10/6/06

Overseas Philadelphia

2nd Pump man; Performed routine maintenance and was responsible for ballasting the vessel when loading and discharging the ship. Also would assist the engineers, chief pump man, and chief mate.

Maersk Line Ltd 5/18/05 thru. 9/16/05

Observation Island

Jr. Engineer; watch standing with an engineer on a steam vessel. Performed boiler repairs and any other repairs needed.

Energy Transportation Corp. 6/16/98 thru. 11/20/98

DEU; worked in the engine room and for the deck dept. cleaning in the engine rm. and assisting the engineers as needed. Ship bow watch, chip and painted the deck, assist with the line handling on the vessel.

Bay Shipping 5/20/97 thru/7/8/97

USNS Gilliland

wiper; clean engine rm. chipping and painting assist qmed’s and engineers and as needed

Transoceanic Cable Ship Co 3/13/96 thru. 12/22/96

Global Link

wiper; clean engine room. Paint ,assist oilers and engineers as needed.


Harry Lundenburg School of Seamenship 11/1995.

Baumholder America High School 6/1992


Jr. Engineer 4/1/05

STCW 6/10/08

Deck Engine 4/1/05

Universal Refrigeration 3/10/06

LNG Safety 12/13/95

Life boatman/Water survival 11/16/95

Tanker Assistant(Dl) 4/26/02

Welding 4/706

Government vessels/Forklift/Crane operation/Damage Control/Cargo handling 6/19/98

Fire fighting 5/11/01

Anti-terrorism 1/11/05

First Aid/CPR 5/11/01


Full engine department repair, performed routine maintenance and repair on steam, motor, diesel electric, and gas turbine vessels. Performed pipefitting, targeting, plumbing, fabrication work, trouble shooting electrical systems, and ship ballasting.


I am currently in the process of preparing to test for my 3rd Engineer license. I am a very hardworking, dependable worker who strives to go above and beyond my employer's expectation. I pride myself in my performance rating as an Outstanding employee.

Norfolk, VA,
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