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To find a positon as a helmsman ideally on a small cruise ship, but willing to take position as an able seaman / helmsman on other type of sea vessels too (please see resume below).


15.05.2011 – 23.07.2011: High Speed Craft “Universal MK1”, Panama flag, Spanish crew, post held: Able Seaman

11.11.2010 – 20.04.2011: Cruise Ship “Nautica”, flag - Marshall islands, GT 30277, crew – international, post held: Helmsman

04.02.2010 – 22.05.2010: Cruise Ship “Vistamar” Italian Flag, DWT 7500 t., crew – international, post held: Helmsman

28.03.2009 – 19.10.2009: Cruise Ship “Vistamar” = as above

22.04.2008 – 26.10.2008: Cruise Ship “Vistamar” = as above

16.02.2007 – 26.10.2007: Cruise Ship “Vistamar” = as above

23.02.2006 – 17.07.2006: VLCC “Namur” French Flag, DWT 320,000 t., crew – French/Bulgarian, post held: Helmsman

May 2004 – December 2004: VLCC “Flandre” French Flag, DWT 320,000t. = as above

09.05.2003 – 10.01.2004: Oil Tanker “Al Badiyah” Kuwait Flag, DWT 30,000t., crew – Bulgarian, post held: Helmsman

20.01.2002 – 17.09.2002: Oil Tanker “Al Badiyah” = as above

26.09.2000 – 23.05.2001: Oil Tanker “Al Badiyah” = as above

Maiden Voyage taken in 1989 as cadet on board of ro-ro “Serdika”


1987 – 1991 “High Navy School – Ocean & Sea Fishing”, Burgas, Bulgaria; specialised in navigation; licensed as Fifth Grade Navigation Officer

1979 - 1987 – primary education, Sofia, Bulgaria


Certificate of competency No.: 5511140 , issued 23.11.09 valid until 23.11.14

Personal Survival Techniques

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting

Elementary First Aid

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities

Competency in advanced training in fire fighting

Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats

Oil tanker – familiarization training

Passenger ship crowd management training

Passenger ship passenger safety training

Passenger ship crisis management training

Passenger ship familiarization training

Passenger ship safety training

International certificate of vaccination


Over 20yrs experience at sea with diverse ships and a wide range in the Maritime Transport. Dependable employee, working well in a team and able to use own initiative. Navigational and Ship maneuvering skills. Proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. First-class analytical, design and problem solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining high quality standards.Over 10yrs experience performing helmsman’s duties to a high standard. Knowledge of machines and tools including their designs, uses, repair and maintenance. Experience in operating a mechanical winch and operating a crane. Strong experience working on a crude oil tanker and product tanker. Performed deck related maintenance duties under supervision of the Boatswain. Performed maintenance duties such as boat falls, cargo boom, mooring lines and wires, grant lines, and all safety equipment. Conducted rigging operations of heavy equipment per NAVFAC guidelines and standards. Operated mechanical scaling equipment in general maintenance work. Performed cargo handling during the transfer of pipes from supply vessel to the pipelay vessel. Responsible for removing of rust, painting, deck cleaning and maintaining the conditions of the gears and machinery. Performed rigging and hand signals to the operators in light and heavy lifts.


Languages: Good solid working knoweledge of English, fluent Russian and Bulgarian

Sofia, Sofia,
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