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Health and Safety Depatment Head


To use, implement, and follow the best safety practices available to ensure the health and safety of both the employer and the employee.


As a Marine health and safety representative I have developed and implemented a variety of safety tasks, policy and procedures.

Worked in an environment that constantly changing, I have and I'm holding the position of health and safety supervisor , both marine/dredging and construction. I have implemented a centralized safety system , whereby all safety procedures, investigations, documentations collected and analyzed for future accident and incident prevention. I have developed a HAZARD HUNT program in which all crew on the dredges and/or on land participate , the result of a hazard hunt is to recognize and eliminate work site/place accidents and incidents.


I was graduated in bachelor of art ,( BA).

I have all OSHA/USCG/USACE safety certifications and training.


OSHA . Hazard recognition. 10, 30 and 500. 1926 .

USACE CFR regulations..

USCG 385-1-1 regulations and safety procedures.


As safety professional , I am skilled in all aspects of safety regulations mandated by state and or federal regulators.


Dickinson, TX,
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